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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Uta~Kata Ep13 aka OAV

[Posted @ 10:25 PM]
Hm, anime time haha. Uta~Kata Ep13 aka OAV ... whee, i juz downloaded it last night ... heh. I said i wanna watch last night but i managed to watch Naruto only so yeah, here's screenshots of Uta~Kata Ep13 aka OAV~~

Bathing Together's Fun~Goodbye Hug.Goodbye Kiss.

Ok basically, the op's the same lol, Ichika's in some airport, her mum's going overseas or something then Ichika was reminded of Sei, who also went overseas half a year ago [Not sure is half a year ago or what lol] ok then yeah. So Ichika's friends, Michiru, Satsuki and Keiko all said that they saw Manatsu and blah blah ... later, Manatsu appeared before Ichika and they had a bath together, made snowmans, went to places together and stuff. Kei also appeared in front of Sei in Germany, went shopping then made dinner together ... then Sei cried when he knew that Kei will be there for a night. [See screenshot 2]

Then Manatsu and Ichika were at the sea or beach, whichever lol, then yeah enjoying the scene, snow and stuff. Oh it was Ichika's birthday too lol. Haha. Then they went back, had coffee and toked for a while, then Manatsu said she couldn't stay for long. Towards the end, they hugged, and kept repeating sayounara sayounara ... then Ichika fell asleep and Manatsu gave a kiss and left.

Ichika woke up and found Manatsu had left said good bye and thank you. Then Ichika and her friends celebrated her birthday and christmas together, exchanged gifts and stuff. Yeah, everything was as usual and stuff. Happy ending, everyone got stronger, learnt to kinda let go and stuff. I think this OAV's soso, hahaha kinda wrapped up everything, said proper final goodbyes. LoL, Ep12 really ended so suddenly, kiss and goodbye whoa hahaha. But yeah, this ep had everything wrapped up. I want the ending though! LoL, i like the ed more than the op ... the ed so ... nice, touching, so great haahaha.

Ok done with Uta~Kata, now on to today's stuff haha, we had this bonding session for marketing students this afternoon yeah after IBS lecture. So yeah we played games, uh first we had this benchy game where we have to arrange ourselves according to either name, height, hair length and stuff. After a while, it got kinda boring ahaha. So then we went to play this longest line game, where we make a long line using whatever we have on our body. Shoe laces, watches, chains, necklaces, spects, anything la even socks, and ourselves lol. So after that, we went to play Captain Ball, whoa, those girls from the other team were soooooo aggressive i tell you, luckily i didn't go play hahaha, i juz got scared by watching XP. Bunch of bitches i tell you lol. My classmates who played were ... kinda beaten up lol at first, but later they fought back ahaha, who won't? And my class won =) whee. Well done. We can lose to anyone, all the rest of the games but not to them hahaha. It'll be too ... degrading? Haha.

After that, bless the poor souls, they rest la while the rest played the last game ... what waterfall ... uh where we had this big sheet of ... i dunno wat's the name for it ... like a big plastic sheet where we had this water balloon then we have to throw over the other team and it must burst b4 we get a point. The other team also got this big plastic sheet where they have to catch our hurled water balloon. Haha, yeah we lost tat even tat we were like planning strategies hahaa kinda fun. The other team's last shot at us was great hahaha threw far away from us sia, so cool, i like tat shot alot haha.

Yeah then over, we had this award presenting time then got snacks and drinks and blah blah blah then we went home. Whee i sat my dad's car home hahaha it was like 6.30pm le, so i called my dad yeah. Heh. Then i complained to JZ and LC how violent the girls from the other team in the Captain Ball game were haha. Actually i forgot their faces already ba, i have a bad memory really, sometimes people smile at me, and i really really forgot i knew them hahahahaha. But i smiled back la. Haha. Yeah had fun, got to know my classmates a little more, but most of the time, i was probably slacking around haha.

Ok enough tok, cya.

[Signing off @ 11:43 PM]

PS: Lalala off to watch Shaman King~

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