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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

[Manga] Doko no Hana aka The Poisonous Flower

[Posted @ 10:48 PM]
Lol, i realized reviewing mangas are much more fun XP. Hahaha, actually i'm lazy ... to type Loveless summary, i feel like slacking tonight after a 'stressful' IBS tutorial this afternoon.

Doko no Hana

Pic Scan Credits: ShoujoMagic

Oh ok, this one shot by ShoujoMagic ... is smut LOL. Duh, what can you expect from Shinjo Mayu?! Hahaha. So, kiddys below 16, juz skip this post lol. Anyways, it's pretty tame la, except for some pages ... hm aha. [Too innocent to know XP] Anyways, this story is abt this guy superstar ... uh famous musician, Michiru ... i thought Michiru's a girl's name lol ... reminds me of Sailor Moon's Michiru ... Haruka's going to be so jealous/mad hahaha. Yeah so Michiru's a playboy [As usual] till he met this girl, Misaki. Misaki's a fan of Michiru so ... yeah as fans do, they chase Michiru whenever he goes and stuff. Yeah so she got this info tat Michiru's in this bar and she went in. As she walked in, a girl ran off, crying and saying Michiru's a idiot blah blah blah. So Misaki saw Michiru with wine dripping down his chest haha. [Imagine urself la dunno how to describe] then kinda got turned on, so yeah Michiru seduced Misaki and they had sex, uh ok made love. [Lol sounds better]

Ok during love making, Michiru kinda fell in love with Misaki ba, cos of Misaki's ... hmm true feelings or something la. So the next day, Misaki went for Michiru's concert, then had to rush for work but Michiru called her, told her that he saw her and asked her to wait in the staff entrance for him ... and so yeah, made love again cos Michiru said that he couldn't forget her body. After that, Michiru sent Misaki home and asked her to go to some photograph session he had. So she went and became jealous when she saw him being hit on by the model he was with. Misaki ran out, and blah blah, some stuff happened and misunderstandings then Michiru cleared everything out by declaring to the media that he's seeing Misaki. Then Michiru said this line, [So sweet~ haha] 'You can run away from the media but you can't run away from me ...' [Kyaahh~ ahah] Then end with sex. Blah. Hahaha too short. I want more progress~! Hahaha. Kinda straight to the point, met, sex, problem, problem solved, sex. Hahahahaha.

But the art's really nice and i'm well above 18 well.. yeah really lol. Blah blah blah. Yeah, some lines were really sweet and touching yes. That's all lol.

Ok, on to my IBS tutorial this afternoon. Wait, let me say what i wanna watch later first, ok i'm going to watch Naruto Ep138 and Uta~Kata OVA aka Uta~Kata Ep13. Heh. I juz watched Ichigo 100% Ep9 ... yeah so downloading Ichigo 100% Ep10 now. I downloaded some scanlations today, hahaha i missed out too much le ... sigh i hate downloading through IRC, makes me disconnect when my MSN's on and bittorent's on hahaha. Yeah i dl Mai Hime V3 from yanime ... Alice 19th chapters ... still not done ... some scans from Lillicious, Fantastic Tales ... i got the scans in mandarin from Cshoujo hahaa now it's been translated wheee, happy~. So now i'll wait for Gakuen Alice V2 C6's http link to come out LOL. Ok next.

IBS tutorial ... actually can't say i'm really stressed or what, cos i didn't prepared at all LOL. I tried thinking abt what to say during the 1hr break ... i think i spent only 15mins on it b4 i gave up and to the hell with it, i'll juz crap. Yeah so, it's kinda fun, i toked to people in B12 i ... never really in depth tok to b4 haha. I thought i'll be kicked off to some little space in a corner or something ... but i gave all my name cards away lol. Out of stock XP. Yeah really nice to tok to the 4 girls who were in the same class previously so they were like hanging out together ... never really got a chance to tok to them till now. Aiya, they ask me alot of questions, but i haven't got a chance to ask abt them lol, i'm lazy to think questions ... i guess answering is more fun hahaha. Yeah hmm ok, yeah i tok to this guy who watched animes too, whee, so fun =), i could go on and on and on if it's manga/animes lol.

I better stop, i'm tired lol, in study room, chair no so comfortable. cya oh long time no anime song of da day! Here it is!

Anime Song of Da Day:
Mai Hime PS OP - Asura Hime By Ali Project

[Signing off @ 11:55 PM]

PS: Whee off to watch Naruto and Uta~Kata ...

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