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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Busy week ... over soon YAY!

[Posted @ 10:48 PM]
LoL, i juz came home from Jurong Point, and mind you i'm not there for fun ... well after 8pm we had fun lol but before that 5.30pm-8pm, i was standing there doing fieldwork!! God, so tiring now ... so ... sleepy but i can't bath yet cos someone's in da toilet lol.

I have to do my ISM ... if not i like never do anything sia lol. I think i'll go write up a page of some stuff b4 i go to bed tonight ... so maybe 12-1am then sleep ... then wake up at 9am! Whee. 8-9hrs of sleep!!! LoL, the last few freaking days i have been sleeping like 4-5hrs!!! GOD, especially on sunday lol 3hrs sia, i drew the storyboard till 3am then wake up at 6.30am to prepare to meet C in school ... actually wanna wake up at 6am de ... but overslept lol. Yeah then rushed through the background + creative brief + one page stuffy and print ad and colour the storyboard ... 3-4hrs and rush to do TWO tutorials in 30mins!!! LoL, i even wrote a full page of crap hahahaha. I didn't even had my lunch tat day, today also, no ... feeling haha.

Yeah passed up two assignments yesterday now more relax when IBS data-gathering is over ... then got WISP presentation and ISM report ... and whee can rest after thursday le!!! LoL! Oh yes, i need to type in the crappy for the surveys lol. Sigh, thursday ba ahaha. I need to go Singapore Post tomorrow to pay my bills manz lol, warning letter le hahaha. Hmmm ehhh ... ok, go bath le cya.

I'm so waiting for friday to come ... then everything will be quite relax le ... *waiting*

[Signing off @ 10:57 PM]

PS: Oh manz, i have to watch animes, lol no space le!! Must watch Gokujou Seitokai Ep5 tomorrow ... or thursday ... dunno la...

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