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Friday, June 17, 2005


[Posted @ 10:22 PM]
Short post tonight, no animes, nor mangas nothing related to uh animes/mangas lol.

Was really busy last night doing Marketing Research Proposal and finally submited it this afternoon muahahahaha. It's only 10% and we did like it was 30% lol. I dunno why sia. Probably because this is our first assignment. Yeah now we got another secondary research proposal to work on. Sigh and have to pass it up next friday XP. 10% too.

Yeah did the proposal till 2am last night ... uh last morning? Uh this morning? Aiya watever. Then got up at 8:15am to check, edit the whole thing and go down office and print da stuff. Yeah it was quite smooth.

Ok ... nothing much to say anymore it's boring. I wanna go watch tv ha. Cya~ OHHH! YEah, i bought mangas yesterday! Fushigi Yuugi #10, Astroboy #1 [My cousins/brothers were saying why did i buy Astroboy lol i also dunno why], Tsubasa #8 and Chrno Crusade #1 ~~~ Whee... still waitin for FMA lol and Negima #6 ... sigh ... ok cya

[Signing off @ 10:28 PM]

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