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Saturday, June 25, 2005

YanZi @ Jurong, Yu Hua Day Performance

[Posted @ 11:46 PM]
Wooo, saw YanZi at the Yu Hua thingy near Jurong East MRT juz now!! LoL, i reached there at around 6pm then sat there like a dork for 2hrs before YanZi came on. Here's a pic.

YanZi @ Yu Hua Thingy LoL.

Yeah, YanZi sung two songs, Ben and Yu Jian then went off le lol. I was caught unprepared manz, it's so sudden lol. Waited two hours and got around 10-15mins of pleasure. Wat da?! LoL. But worth it la, cos it's YanZi mah! LoL. Oh yeah the Minister of Education came too, lol. I didn't get any good shots cos i'm sitting quite far la, the one i posted above is the best. Sigh ... lousy digital cam lol.

But it's really high, cos get to see YanZi again lol after the Gallery Hotel thingy, which i rushed off for training after 15mins or so ... heh ... ok gtg watch animes cya.

[Signing off @ 11:51 PM]

PS: Lalala ... off to watch Loveless Ep7~

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