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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

FMP - The Second Raid Ep 1 + vPOST Booth @ Suntec City Part 2

[Posted @ 9:43 PM]
LoL, i didn't post last night XP lol, what was i doing huh ... hmmm i think i was slacking around LOL. Watching the NDP05 Live on TV and on web lol, ah it was fun but boring heh. New anime title screenshots tonight whee! The long awaited Full Metal Panic! - The Second Raid!!! Ep1 screenshots!! WHEE, nothing much actually, all mecha. Heh but the art's great as usual!

So Cool!!!So Cool!! Again LoL.Lambda Driver!
LoL, Ep1's Baddie.Kyaahh~ Sousuke~Sousuke x Kaname =D

Hm, the seiyuus are the same, the op's not bad, i quite like it. The animation is still great heh, that's what i like about fmp muahaha, the art is 'AWESOME!' constant throughout the 2 season and this 3rd one. Heh, more robots and more robots ... and so it started with some place kena wreaked and people hurt, baddies came and attacked the innocent refugees and stuff. My bros were are glued to the screen when they saw the arms, weapons and tanks lol. So Sousuke aka Uruz 7 come to da rescue whee, and we see many great battle scenes, nice robots and stuff, oh Sousuke still had the white AS, ha it's cool. So a helicopters came and help the refugees up the plane and blah blah. Oh then the baddie got more backups and was going to destory them, so they retreated with Sousuke backing them up.

Yeah, so we see Sousuke whacking up the baddies' butt haha, oh this particular scene where Sousuke saw an unexpected missile coming and with no armo, he used the Lambda driver!!! Woo so damn cool lol~ Yeah Sousuke was out of armo and stuff and calling for help when Tessa replied to his help and stuff yeah. Then he stopped over at a bridge and waited for da submarine to come up and save him ahaha, tat scene was damn cool too and dived down running away hahaha, leaving the baddies ... burnt, crashed and hurt. Heh. Nice battle start for Ep1. =) Oh yeah, after the battle, Sousuke still had to study haha. Hahaha then when Sousuke came back to school, Kaname was burning with rage cos she lent him her notebook and he haven't returned it yet ... [Sounds familiar? LoL refer to FMP-Fumoffu! Hahaha]

Haha so when Sousuke entered the classroom, Kaname asked for her notebook and Sousuke sweated and said he forgot lol, then when Kaname said that they go back to his room to get it, Sousuke said it was impossible cos he left it in the submarine LOL! And he got whacked LOL. Hahahaha, as usual. Then some serious talk at the back, i wasn't interested lol!!! ED ... hmm it's quite soothing and nice ba. Heh. Waitin for the single to come out~ Whee. Manz, i love the animation, i've been watching too many CRAPPY animations these days, lol THANK GOD FOR FMP! WHEE! BANZAI! LoL. Next Ep promised more humour ba ... heh.

Wheee lol, i think Sousuke is probably the cutest and funniest guy character i would ever like ba hahaha, he's just so cute hahaha XP. He's not preverted nor sex-craze nor STUPID like other guy characters ... eh with the exception of Gin and all the male character created by Shinjo Mayu LOL!!!!!! Kyaaahh~ Recently i 'discovered' Shinjo Mayu's web!!! LoL, i was replaying the intro flash for 5-6 times hahaha. Manz, i'm so going to put it in my link as my fave hang outs. I like Gin alot, he's soooo cool! LoL, I think i'm to update my fave hangout links ... heh~


It's almost 8cm long! LoL. As big as my Samsung Handphone sia lol. Hahaha, my brother found it i think 2-3 weeks ago on our rambutan tree lol and i just remembered when i took the bear bear picture on monday. Heh. It's really cool haha. Ok on to 'vPOST Booth @ Suntec City Part 2'!

Ook, i woke up at around 6.30am, went to the bathroom, bathed and then cook maggie mee, eat ... then left home at around 7.20am, reached there at around 9am, then walked to the dumb booth, noone there and it's 9.15am le. Oh yeah i fall when i tried to cross over the stupid eh line? I dunno wat to say la, it's a border surrounding the booth la, then i tripped over and fall sia lol, damn i look so stupid hahaha. I was even carrying my lappy!!! Luckily it's ok, if not i won't be bloggin LOL. Yeaah so i waited for C and XT to come .. and then C told me not doing data entry so no need to bring lappy, i was like WTF!!! LoL.

Yeah, so we started the whole thing at around 10am and i went around giving brochures as usual and promoting vPOST stuff, actually nothing special on that day, just i stood all day my feet were SO SORE lol, damn i never felt so ... horrible in my life, i feel like as if i'm going to die lol. Oh luckily my dad fetched me from Suntec City on Saturday if not i'm going to die on my way home hahaha. Then we went out to some place to eat porridge, slices of YUMMY raw fish and Kueh Chap [I dunno how to translate into english la, it's just a dish with pigs' small and large intestines + Flat rice noodles] Hahaha it's soooooo yummy, it's actually supper but it's dinner for me hahaha ...

Oh yeah, i realized something today, lol 'Oreo is a cheapo!!!' LOL, cos my brother was eating Oreo today then he twisted and open the cookie then saw the cream inside not fully covered LOL, there's a hole in it LOL then i was like saying hmm if in every packet of Orea they leave a hole in it, how many cream would they had saved for 1000 packets? LoL, i dunno if it's like tat in the first place or what hahaha, but ... hahaha it's just so funny hahahaha. Anyways i gotta go rush to watch Inuyasha le la!! CYA!

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PS: Inuaysha Inuyasha cya cya

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