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Monday, August 8, 2005

Gokujou Seitokai Ep5 + vPOST Booth @ Suntec City Part 1

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LoL, the time has finally come! Gokujou Seitokai Ep5 screenshots are out and up for grabs! Whee!

Chee Koh Pek Rino LOL LOL.Rein's Having Sayuri For Dinner?!Ahh ... Kanade-sama.
Smash Da Ball!I'm Going Blind Blind Blind!Kuon x Nanaho =D

Sigh, it starts with Mayura telling everyone that they don't have enough money. LoL like the rest cared hahaha XP. Kuon was like, ok, the meeting's over, byebye hahaha. Then Mayura goes on complaining how they were wasting money by using them for blah blah reasons ... haha funny, especially Rino's sleeping face LOL, [See screenshot 1] Hahahaha. Ahh, then when Mayura said that both the Assault and Convert will have no money to spend for the next month, Kuon and Nanaho suddenly became serious haha. Later Kuon and Nanaho argued with each other on who will get the money. Then Kanade was saying why don't they battle each other and the winner gets the money. Kanade then looked at Rino, Rino was still sleeping dreaming about curry rice haha. So Kanade decided that the two teams go into a battle of the curry rice! Ha.

So starting with the Assault side, Sayuri, Rein and Kaori each made curry rice for Nanaho to test, starting with Sayuri. LoL, Nanaho tasted the curry rice and asked Sayuri if there's a secret to the curry rice and Sayuri showed Nanaho the instant curry rice packet haha. Next, Rein, Nanaho tasted it and said it was good ... then asked if there's a secret to it ... lol then the Chef knocked the door and asked if there's any more plates lol, Rein obviously didn't cooked it. Nanaho was like -.-|||| however was saved by Kaori lol, Kaori's actually a pretty good cook~ Kuon and Seina ... looking relaxed aha, especially Seina ... she's playing with da rubber bands haha. Rino was walking around and saw Kuon standing in front of this suspicious looking building ... and asked what she's doing. Kuon said she's scouting people ... so they went in ... and stuff.

They went in through this door, then suddenly this male statue 'talked' lol and said he prepared this three curry rice sisters team to represent the Convert team lol. Then over at the Assault team, Kaori was teaching Rein and Sayuri to cook the curry rice lol and Rein made a fool out of herself haha. Nanaho was actually sleeping lol! So the battle begins~ Red VS Blue. LoL, Kaori got jealous of Rino again aha, and had this little dream hahaha [See screenshot 3 for dreamy look LoL] The animation is abit falling here, looks a little weird ... lol, then we have the ingredients rock climbing wall! LoL, Mayura was like wat the heck?! LoL, Rein climbed up the rock wall easily. Lol, then Kuon's team sent this helicopter hahaha and brought the whole box down ... Rein climbed down from the rock wall and forgot about the basket of ingredients LOL!!!

Seina came up with this game again lol, a fighting game where they have to hit this balloon on one's head lol, the loser gets the average curry mix while the winning get the premium one LOL. So when the fight starts LOL, Sayuri was sent of course, but when it started, a wind blow and a piece of paper knocked off Sayuri's glasses!!! LoL so she went 'Megane, Megane, Megane ...' again! LoL [See screenshot 4] and lost ... lol. So the curry rice battle was coming to an end ... but there's a last challenge! LoL, they throw this dart and get what is the surprise stuff on the wheel ... LOL and Nanaho's team got 'Indian helper' LOL. Lame sia. Pucc-chan actually knew that Indian lady LOL and he recalled stuff about them hahaha. 'Namaste~' LoL. LOL then she rubbed her hands and some sparking golden light appeared and Pucc-chan said that when she prayed even an average curry will become great! LoL.

So the battle was over and each team's curry rice were served ... Rino then mixed up both team's curry and said that they taste the best when mixed LoL. 'Wind blows effect' HAhahahaha ... so the verdict was, 'They taste even better if mixed!' Lol, so it's a draw ba, hahaha Mayura was like ... Nooooo~ LoL! Haha, twist ending ... but funny. Pucc-chan then sent the Indian lady to the train ... a 'touching' moment for a while haha. And then end. =) nice ep lol.

Hmm, ook, LoL, because i got SOOoooOooo many things to say about the vPOST booth over at Suntec City that took place for 3 days LOL, 5th, 6th and 7th ...so I'm going to cut this story into three parts LOL ... Yeah ook, on to part 1!

First day ... actually, 5th August 2005, friday's not my shift de hahaha, but i just wanna go so that i can prepare myself mah, i'm slow and stuff yeah. LOL, i realized how BIG Suntec City is lol, damn tower1, tower2, tower3 and tower4 .... red zone, yellow zone, blue zone and green zone ... wat the hell LOL! I was lost for around 30mins there trying to find the god damn booth and noone told me it's at tower3 LOL they were like at Suntec City mall, you know at the Carrefour? What the lol. So after 20mins of searching like a mad dog, i walked the same route over and over for 3-4 times and even walked OUT of the mall to see the god damn thing lol.

So the smart me after 20mins of search looked at the freaking map lol, so i see where the hell is Carrefour and oh, it's at the red zone ... tower 3 ... ook, so i walked down to the Fountain of Wealth and went to tower 3 and finally found my friends over there ... at a corner lol. It's really lame la ... anyways so i put on my name tag and yeah went around giving brochures and trying to get people interested ... I didn't do much on the first day cos i went there at around 1pm le then i give out brochures then trying to memorize vPOST services and stuff ... i think i got 10+ people to sign up ba haha, cos my yellow stickers on one and a half side is used up le, haha not bad for a day's work lor. I realized that it's better to get people to sign up if you're around the booth.

Yeah, it's easier to get people interested and stuff. Besides with the colourful wheel of fortune and the lucky dip as incentives, it's really attractive lol and you just have to sign up =). I hanged around there till 7.30pm then i left cos my shift's at 10am the next day lor, which is saturday haha and have to reach there at 9am ba ... so yeah. Stay tune for part 2.

Oh, i took a picture of the teddy bear i bought back from the roadshow LOL. Cute huh.


Hahahhaa. I like it alot, cos it's the cutest of all bears!!! Well, gotta go watch Gokujou Seitokai Ep7 and FMP - TSR Ep2 ... cya! Tomorrow's screenshots would be ... hmm Full Metal Panic! - The Second Raid Ep1 ba ... haha oh yes, HAPPY BIRTHDAY SINGAPORE LOL ...

[Signing off @ 11:52 PM]

PS: Lalalalala~

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