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Friday, June 24, 2005

Magister Negi Magi Ep17

[Posted @ 10:01 PM]
Whoa, it's been a HECTIC WEEK! LoL, really. Passed up two marketing research proposals for the past two weeks. Almost died i tell you. Haha. Today i passed up one mkting research proposal and IBS scenario report ... haha really ... horrible. Anyways, here's Magister Negi Magi Ep17's screenshots.

Ayaka's Into S&M Now? LoL.LOL!! I Laughed For 10Mins.Hohoho.
Hahaha.Negi-sensei, I ...Awww~

Yue starts to think that her feelings for Negi are not as simple as she thought. She starts getting all weird around Negi and Nodoka seems worried about her friend's weird behaviour. Haha, later Yue goes on pretty strongly on Nodoka to confess her feelings to Negi on this amusement park date. [I thought it's supposed to be Haruna who goes on strongly on Nodoka lol well at least in the manga it seems] Lol, Nodoka’s so kawaii here lol.

Nodoka was going to put a love letter uh, yeah lol kinda, with the amusement park tickets on Negi's desk, but failed and later bumped into Negi and fainted. Nodoka awoke in the medical room with Negi by her side. Shizuna-sensei was there too then later gave them both the amusement park tickets saying that her friend couldn't go and went off to help another injured student. Yeah then Negi wanted to give Nodoka the other ticket so that she could go with Yue or Haruna or someone but Nodoka said they weren't free and so are the others, so Negi invited her to go with him. [Yay finally, lol you know when Yue was going into the room, Nodoka suddenly screamed 'Aaaaaaaaah~', I thought some monster got her or what but later she said 'Yata.' She's juz happy. I was like 'What the?!' LoL.]

Yeah so they went to the amusement park, Magical Land~ lol, Yue and Asuna [Why is Asuna there?! LoL, Asuna wonders so herself too lol] spied on them. Yeah so Nodoka was trying to confess her feelings to Negi but failed lol. [The arts really really bad here manz] LOLLLLLLLLLLL! Later Asuna and Yue popped out from nowhere in this wacky funny suits LOLLL! [See screenshot 2] Hahahahaha, then they started singing hahahahaha. Hahaha very amusing then they pretend to want to take picture of them then Yue told Nodoka to confess while riding in the Ferris Wheel. LoL then they left singing again. [Very cute song hahaha]

As Nodoka and Negi are waiting in the queue to get on the Ferris Wheel, Ayaka, Chizuru and Natsumi were there too. Asuna and Yue had no choice but to jump out to the rescue. Then later Asuna and Ayaka were completing with each other in the Rotating Teacup LOL, that was funny too. [See screenshot 3 and screenshot 4, this whole amusementpark story wasn’t in the manga] Yeah, Negi and Nodoka got up the Ferris Wheel and blah blah blah wah then failed lol cos before Nodoka wanted to confess, the ride ended. [Pretty typical to confess in a Ferris Wheel ride haha]

So Nodoka kinda cried when she thinks that everythings gonna end and rushed to the toilet, finding Asuna and Yue there [Asuna got giddy] Blah blah blah, Nodoka later got the courage again and confessed to Negi successfully. [Yay lol as Nodoka said I like you Negi-sensei, there’s this kid suddenly yelling CONFESSION! hahaha, then his mum pulled him away] Negi seemed pretty shocked after that. [Ah, but the expression not as funny as the manga, he even fainted lol]

Yeah this ep's all about Nodoka’s confession, quite nice la. However in the manga, Nodoka confessed to Negi in the Kyoto trip and the confession didn't happen in an amusement park trip yeah. The manga's version pretty funny too. LOL I'm still thinking of the wacky suit Asuna and Yue had lol, singing ... really funny ‘Magic Magic Magic~’. The art's not improving manz, but the humour makes me happy. Oh well.

Yes yes, it's being a crazy 2 weeks lol, i barely had time to eat my dinner when i come home ... sigh. Slept for like 4-5hrs each day ... Nuts manz! My normal time used to be like 8-9hrs lol. I dun even have time to download animes! LoL, cos everytime bring lappy to school then use bittorrent in school mahz haha ... sigh. Later going to watch Gundam Seed Destiny Ep35 and Loveless Ep7 + type out summary ... lappy no space le haha. Tomorrow i'll probably watch Gokujou Seitokai Ep5 ... Ep7's sub is out le Whee! Hehe. Oh i didn't buy any mangas these few days, i can't find Slam Dunk #25 anywhere!! Wat da ...

Ok, i wanna tok abt wat happened to me during tutorial this morning lol, it was Sales Management tutorial, 9am class, after rushing the report to around 12midnight last night, i was pretty spaced out in the morning. It wasn't till 1-2am when i slept cos i went to edit, print the proposal and stuff. And i woke up at 7am ... so it's like only 5hrs of sleep. So i was kinda spacy and ... sleepy and sian-looking lol. During the tutorial, got this kinda 'maths' question, need calculation de mah, kaoz, i understood it later after the tutor explained la ... but when she asked us questions, the whole class was like soo quiet, i think everyone's dead to the world cos of proposal lol. I kept quiet too, cos i dunno and dun wanna speak. Haha.

Yeah, so the tutor kinda got angry and said that if she had to ask a question again and noone answers, she'll juz walk out of the room. I was like, yeah, go ahead, then i can go have breakfast lol. I'm hungry. But in the end she didn't la, cos someone spoke up and blah blah blah. Such a bitch. XP. Haha. And wat if you all dun tok, you all shouldn't be in marketing course. I was like, huh, in marketing course must tok and tok and tok and tok and tok and tok de meh? All tok no action, wat's the fucking use. Shessh.

Ok, meeting a bitch in the morning was more than enough for me already but no, heaven gives me another bitchy lady to piss me off in the afternoon. Ok, after Mktin Research lecture, JZ, LC and i went to the underpass, cos JZ and LC wanna do the schedule thingy for the roadshow coming this July, then i was waitin + sleepin on the table while they discuss, no i'm not being lazy, i'm not the same class as them, tat's why lol. Ok so after that, we went home. I wanna go Northpoint, Comics Connection to see if Slam Dunk #25 is there or not, and nope it wasn't. And cos my bus concession expired le, so i wanna go extend mah.

So i went to Yishun MRT and asked the lady that i wanna extend my bus concession and let the date be on Monday. My bus concession expired today, 24th June 2005, so on monday means 27th June 2005 right? This is like FUCKING COMMON SENSE lor! The stupid woman, [Lady too polite for that moron le] was like monday? wat date. I was like monday la, next monday, you know M-O-N-D-A-Y? [LoL.] She was like, no no, you tell me the D-A-T-E, you find out the date le then come back. I was like fuck you fuck you fuck ou damn woman. I was practically chanting it, so can't you count for me? I never had such problems for a year when i bought bus concession from the people there. I was kinda no, i was fucking pissed off. So i went to a corner, turned around, took out my handphone from my bag, look at the date for next monday, re-queue again [Hey, i'm a good girl lol] and i was clearly looking very very pissed. I kinda slammed my money and card on the counter there and said '27th.' She looked at me and i looked back, so she extend the card for me and i left, still feeling pissed. Shessh, such bad customer service.

I was too pissed to look at the name of the fucking woman. I juz stormed off and went to buy bread, i was hungry lol. Really dumb lor. Bet she'll get some complain letters in a few weeks, lol. By moi. Anyways yeah, off to watch Gundam Seed Destiny Ep35! It's getting exciting! Oh, yes i got my The Celestial Zone II #29 booky yesterday YAY, i'll post my summary on it tomorrow ba. Cya

[Signing off @ 10:36 PM]

PS: I'm still pissed over that woman lol.

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