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Saturday, August 20, 2005

Gokujou Seitokai Ep6

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Anime time!~ LoL, i've been so busy and lazy these days ... busy doing SPSS, exploring it and yeah ... exploring ... so boring lol. So i'm dropping alot of anime titles to blog ... no time la hahaha. So i'm blogging two current titles, Gokujou Seitokai and Full Metal Panic! - The Second Raid then Loveless, Mai HiMe and Devilman Lady on hold lor lol i'll blog them when i'm free and in a mood LOL. Anyways I'm already lagging on Gokujou Seitokai so many eps le ... so i'm probably blogging Gokujou Seitokai eps these few weeks till it's up to the latest. Yeah, so here's Gokujou Seitokai Ep6 screenshots!

NANI?!Puc-chan ...-.-||||
Iyaa ... LOL!Moi Face!So What If I Love Teddy Bears?

LoL, it's curry rice for lunch again ... for ten days ... cos of last Ep's curry rice battle, the Assault team made too much heh. Rino was like eating the curry rice so happily lol. Then Mayura was also having curry rice then the Covert side, Kuon and Seina were having Cake LOL, then Kaori was like ... i want also haha. Then Pucc-chan told Rein and Sayuri that eating curry rice is good for dieting LOL, then they eat faster lol. Then Rino asked if it's true and Pucc-chan said he's juz joking lol. LoL, then Rein and Sayuri's reactions so funny lol. Then Nanaho was like looking at Pucc-chan for a while then made this 'great' fuss of why she didn't realized this sooner lol, then said Rino was actually controlling Pucc-chan and speaking via ventriloquism LOL. [Now then they realize XP] Then the rest of the group also just realized it lol. Then Pucc-chan kinda insulted the Gokujou Seitokai and Nanaho got worked up and they took Pucc-chan away from Rino ...

Rino was like crying LOL! [See screenshot 2] Then they locked Pucc-chan away. Haha. Nanaho was then reporting to Kanade about it haha. Rino was somewhere begging Kuon to let her see Pucc-chan LOL. Cindy then walked into the 'jail' and saw Pucc-chan ... said 'Oh, cute.' then ... wore Pucc-chan on her hand ... Somewhere, Rino was telling Ayumu what happened and stuff and Ayumu said that she understands how the Gokujou Seitokai feels and said that Rino changed when she's speaking as Pucc-chan, Rino retorted that she's not speaking at all and it's Pucc-chan who is speaking lol. Ayumu was like huh, Pucc-chan is just a puppet isn't he? Then Rino was like no, he's my friend! Then Rino flashback to her mum's death and how Pucc-chan cheered her up and became her friend =) After crying and stuff, Rino then decided that she's going to convice Pucc-chan not to bad-mouth people again and went off. Rino asked Nanaho if she could see Pucc-chan and Nanaho told Rino that Pucc-chan escaped!

Then the rest of the group were like scared lol cos on the wall of tat room Pucc-chan was locked was written that Pucc-chan shall have his revenge! LoL. Rino was worried about Pucc-chan all the time ... Then later Kuon, Seina and Nanaho were in a room talking about Pucc-chan and who his targets were lol, [The whole of the Assault team] hahaha, Nanaho was like who gives a damn ... then suddenly a loud thunder striked and Nanaho actually shrieked LOL!!! SO CUTE HAHAHAHAHAHA, [see screenshot 4] LOL Kuon and Seina stared at Nanaho for a while then Nanaho was like what? Then they turned away and said nothing hahahaha. Suddenly a scream was heard, it was from Mayura and three of them plus Rino and Kanade rushed to the scene and saw Rein and Sayuri fainted on the floor with Pucc-chan's writing on the wall, 'Pucc-chan has arrived!' LOL! Nanaho was like no way ... and Kuon warned that Nanaho should be worrying lol, then thunder striked again LOL, Nanaho shrieked again! LOL.

Next was Kaori, and on the blackboard was written, 'I will curse Kinjou Nanaho next!' hahaha. Nanaho was like interesting and accepted Pucc-chan's challenge and waited in the meeting room lol. Pucc-chan was like charged but Nanaho caught him with her eh yo-yo string lol and the culprit was revealed! Cindy kept saying 'No. No. No.' it was not her and stuff LoL then Pucc-chan jumped to Mayura's hand ... haha and Mayura was like what the, the puppet's talking on itself! Rino then begged Pucc-chan to apologize if not they wouldn't be together again lol. And yeah, Pucc-chan apologized and stuff and Rino asked Nanaho to forgive him. Then everything went well ... Till Pucc-chan drew with a marker on Nanaho's face LOL. [See screenshot 5] Nanaho got so mad that she used her uh yo-yo string, tied Pucc-chan and threw him out of the window ... as Pucc-chan was thrown out, the thunder striked him and ... Pucc-chan landed on the ground burnt.

The group ran down, Rino picked Pucc-chan up and this very drama scene of Pucc-chan dying plays 'My role ends now ... ja ne.' ... LOL. Nanaho was like ... sorry and stuff ... Kanade went over to Rino then said that Pucc-chan feeling's okay right? Just by playing dead? LoL Then Pucc-chan woke up, laughed and mocked at Nanaho LOL, how could a puppet die muahahaha and ran away lol. Nanaho was like what the ... and chased after Pucc-chan lol. While Rino's sleeping, Pucc-chan and Kanade kinda had a heart-to-heart talk lol. Then Pucc-chan was like somewhere mocking Nanaho's reaction last night ... lol Nanaho was like ... grrr i'm so gonna skin ya alive then chased after him with Rino lol. Funny ep =)

Yeah, just now we went to Sembawang, Bottle Palm Tree Village i think, i forgot the name le lol, to have our dinner yeah it was nice. Yum yum! The moon's so bright and round tonight! So nice. Went to school at 12 noon to do Integrated Presentation in sch's atrium lol. It was ... ok la, we did the target audiences, do up some graphs and analyazed some stuff. Yeah at least we are going somewhere and i did up the slides too whee. I'm gonna rest tomorrow then do abit at night ba yeah. Cos ya know why? Mon-Fri is so gonna be a HECTIC WEEK lol, 4-6 [See if our slides and stuff correct or not lor] consultations appointments with tutors ... sigh and SM tutorial to do ... go for revision lectures ... sigh.

I've got this feeling i will not sleep more than 5-6hrs for next week lol. So i better rest well tomorrow to prepare for hell! ... Hahaha. Ok talk about animes/mangas! Whee lol i'm downloading Gokujou Seitokai Ep14 and Ep15 now LOL. I got like Ep 7-13 haven't watch yet ... manz, i need to watch Ep7 tonight! Lappy no space! LoL. I watched Magister Negi Magi last night and i couldn't stand it any longer cos the Kyoto eps suck! So cut short sia ... well one part did rock, lol the part where Konoka kissed Setsuna LOL THAT'S THE ONLY BEST PART lol. Hahaha, so i deleted it and i decided not to blog it anymore. Man, if u wanna know about the story, READ THE MANGA! IT'S A THOUSAND TIMES BETTER! LoL.

Oh, i bought 3 mangas today, Girls Bravo #1 [New title! Whee!], Mirmo Zibang! #5 and Fushigi Yuugi - Genbu Kaiden #3! I forgot to buy Tsubasa Chronicle #9 lol, i couldn't remember what i didn't buy when i was at CC, cos i remembered i need to buy 4 mangas ... but after a while of thinking, i gave up lol. I'll juz buy TRC #9 with the next batch next week ba lol. Got 6 mangas coming out whee! 1 new title but end of 2 titles ... sigh.

Anyways, i need to go watch Gokujou Seitokai Ep7 tonight! Tomorrow then watch Gokujou Seitokai Ep8 and Ep9 ba! Don't expect long summaries in the future ba ... cos i might not have the time anymore ... sigh.

Oh long time no ... Anime Song of Da Day!!!

Anime Song of Da Day:
Full Metal Panic! - The Second Raid - Minamikaze by Shimokawa Mikuni

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PS: MSN Suck, keep disconnectin sia! Damn MSN!

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