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Thursday, August 11, 2005

[Manga] Strawberry Shake + vPOST Booth @ Suntec City Part 3

[Posted @ 10:15 PM]
Whee, a manga review tonight for a change! Actually, it's cos i'm lazy to watch Magister Negi Magi Ep20 LOL and because the title is too long to put as subject mah, then i add in the vPOST Booth @ Suntec City Part 3 ... wah so long le lol XP.

Strawberry Shake

Whee, this is a shoujo-ai title, yeah currently it's serialized in this magazine called Yuri Shimai which is now known as Yurihime i reckon, i dunno why they changed the name, probably cos Hime sounds more classy than Shimai? LOL. Anyways Hime means Princess while Shimai is kinda like sisters? The kanji is Jie Mei LoL, so it's like older sister and younger sister. Recently i'm so into sisters-incest love lol, must be influence from socky la lol. Oh, i forgot to talk about Strawberry Shake LOL.

Ok, basically Strawberry Shake is by famous shoujo-ai mangaka Hayashiya Shizuru. Her art is really nice, i saw her debut work which Lillicious translated, V Hunter lol, it's lame but ... somewhat funny hahaha the art is soso la, now it's even better. It's just like how Yuu Watase improve lor, you can see the art in Fushigi Yuugi being 'Hm nice!' then on to Zettai Kareshi and Fushigi Yuugi - Genbu Kaiden being 'OH MY GOD, SO DROP DEAD NICE!' LoL.

Yeah ok back to SS [Strawberry Shake], yeah the main characters are females duh, Tachibana Julia [The one with long black hair] and Asakawa Ran [The short haired blonde] yeah, Julia's in the acting/entertainment business, so yeah so one day her boss asked her to be the mentor/senior of a newbie, then at first Julia doesn't want to do it that is until she saw Ran-chan lol. She was like so hyped up hahaha. Yeah it was love at first sight for Julia-chan. Haha, it's damn funny the way she reacts to Ran-chan every action. Yeah if you wanna read, which i highly recommend for shoujo-ai fans, go to Lillicious's webby and download ba! Muahaha, the link's at my hangout linkys yeah.

Oh yeah, i have already read till Chapter 6 le but Lillicious translated up to Chapter 3 only, lol i read Chapter 4/5/6 from a chinese shoujo-ai forum muahahaha, i think it's down at the moment, i can't seem to get in le! NOOooOoOoOoOoOo! But i'll put it in my fave hangout linkys section anyways lol. Yeah look out for more shoujo-ai and probably yuri manga reviews in the future ... hehehehe.

LoL, a click the picture below!
LoL This Is Funny!

Hahaha, i was reading Chapter 6 of Strawberry Shake when my Disk Health warning programme pop this warning out LOL, i was juz reading that particular page when suddenly this pops out lol just right sia, hahaha, overheated! LoL. Even Julia's spouting out blood XP.

I didn't purposely wait for the warning to come out then screenshot it de hor, cross my heart, it's purely by coincidence lol. I laughed quite a while heh.

Oh i almost forgot to talk about the Suntec City thingy LOL, yeah so it was Sunday, 6th August 2005, the last day of the roadshow, so everything went well i supposed, i reached there at around 12.15 noon and we tried our very best to get people to sign up lol. I love the last part best, cos we were like having a sale sia LOL. We wanted to clear all our prizes mah, so the last few people who signed up, we were like giving 3-4 boxes of tissue, two boxes of cable organizer and a stack of pizza hut and EzVideo vouchers LOL. It's like so cool! LoL, then i bought home a teddy bear, the maple story installation cd, a mug, some postcards and two Cathay movie tickets XP. Hahahaha, but it's fun la, we had really great fun, my friends took some wild pictures on the big Monopoly set hahaha, doing some actions haha. Yeah that's about all i guess.

Later i'm going to type out the ISM test tips for LC ... yeah cya and watch Inuyasha too! Oh yes, i bought 4 mangas today! Whee! The long awaited Full Metal Alchemist #1, Fushigi Yuugi #12, Saiyuki Reload #5 and Astroboy #2 Wheee, i read Fushigi Yuugi the first chapter only ha, oh yes i love Saiyuki Reload #5's postcard!!! SANZO! SO COOL SIA!!! XP Hahaha. Ok cya cya!

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  1. Yuri Shimai became Yuri Hime because the magazine was sold to a new company.

    BTW, my blog is "Okazu", not Ozaku, as you have it in your links.