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Sunday, July 31, 2005

Magister Negi Magi Ep19

[Posted @ 9:13 PM]
Ah, it's been a long week ... lol, so busy last week ... almost died on wednesday/thursday lol. I'll tok more abt it later, here's Magister Negi Magi Ep19 screenshots!

Kawaii Sayo.Chocolates For Free?Negi-sensei?
My Poor Little Weedle!I'm Turning Into Ice-cream!Everyone Can See Me?

Ah, this is a Sayo, the ghost ep ... in the manga, Sayo didn't appear till i think around vol8 or vol9. Shessh, the anime's really skipping ... and i heard there's only 26eps of Magister Negi Magi anime?! Wat da?! LoL, ok it's an another start of a school day, Asuna and Ayaka as usual are fighting then Ayaka accidentally whacked Negi lol, then he passed out. Then Sayo was like talking about how lively 2-A is and blah blah blah. Then some talking between the principal and the teachers about wat clock tower and building ... lazy to think now lol.

Then we have Sayo going around the school ... toking about the stuff yeah. Then yeah, 2-A's going to Kyoto~ Whee. Next ep's gona be the start of the Kyoto Arc. Manz, the anime also skipped about the clues of Negi's father, in the manga, Negi wanted to go Kyoto cos Eva said that his father used to live in Kyoto maybe got news about his father there or something but in the anime, it's because ... there's samurais and gei-sha girls?! lol. But the 'dangerous' magical group the principal warned Negi is still da same.

Kazumi was curious about Sayo, cos the class dunno about her and stuff, so Kazumi kinda searched around internet/books about Sayo ... yeah and knew that she's dead and was finding the reason why she died. Sayo was also curious cos she forgot how she died le lol. Then Kazumi found stuff related to Sayo then Sayo kinda slowly remembered her past, about her little sister and how she wanted to save her sister's Tsuwabuki garden when the storm came. Manz, Kazumi makes a great detective lol, she could spot out clues juz by Sayo's poem and stuff.

Then Sayo saw her sister's garden then cried ... then Kazumi could see Sayo's true form now ... and tried to take a picture ... but couldn't cos it's wrong. Then from that time on, Kazumi could kinda see/sense Sayo beside her ... so during the group selection thingy, Kazumi told Negi that he left out Sayo. But noone could see her. So Eva kinda helped Sayo ... yeah materialized her so everyone could see her. Everyone was shocked lol, but later became friends with Sayo lol. Yep. The art's getting better here. Sayo looks cute most of the time lol.

Ok on to my complains lol, yes i almost died on wednesday/thursday ... why? Cos we got WISP presentation and gotta submit ISM report too, so we did last min work on wednesday on both WISP and ISM, especially for ISM lol. I had to do the dumby WISP powerpoint slides and do two sia, one for the presentation itself, other is for tutor/class copy to read while we're presenting. It's really tough, i was editing the videos too, adding words inside yeah. I did till around 2+am yeah then i went to do ISM report, yes i'm editing, compiling and printing it lol. So i opened the file LC sent to my yahoo mailbox ...

And guess what! LoL, she sent the wrong one! I sent an sms to her ... cos it's like 2+am le, i dun wanna wake her up and i hope she wakes up before 6am to send me the stuff ... sigh lol i was stunned for a min when i saw the wrong file lol. So i went to edit the other parts K sent me then i edit till 3am and stuff. Then i went down to office to print notes and the ppt slides ... then after that i worry about ISM and WISP again till 4am lol before i can't take it anymore and went to bed.

I set my alarm clock to wake me up at 5.45am ... but it didn't RING AT ALL! I'm not a sleepyhead ok, i'll wake up once the alarm clock rings lol ... but i woke up 6.20am instead. Then LC called me then i told her abt the wrong file and stuff then she sent me ... and blah blah i quickly compiled the stuff, did a quick edit, didn't managed to add any words in, got even more anxious when my bro complained he's feeling a little sick, rushed down to office up and down when my stupid floppy disk failed me twice, then i used my USB MP3 player to transfer my files to print ... wah i was cursing so loudly and hard tat morning lol.

Then i rushed up to prepare my formal clothes cos of WISP presentation mah, then packed my stuff, switch off my lappy, went down to office, print the stuff, rushed up to return the office keys then rushed to bus stop lol. It was like 7.30am le. Oh, i forgot to mention i bathe too lol, I ALWAYS BATH in the morning ok! LoL, even if i'm late hahaha. Yeah i listen to LC's call first then dashed off to bath for quick 5-10 mins before i made a mad dash up and down the office. Whining and cursing and stomping lol.

Manz, i feel so rushed tat morning, slept only 2+hrs, i was half-asleep during ISM tutorial lol hahaha, really. I was dozing off, really sorry haha. Later after IS class, i still can't go home and you know why? COS I GOT 4 MORE FREAKING QUESTIONNAIRES TO COMPLETE! LOL. Damnz, then S, XT and I went to Clementi to finish up our questionnaires ... i managed to complete only 2 on 2hrs lol then i went home and asked my tutor and auntie to do for me le la hahaha. Then i went to sleep le, then i overslept and woke up at 7pm LoL, the damn alarm clock is not working again, so i rushed to feed parrots, then i was rushing my data entry stuff, smsed HQ tat i'll be late and stuff. Managed to finished it while eating my fish head noodles at 9pm ba ... lol tat time my fish head noodles not even half finished sia lol hahaha it was like so cold by the time i really attacked my noodles. Sigh. But after data entry, i went to bath, watch Inuyasha and Shaman King and do up SM tutorial, print out the tutorial, then fell asleep like a log on my bed at 1am ba.

Woke up at 7am, had SM tutorial, it was quite interesting, SM is not as simple as i thought, we have to consider alot of facts, i think next week's tutorial will be even more fun, cos more calculations! LoL, i quite like it, cos it's fun to find answers ... it's not like maths ok lol. I dunno why, i got a love-hate relationship with numbers LOL. Ah then we went to marketing research lecture, wow we were so proud sia lol, and you know why? Cos we're the ONLY class to finish/pass up our fieldwork questionnaires and data entries on friday! LoL, the rest of the class had till monday, which is tomorrow to pass up yeah. It's a great accomplishment and of course thank our marketing research manager, HQ for her HARD WORK lol.

Then half the class went to Clementi's K-Box to sing cos it's JX's birthday yeah. 7 of us went, yeah it's fun, i sung mostly YanZi's songs whee lol. Oh yeah, we were having our lunch at the coffee shop at Clementi when the students from other classes still doing their fieldwork came haha, i was thinking, 'Manz, it feels so good to finish fieldwork.' lol. Then when one of the still doing fieldwork students asked if we finished, and we did, then HQ was like saying, you have to see who's marketing research manager mah lol. Hahaha, she is so right, she's a good marketing research manager =), she even helped me on my questionnaires ... if not i also can't finish de haha.

Yeah, after singing and stuff, left at around 7.30pm then reached home at around 8.30pm, eat, rest for a while before i went to bath. But i'm feeling so damn tired lol, i fell asleep while watching 'The Most Extreme' on Art Central sia! I watched till Number 6 then i slept, luckily my bro woke me up when it's Inuyasha lol but half the time i was ... kinda dozing off, really im so damn tired after such a HARSH week lol.

I slept like a freaking log again when i finished Shaman King, i practically dragged myself to bed, flopped down and off to dreamland lol. Didn't wake up till 1pm the next day LOL. God lol hahaha, maybe cos it's also raning, so comfortable to sleep hehehehehe. Yeah so relax this weekend ... next week will be abit busy le, cos got some stupid booth of vPOST at Suntec City ..., i got the friday and saturday shift ... 10am-10pm on friday and 4pm-10pm on saturday lol. Must come ah lol.

Cya, it's almost time for The Apprentice! Street Smart VS Book Smart! Whee! Oh i watched alot of animes today and yesterday ... GSD Ep40, TRC Ep15, Naruto Ep144/145 and Full Metal Panic! - The Second Raid Ep1! NEW TITLE! WHEE, finally FMP-TSR is out whee lol, ep2 is already downloaded, got incest sia lol, between two 'twin?' sisters XP!! LoL. Fun fun fun~ Oh, long post lol.

[Signing off @ 9:57 PM]

PS: The Apprentice~ Wheeeee

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