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Monday, June 13, 2005

[Manga] Fruits Basket #9

[Posted @ 10:38 PM]
How about manga review tonight for a change? Hm, actually i already read till Fruits Basket #10 le lol, Kisa's the covergirl~ anyways i'm lazy to scan in the cover. Sigh, i'm so ... agonized over tomorrow's IBS tutorial lol.

Fruits Basket #9

Uh, i juz read SW's blog juz now, took me 15mins and i'm lazyyy~ Hahaha, i dun wanna type so much tonight cos i juz typed Loveless Ep6 summary juz now sigh, it's so nice haha. Ok Fruits Basket #9, although Ayame's on the cover, there is nothing about him at all in #9!!! Except a flashback by Yuki hahaha. Yuki's so cute XP, but i find Kyou cuter aha. However, i support Yuki X Tohru and i like Kyou. What the? Hahaha. We saw Machi for the first time here! Machi's the rumoured love interest of Yuki in later volumes ... ok ... i still support Yuki X Tohru! Yuki's juz so sweet towards Tohru and treats her like a princess ... so dreamy hahaha. Then we know more about Hana's past, how Hana, Uo and Tohru met. It's REALLY REALLY REALLY touching. I cried while flipping the pages, lol i'm very emotional am i? Kinda if it's something tat interest me of course, if not i can be cold and aloof.

Ah yes, humans are such complex creatures. You can dislike something however respect it for what it is. Hate-love kinda relationship, you love but hate the person at the same time, how is that freaking possible?! But humans could do it. Haha. Hm, i wonder if i had this hate-love relationship before ... nope i guess lol, i'm not romantically interested nor attracted to anyone at the moment, uh i mean live people lol anime guys do not count!!!! ... Whoa, i could go on and on and on if it's anime guys lol. But nah. And yes, although i like YanZi alot but i'm not interested in her romantically lol, so stop bothering me!!! Hahaha. Juz wanna be a friend or some sort, yeah admire her alot, thankful to her from saving me from depths of hell. Really, if not i wouldn't be the me today.

Yeah, i said before i went through a kinda 'depression' ... not really a depression, it's the time where i eat to live kinda mode. Now i live to eat!!! Hahahaha. Yeah, during secondary school days ... blah blah blah ... i lost hope and stuff, luckily YanZi is there to help me through =) whee. I dunno why i bought YanZi's 'Kite' album at that time ... 2001 ... maybe i was bored, or attracted to her face on the cover. Hey. Why am i even in CD-Rama at the first place? Hahaha i also dun remember ... maybe it's fate that brought me there, saw the album, and subconciously bought it. LOL, sounds kinda scary when i think about it.

Which reminds me, i had a nice talk with Ms S from B12 this afternoon, i learnt alot of stuff, thanks =). After some library training, walked to canteen 1, saw the rest going to their friends, i felt lonely, lol, guess tat feelin is back again. I juz can't bring my mouth to ask/tok to people. I got this mentality tat i must at least think through what i am going to say 4-5 times, how they would react and how i would react to their reaction LOL. Why am i so complicated? But i dun have this kinda problem with like good friends from B13 ... which i had been with for 2yrs hahaha. I'm kinda afraid that i'll be too frank and scare them away so it's better to shut up and keep quiet lor haha. Bleh, i better buck up, tomorrow got IBS tutorial, must network!

Speaking of IBS tutorial, sigh, so ... bored, i dun like to tok in such big groups ... 2-3's fine ... 4's maybe i'll be a little nervous, 5-6's too much, i'll juz keep quiet. Hahaha. But i like one-to-one the most. I like to look at the sky, daydream, visualize how i'm going to take pictures ... hahaa. Sigh, need to wear formal somemore, i hate formal ... hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate lol. Manz, i still haven't write the stupid stuff for IBS networking tutorial lol, list some possible questions you can ask [5-8 questions]. Yeah, how's life, how's business in China, are you well? Eating well? When are you going to get married? LOL hahaha strike out strike out lol. Uh, did you watch the horror movie on Channel 5 last night? It's so freaking cool and bloody! LoL. God ... able to describe myself?! LoL. My products and services ... hmm actually i have this idea of using my dad's business, landscaping, but i found out i knew nothing abt it so ... *rubs*, i change to comics! WHEE! LoL.

Whoa, like tat at least i'll be interested ba hahaha. Like my company translate japanese manga to english and currently we translated over 20 titles. Most of our books are priced S$7.90, and is considered very affordable compared to imported english mangas from the US where the prices for each book is S$20+. We have a variety genres of mangas translated, from romance, sports, fantasy, horror, mystery and comedy. Our most best-selling title is X aka X/1999, it's a story about this boy, destined to either save or destroy the world. Great art, tons of bishounen~~~ haha~~~ by CLAMP, made up of 4 mangakas. [Why X? cos X like easier to say, if i say like Fushigi Yuuigi or Fushigi Yuugi : Genbu Kaiden or even Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle Lol, too long la] Another of CLAMP's works is Cardcaptor Sakura, probably the most famous of all CLAMP's works.

Wheee... lol.

I guess i can go on and on ba ARGH It's late, i have to watch TRC Ep9 and Naruto Ep138! Cya

[Signing off @ 11.45 PM]

PS: I'll juz think abt the stupid questions on IBS tomorrow on bus LOL.

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  1. omg i love fruits basket!!
    ive read all of em nd whatched the anime too!!
    awsome manga but the anime disapointed me....
    bit short and ended way too soon.
    the manga however is one of my favs.