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Saturday, July 2, 2005

Please Visit vPOST Booth @ NP, Orchard Road!

[Posted @ 9:41 PM]
LoL, [see above title], yes, if you're in Singapore and an Ngee Ann Polytechnic Student, YES Please Please Please come to NP, Orchard Road and sign up with me lol.

LoL, i've been saying that to any NP students i know for the past few days XP. Hey, i'm really desperate lol, it's better to get the business of people i know then business of people i don't know right? Besides this vPOST thing is FREE, yes FREE. It's ok if you don't use the service, [But it's better if u do lol] Oh, below's a more detailed information about vPOST.

Are you an online biller? Have you ever encountered the encountered a time when you want to buy a product online but do not freight to Singapore?

Your chance has finally come! vPOST is a service provided by SingPost whereby people can pay their bills online through 3 methods. They are Giro-On-Demand (A flexible payment mode that enables you to choose when to pay and the amount to pay. Payment will only occur when vPOST receive the payment instruction.), eNETS debit (payment by using internet banking.) and credit cards (Visas and MasterCard)

Another important feature that vPOST provides is vPOSTUSA/ vPOSTJAPAN. It is a service that allows you to purchase online merchandise from USA/Japan that do not offer shipment to Singapore. Through this service, you can purchase first hand products that have not been released in Singapore yet.

Most importantly, REGISTRATION IS ABSOLUTELY FREE!! There will be ATTRACTIVE prizes to be won too. Our road show will be held on the coming Monday and Tuesday (4th and 5th of July) at NP orchard road just outside the Library.


Yes, prizes like teddy bears, pizza hut vouchers, Haagen Daz vouchers, tissue holders, tissue boxes, photo frames, milo packs and a grand prize, a two way air-ticket to Bangkok! [Sit SQ, not some budget airline k? lol] We also have games, like wheel of fortune and a big dice where u roll or something, not sure abt tat. But having a big dice to toss around would be so fun.

Yeah, lol if u're free, if even you're not a NP student, also can come and sign up with us. It's free and we'll give you a free gift if you sign up with us =), a $10 vPOSTJapan/vPOSTUSA voucher ... yeah to encourage people to use the service when they sign up. Sounds cool right? [Say yes! LoL]

Uh, i think i have nothing to say le lol, besides this ... going to SMS everyone/ANYONE lol on my handphone list to come to NP muahahahaha ... XP.

Anyways, cya i'm going off to watch Naruto Ep140 and GSD Ep36! Whee. Hey Ichigo 100%'s ending at Ep12 lol so fast. Bleh. Loveless ended too. Gokujou Seitokai looks more interesting with every ep! LoL, i bought 5 mangas yesterday! Mirmo Zibang #4, Slam Dunk #25/#26, Fushigi Yuugi #11 and Love For Venus #11. Zettai Kareshi #5's coming out next week! Whoa so fast, lol, ending soon le ... sigh. Oh yes, new anime titles, WHOA they actually got license for Mai HiMe! LoL, although i dun like the whole Mai-Tate-Natsuki love love affair in the manga, the art's pretty nice. Manz, i hope for the best ... Natsuki! Turn to Shizuru! She's the best! LoL. Tate's going for Mai in the end anyways, why suffer?! ... Sigh aiya go watch animes le cya. Oh yeah, i juz download Loveless OST! WHOA i love the track of Kouya and Yamato!~!!! It was played when they kissed while in the train ... I love Soubi's track too ... but KxY's the best LoL, so it's the anime song of the day!

Anime Song Of the Day:
Loveless OST - Noughts by Sasaji Masanori

[Signing off @ 10:09 PM]

PS: PLEASE COME TO NP @ ORCHARD ROAD On 4th & 5th July LOL. Bring your friends too!

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