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Saturday, August 27, 2005

Gokujou Seitokai Ep9

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Whoa lol, it was a great day ... i slept like a log when i finished last night's ep of Shaman King Ep64 [END] On Arts Central ... Yeah i slept till hm 8.00am then i went back to sleep again after checking on lappy. Then i slept till 3pm LOL. That's a total of ... 15hrs! LOL. I didn't dream also ... so that means i'm really darn tired ... Hahahaha ... anyways here's Gokujou Seitokai Ep9 screenshots as promised!

A Blank Signed Cheque Stuck On The Wall!Huggies.Heh Heh Heh Now You Can't See Me.
I Broke Mi Arm!Hyaah!Sayuri.

Ep started with ... some bishoujo driving a motorbike into the school's gate and then she stopped stylishly LOL and asked Ayumu for direction to the Gokujou Seitokai. Then the members are playing poker hahaha, then Rein won the game by cheating hahaha. The girl from earlier then barged into the meeting room and kinda challenged Sayuri ... and her name's Kimizuka Yuuko. The rest of course won't stand back and see Yuuko attack Sayuri right? Haha so Yuuko apologized for barging in but she told Sayuri she'll coming tomorrow and settle matters.

Nanaho then asked Sayuri to explain herself then Rein was like covering up for Sayuri and ran off, Nanaho also didn't push any further. Sayuri was kinda over ... reacting haha, then Rein hugged her to calm her down. Rino went over to Yuuko and told Yuuko that Sayuri-senpai's a good person, Yuuko agreed but she said she'll still seek avenge for her father. Cindy then told Kanade about the incident over phone and Kanade kinda flashbacked to how she met Sayuri and Rein and how Sayuri was the genius swordsman and on the day of a match, she withdrew.

So Kuon got the Covert to investigate. Rein and Sayuri didn't had their dinner, then Rein went over to Sayuri's room and found her mopping in a corner. Then Rein was like telling Sayuri that the accident was not Sayuri's fault and not to blame herself over it. Rather touching moment between Rein and Sayuri. Seina went to do some investigations at Sayuri's home and stuff yeah then found out that Sayuri acquired the Hida Kassatsu-ryuu Fighting Style [Designed to KILL] and hence the accident.

Back to Yuuko's flashback, Yuuko was cheering for her dad in a match with Sayuri and Sayuri sub-consciously used the Hida Kassatsu-Ryuu and hurt her master aka Yuuko's dad badly till he was not able to hold a sword again. Kanade then invited Sayuri and Rein to join Gokujoi Seitokai when she saw them alone there with Sayuri still sad over the accident. Kuon then reported what Seina told her to Kanade and was curious that why didn't Sayuri abandon her sword away when she caused hurt to someone. Then Kanade simply replied that because Sayuri likes it.

Then Sayuri explained the matters to the rest of the Seitokai then went to the school gate and fought with Yuuko while the rest watched as witnesses. Uh, not bad fighting scenes ... so yeah Sayuri won of course lol. Nice ep. LoL, next ep sounds fun, swimming pool ep!~ LoL.

Sigh, feels so kimochi ii~ this afternoon lol i watched quite alot of animes! ... Tsukuyomi Ep19, Gakuen Alice Ep10, Devilman Lady Ep25 and Ep26 and Full Metal Panic! - The Second Raid Ep3 ~~ Wheee and i screenshot fmp - tsr ep3 and dml ep25 and ep26, it was fun. Ah i haven't watch Gokujou Seitokai Ep10~~~ LoL, later ba ...

Still bothered wit integrated presentation slides ... shessh.
Brb, i go print ... ah, i think i'll juz finish this la ... ook, let's see, yeah meeting tomorrow at 9am to finish up everything muaha. 9am is i suggest de LOL, finish fast can quick go home then i go BUY MY MANGA!!! WHEEE!!!! LoL, i got 6 books to purchase sia ... then after IP on wed, i'll go buy Zettai Kareshi #6 [END], wah so fast end le ... ok gtg cya.

Oh yeah, i think our posters, flyers and marcom ideas ROCK LOL, so cool i like the posters alot ... haha but i dunno if others will understand mah ... bleh. okk cya

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PS: Lalalala cya

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