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Monday, June 27, 2005

Durians Approaching, Full Speed Ahead!

[Posted @ 9:03 PM]
It's been a ... lol slacky weekend, tat explains why i could blog for 3 days straight ... ah, tomorrow would be a busy day i guess cos road show's next week lol, so freaking damn fast. These days i got this .. indescribable feeling to split out bad words now and then. Oh speaking of split lol, my mum and aunts went to Malaysia, somewhere i dunno, to pick durians lol, my whole house was flooded and filled with the stinko durian smell. Here's pics of it.

Gold? Durian?These Durians Are Bitter. My Bro Said.3 Big Boxes Of Them.
Yes, They Are Bitter Ones Too.MORE MORE MORE!Plastic Boxes To Contain 'Em.

Yeah, i dunno why i dun like to eat durians anymore, i used to like them but after hmm let's see, uh secondary 3/4? LoL, i dun eat them anymore, and now i even feel that it stinks lol. But i like to take pictures of it lol, hey not any tom, dick or harry get to have a durian tree in their house, go to some do-do place and pick a truck full of durians ... haha. Sorry durian lovers, even now u email me that u want those boxes of durians, they are ALL given away le lol. Last night my house like having a party lol, durian party to be exact, people coming to collect durians, my aunt and mum calling everyone they know to collect durians and stuff. Yeah. It's ... fun? LoL, i was juz watching Spiderman on TV XP.

Oook... after this durian crapping ... oh, let's go back to why i got this indescribable feeling to scold bad words these days lol, i dunno, i think the stress is getting into my head ... but ... where's the stress? LoL. I dunno, juz feel like scolding bad words whenever i could.

Hahaha, i wanna tok abt this morning's marketing research tutorial lol. I think it's cos i was still 'nutty' over seeing YanZi on saturday or something or cos XT was too high or something haha. Yeah, during tutorial, we are trying to kinda do up a focus group then the topic was about 'Promote Safe Sex in Singaporean Teenages' or something like that i forgot le. Hahaha so we had to write about questions related to the topic. We had this GSPS format, G-General, S-Specific, P-Personal, S-Sensitive. Haha, so we started from General questions first mah, then we tok ah tok, then XT like 'over-high', dunno wat she said first but later tok abt what do you do foreplay or use whipped cream lol, then someone said S&M lol, manz, i'm still thinking about the whipped cream LOLLLLL, i was laughing like mad juz thinking about it hahahhaa.

I mean, yeah i read in some manga, OKOK it's HEN lol, the author of GANTZ, it's some shoujo-ai manga + shounen-ai in later chapters too lol, yeah so one of the girls fantasized the other girl's naked body decorated with strawberries and whipped cream LOL, that scene came into my mind when she said that hahahaha. I dun wanna tok more abt what happened to the whipped cream and strawberries lol. Hahahahha...

Yeah, it's been a long time since i tok abt ... sensitive issues like this lol, LoL. I dun dare to say la, lol i'm not entirely innocent, i read too much manga le XP. But at least i know how to draw a line between fantasy and reality heh. Yeah, i really had a good laugh ... haha ... really ... amusing.

Oh yeah, i wanna thank HQ for giving me [and also whole class] this ... uh bottle of poison!!! LoL. Nah, it's filled with M&M chocolates ... very creative of her, i never received such handmade gifts before lol, i ate a few M&Ms insid le ... i dun think it's the new dark M&M chocolates LOL. I like dark + bitter chocolates lol! [Hint hint hahaha, jk] Anyways, yeah thanks, here'a pic of it below;

A Bottle Of M&M Chocolates.

Oh yeah, speaking of road shows, manz, it's scary ... we had this meeting ... each person at least need to hit 50 sign ups a day? LoL ... Tough tough tough. I was thinking of someone parading in a costume in the form of a large 'V' lol. 'V' for vPOST mahz lol. Or a walking computer or something. Bleh. It sounds stupid.

Lalalala ... ok, i'm reading this fanfic ... lol it's so freaking twisty lol, first we got this girl [L], seduced by a guy [J], but halfway the guy ran away, the sister of this guy [A] came along and seduced L and went all the way with her lol. That's not all folks! A later left L for whatever stupid reason and then L had this one night stand with another guy named D cos she's depressed and stuff. D's in love with L anyways. Then L got into this accident, she woke up and found out she's pregnant with D's kid. However, L's still in love with A, A later came back so they're together again. Later in the story, we know that D is actually L's ex-bf, JJ's cousin! LoL and that A, JJ, D, J are all friends in college and they are all in love with L and just that L doesn't know that and was madly in love and blinded in JJ's wings.

Then later we will know why A left L and L will later leave A, but they got back together again cos L couldn't forget A and neither could A. And blah blah, A's bro, J, yeah was so pissed off cos he couldn't get L, raped L. JJ also was in some stupid frenzy was bashing L up someway along the way or something, then got this sudden twist that L's dead. LoL, but she's juz kidnapped by enemies of A. And blah blah blah, the story stopped there, ARGH CONTINUE PLZ LOL. It's really fun!

Yeah, i think i typed enough for tonight lol. Still downloading Loveless Ep11 and Magister Negi Magi Ep20 ... later going to watch TRC Ep11 cos Ep12's out! Whee! And watch ... Loveless Ep7 + summary!!! LoL, i didn't managed to watch/type it last night XP. Ah i still got IBS tutorial to do also ... write wat stupid purpose, benefit, capability statement and small tok ... shessh, can i do it during the 1hr break? LoL. I think can la, i think after i juz scribble some stuff ... then do it on bus, then during break yeah. Watch TRC Ep11 and Loveless Ep7 is number 1! LoL. Cya.

Anime Song of Da Day:
Tsubasa Chronicle - BLAZE by Kinya

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PS: Lalala listening to my all time fave song, Toni Braxton's Unbreak My Heart.

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  1. OMG Durian! I quiver in fear...
    I didn't have time to read through all your archives, but any blog completely about anime/manga is awesome. Sweet!