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Tuesday, June 7, 2005

Gokujou Seitokai Ep4

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Whee, i'm a little preoccupied with WISP the last few days but lol i'm not the one compiling it now so i'm free~ Whee, but i'm feeling unusually tired ... sigh, actually i intend to type out Loveless Ep6 summary and post tonight de but half way i'm too tired, i wanna sleep. I'll do it tomorrow or thursday or other days la lol. Tonight's Gokujou Seitokai Ep4 then~

Yuri Alert!LOL I LOVE TAT SMIRK!Talk To My Hand Cos I Ain't Listening.
Romeo, Romeo, Where Art Thou.Yuri Alert!Extreme Yuri Alert~!

Ok this ep is lol about my funny girl, Izumi Kaori lol lol. Funny, I dunno why I’m smiling uh grinning widely as I’m typing this. Ok Kaori’s out admiring the night skies and thinking about her beloved Kanade-sama and saying that the reason she came to Miyagami Gakuen is to join Gokujou Seitokai and be near her Kanade-sama. [Hahaha See screenshot 1] After that dream, she was like ‘Kyyaaahh, a pure [And innocent lol] maiden like me can’t imagine anything beyond this~’ [LOL, her reaction was so funny]

Then she saw Kanade and Rino for some reason were standing below a night light with Kanade telling Rino there’s something on Rino’s hair. Kaori was like burning with rage then suddenly Pucchan appeared and smirked hahahahha. [See screenshot 2] That was hilarious, I think I replayed that 5 times lol before I moved on. Kaori was like consoling herself by giving reasons and saying Rino’s a klutz lol.

Next day I assume, Nanaho [Actually it’s Kanade who asked Nanaho to do it] assigned Kaori to take care of Rino, Kaori’s like ‘What the?!’ LoL. Later Kaori was telling Rino the responsibilities of an assault member which is patrolling and stuff. Then Pucchan suddenly became alive and told Kaori straight in the face that she doesn’t seem to like Rino. Kaori actually agreed but said that even if so, she won’t not do dishonourable things that will lost Kanade-sama’s trust in her. [Wait a moment, what’s with the dotty frames and backgrounds?!?!?! lol I’m getting a little dizzy]

Yeah then Kaori brought Rino around school patrolling then a girl, Hazuki Oda from Puppet Theatre Club ran up to them with a problem. As they went in the club room lol Pucchan flirted with the club’s buchou, [LOL!!!!~ the club’s buchou, Aoki Mami thinks that Pucchan’s a great puppet la] and then the other 2 club members introduced themselves. [Sachiko and Tomoko] The problem is that their main character, Snake-kun was assaulted by someone and now a wreck. Then yeah, Kindaichi to the rescue! uh I mean Kaori to the rescue yeah haha, then blah blah and, the culprit is one of the puppet theatre club members! [LoL really reminds me of Kindaichi]

Kaori and Rino investigated the club room and blah blah blah. Hazuki seems to be the prime suspect here according to Pucchan lol. However, the culprit it seems, to Kaori is a cat, because the cat was attracted to the smell of sweets in Snake-kun. [Sachiko, the maker of Snake-kun kept eating throughout the ep haha] However, everything is not what is seems.

Kaori was recalling about how Kanade brought her into Miyagami Gakuen [Kaori seems like an orphan] and as Aoki Mami, the Puppet Theatre Club’s president walked past, Kaori stated that Mami doesn’t want to lose her position of comfort as the president and thus tried to cancel the performance by cutting up Snake-kun. Mami was shocked and Kaori said that she won’t tell anyone, Mami was like thanking Kaori and suddenly Kaori slapped Mami and told her to have fun.

Later, Kaori saw Kanade and Rino talking to each other again, then Kanade was touching Rino’s face saying that if Rino’s happy, she’s happy too. LoL Kaori was like … I will not get jealous … but why am I having this dark and black feeling!~ [Hahaa]

Uh let me explain why Kaori told Mami to have fun, it’s because Kaori saw how happy the puppet theatre club members were when she told them that the culprit was not one of them and after knowing that, the club members seem to have this sudden confidence to start their work again. The club members admired Mami a lot hence Kaori doesn’t want to spoilt the image of Mami and destroy the dreams of the club members. So I guess that slap Kaori gave to Mami was to wake Mami up in hope that she would be the leader that the club members would admire and asked her to have fun. Kaori related all these a lot to Kanade-sama and how she was confident that Kanade will not be like Mami. As for Kaori, no matter how much she dislike Rino lol, will not do anything to make Kanade sad. I feel Kaori’s integrity here, she’s a pretty nice girl unless when it comes to Kanade lol.

Ok, yeah i'm pretty tired lol, i dunno why, even though i dun have Macom lec tomorrow [Whee~] lol, can wake up at 12noon or even 1pm sia lol. But probably 11am ba haha. I'm so bored during SM lec today tat i counted how many times the SM lec said 'Okie' in 1min lol. She said 10 times haha.

Yeah i wanna sleep cya nite.

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