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Friday, July 15, 2005

Gakuen Alice Ep7

[Posted @ 8:56 PM]
It's been a while, here's Gakuen Alice Ep7 screenshots! LoL, i feel so slacky nowadays ... manz. And it's supposed to be study week! Haha.

Hotaru Left Me For A Hammie.K.Oed By Mr Bear.Cute Huggie~
Ants In My Pants!Evil.Wacha Looking At?!

Lol, actually i forgot what Ep7 is about le lol, really. Ok let's see from the screenshots ... hmmm Mikan looks angry yes, Mikan got K.Oed by the Mr Bear ..., a little shoujo-ai huggie from Mikan to Hotaru, Mikan got a shock, oh this i know, Hotaru kinda blackmailed Ruka into joining their team in this dodgeball game. OHH i remember le, Mikan kinda want the class to bond? Or rather she wanna be friends with them so she suggested playing dodgeball then Natsume was like saying playing the Alice Version of Dodgeball and in a fit of anger, Mikan agreed.

So haha Hotaru blackmailed Ruka into going to their team, i forgot she blackmailed with what le, probably a picture of Ruka and the piyo piyo or torturing piyo piyo haha. Hahahah then i forgot le XP.

Lalala, i'm listening to Jay Chou and Landy Wen's Rooftop ... Wu Ding. It's really a nice duet. I watched Gakuen Alice Ep8 and Ep9 in one shot this afternoon and wrote up the summaries ... then was halfway in Gokujou Seitokai Ep5 when i got damn tired. So next time ba ... or later lol. Sorry Gokujou Seitokai's screenshots are so slow ... and Raws are up to Ep15 le and i'm like Ep5 and i download the sub to Ep10 le lol, Ep11 is downloading right now~ Whee. Woo, J.Lo's Love Don't Cost A Thing~ Lalalala, i really like those old songs lol, now the songs like not so good, well except YanZi's of course lol.

Manz, it's study week but i'm slacking like no tomorrow hahaha, i never touch my notes/books for 3 days ... that includes today haha. I juz slacked, eat, sleep, shit, read fanfics, surf around, watch animes, sleep more, eat more lol, play more~ I got to do my work tomorrow!!! If not ... die le la, cos next week need to do field work le, then i got Marketing Research test on tuesday lol. I ALMOST FORGOT I GOT TEST! LoL!!!!! Manz, i'm lazy lol more lazy when i was in my first and second years.

Let's list down stuff i have to do ok? Then strike off those done~ Let's go~ Haha. It's kinda familiar ... i use to do this last sem and it's quite working hahaha so do it now. Oh, those reading from blogspot.com might not know, so u go to myotaku.com blog and read haha, it's really ... funny XP.

A Week Timetable:
1. Watch and write up Gokujou Seitokai Ep5 summary tonight.
2. Think Macom creative brief, background and stuff, at least write something down on a damn paper dammit! [Sat]
3. Do up WISP slides lol, i've been pushing this for a week le. [Sat]
4. Research ISM about infotech stuff. [Sat]
5. Think some questions for IBS data gathering call stuff. [Sun]
7. Field Work. [As soon as i get my paws on the questionnaires]
8. Study for Marketing Research test. [Mon] LoL, i know it's last min, i do tat all the time and get B, well i'm happy. Haha.
9. Watch Naruto Ep143 and GSD Ep38 [As soon as it's done]
10. Marketing Research test, 1.30pm - 3.00pm, LT24.
11. Yes the most important! Buy Magister Negi Magi #6, Mythical Detective Loki - 1st season #3 and Fushigi Yuugi - Genbu Kaiden #2 LoL.
Oh manz, 19th's release is Chrno Crusade #2, Guyver #7 and Fruits Basket #11~ Maybe i should buy all of them together heh, then it's [Thurs] then. Heh.

Hmmm, uh did i miss anything? Dunno. I reckon not.

Ok, i mustn't slack anymore, lol which i doubt cos i will slack so much more. Hahahaha ... let's bet tat i wouldn't do the WISP slides tomorrow k? Hahaha. I have no confidence in myself ... shessh. Well cya i'm off to read fanfics! WHEE! LoL.

[Signing off @ 9:21 PM]

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