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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

3TB12 East Coast Park Bonding Day ...

[Posted @ 10:22 PM]
Yeah, 3TB12's bonding day's on 11th July 2005 [Monday] at East Coast Park by popular demand haha ... i dunno why i voted going to East Coast Park ... probably cos i wanna cycle ba haha. Anyways yeah, i'm juz going to ramble about what happened during that day tonight. So here we go~

Ok, i arrived at 10.15 AM, i sat 171 there, a long ride of 1 hour and 15 minutes ... yeah almost died ... and my nose was especially sensitive that day, and this uncle in front of me was like ... smelling weird ... so i almost puked haha. Really, my nose is so sensitive that every turn the bus made, i can smell the smell floating towards my left or right nosrtil. After around 20 minutes, the uncle left and a lady who put a strong perfume came and filled his place lol. I almost died also, but at least the smell is pleasant but still i feel uncomfortable ... shessh i kinda dislike my over sensitive nose. Yeah so the ride continued with the lady sitting in front of me the whole time. I'm getting kinda bus sick haha ... so when i finally reached Plaza Singapura, i alighted from the bus slowly for fear of toppling down haha. Really, my nose was killing me.

Strolling slowly towards the entrance of PS, C tapped my shoulders [I think] yeah, he was early too. Haha. Then we walked in and waited for roughly around 20-30 minutes and C was like telling me that if the rest don't come at 10.30 AM, which we were supposed to meet, he will sms everyone of 'em. Haha. And he did when noone came haha. In the message, he told them, those who were going to meet us, to surrender themselves haha. Yeah hmmm ... so we waited and waited ... then walked into Poh Kim and see some VCDs ... then i watch the previous drama outside the shop, this Hong Kong cantonese drama about terrorism ... not bad la, haha the 3 main female characters were quite pretty heh, and i was browsing through the animes section ... and saw Kimi Ga Nozomu Eien VCDs on sales!!! Oh my god, i almost puked lol. No offense to those who find this anime title heart warming, touching and nice, bleh. Haha.

The art wasn't very good too, not my style i guess. XP. Anyways, i saw hmm ... Twelve Kingdoms VCDs there, Naruto ... Inuyasha ... and ... i forgot le haha. I never watch before de ba. Heh. So i walked around then walked out the shop and watched the HK Cantonese drama outside. So after a while later, XT, JY, S came. Later we went up, met HQ, JX and QW. So we slacked around for a while waiting for the pizzas lol. Hahahaha speakin of the pizzas haha, we got 16 pizza hut vouchers and we kinda shy to give the pizza hut people 16 vouchers lol. So C, the only guy there, went in haha.. with S and HQ too, if i'm not wrong ... not sure. Yeah ... so then we took bus to East Coast Park ... bus number 36? I think so. Yeah ...

We reahced there around 1pm ba ... haha then we slacked around ... then finally we settled down after everyone arrived ... then we played Twister. Ehhhh no, we went to McDonald's yeah, we slacked there, M and SH then brought out a birthday cake for XT and JX ... cos their birthday on July mahz, yeah then we sung a birthday song, cut da cake and ate the cake. The cake's ... yeah it's ok, abit dry but nice cos it's chocolate hahaha. I love chocolates~ especially bitter chocolates, the bitter da better!!!! =) Yeah so we played Twister after we found a spot to place our stuff ... haha the birthday girls had to do the penguin dance haha after they lost. Heh. So after that hmmm we went cycling ... and cycle to this Bedok Jetty yeah, enjoy the nice nice nice sea breeze ... soo cooling and peaceful.

Yeah, then saw a stray cat there and i petted it, it's pretty nice, i got this tendency to pet stray cats/dogs/birds ... anything la haha. Hey but i wash my hands after petting them, probably cos they're strays, they probably never got petted much so why not give them some love? Yeah so after that we splited lol, half of us went kayaking and the rest went on cycling. I dun like kayaking ... firstly, i didn't bring extra clothes lol, and secondly, it's tiring to kayak ... i kayak before, boy it was damn stressful lol, u get swept away by the waves and never come back hahaha.

So the cycling people went cycling, which includes me, then after a while we went to McDonald's to slack around again. Tok about stuff yeah ... and the cute Japanese-look-alike daddy lol. Well, he looks really cool with his diamond ear piecing yeah and XXX [Dun wana mention names XP] was saying his maybe-wife lol sitting beside him looks so cheena hahaha. Yeah tok tok tok. Then we went out again, sat on a spot, slacked around ... then played Monkey lol. it's pretty fun, being monkey's giddy haha. Yeah, then C came, lol it's stressful with him playing around, cos he's taller and played basketball ... haha.

After that, the others came, then it was kinda late, we climbed up the rock place there and took pictures. Yeah then we went to back to Parkway Mall and had dinner at Han's. Yeah then went home le. OHHH yeah i juz remembered lol, as we were going to Parkway Mall sitting the bus, 16 i think, C kinda dared XT to tell the bus uncle to drive faster or something around there hahaha and XT did sia. Hahaha. Everyone's nuts. So went home on MRT, it's quite fun la ... the 4 others were ... nuts haha. I dun think i'm really normal even though i said i'm normal ... haha takes time for me to be abnormal ba hahaha. Influence influence ... XP.

Anyways it's been a long post. Cya i'm off to read Fanfics WHEE~

[Signing off @ 11:16 PM]

PS: Read, read, read.

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