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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

[Manga] Kannazuki no Miko

[Posted @ 11:06 PM]
LoL, i know i'm lazy so it's a manga review tonight again! Whee lol. But it's a great title le! Kannazuki no Miko! Yeah, a shoujo-ai title =), the art's nice. Oh it's kinda ecchi but, overall, it's kinda probably a PG-13 ba.

Kannazuki no Miko.

Ok Kannazuki no Miko's got anime and manga to boot. In my opinion, anime has its good points and bad points while manga got its good points and bad points too. So to me there's no 'Anime's better!' nor 'Manga's better!' The story for the anime and manga is a little different but no major differences la [Like Himeko ending up with Souma in manga?!] Hahaha. Otenba had translated 3 chapters of KnM but i have already read all 13 chapters of KnM lol. I rock right? LoL. Yeah, it was in mandarin so i just look at the pictures and try to digest the mandarin words in my little mind lol which i failed to do so.

Actually i think the most major differences would be the rape scene and the ending ceremony. LoL, major spoilers ahead for the manga, in the rape scene for the manga, Himeko was actually ... uh raped and deflowered with a flute by Chikane whereas in the anime, we don't know if Himeko is still a virgin or not [Most probably not], but at least we don't see the scene itself happening right lol. Yeah Chikane in the manga is more evil, however, more real and ... evily sexy lol [What the?!] Hahahaha. Yeah more kissing scenes with ... eh yeah more kissing scenes LOL.

Ok for the ending ceremony right, in the anime, Chikane and Himeko did this 'sword-dancing' thingy where Chikane was confessing her love through trying to attack Himeko. [THAT WAS SUCH A GREAT SCENE HOW COULD KAISHAKU LEAVE THAT OUT?!!!!] So touching and heart-warming sia. But no, they changed to SOME CHESSY scene lol, about Chikane trying to leap off some cliff, Himeko holding her hand saying that she want Chikane-chan to be with her and stuff ... then Himeko's hand slipped, Chikane fell on her robot's hand then Himeko leaped into Chikane's arms and they kissed. [Wat da] Then it's back to the Chikane being taken away by the wind and locked up in some temple in the freaking moon lol as seen in the anime. The manga's more short and edited la. I like the anime's parting better, i cried ya know lol.

And the manga has no 'Chikane-comes-back-from-dead-when-Himeko-cried-wait' scene!! LOL LOL LOL that scene was sooo damn chessy lol ... and no Himeko very touching confession ... and no 'Shut-up-and-kiss-me' scene shessh. But in the manga got this nice two page [I supposed] that Himeko chose Chikane over the world? Not sure abt that but got nice kissing scenes and ... groping muahaha.

The manga's ending is kinda weird too, i don't bother to read since it's in mandarin, like i could understand also lol. Manz, my mandarin is getting from bad to worse to hopeless lol just like my maths! Overall, i find anime's ending more ... like something to look forward too. I think the manga had a happy ending, the two mikos lived happily in their own world and stuff. The anime didn't say anything about happily ever after but just an implication of a new beginning. Hahaha, makes the mind go wild of all the possiblities of what will happen next huh. OVA PLEASE! LoL.

Ook, enough of KnM, ok, eh i was kinda busy doing my EM project report during the weekend, i was in such a ... bad and depressing mood i have no mood to type so i slacked around. I tried to do IBS script on monday but ... couldn't. So i typed the IBS script till 3am this morning lol, so tired manz. I'll go sleep after i watch Naruto Ep146 later. Ah, my mood became better after i watched GSD Ep42 lol then suddenly i could type out my 360+ words WISP reflection and my 3 pages IBS script! Speaking of 'Anime-power!' LoL.

Oh, speaking of IBS, YAY, NO MORE IBS LE! YAY! I got B- sia. LoL, not bad le, she still say i sound confident?! LOL she must be blind. I was sooo nervous sia. I bought 10 mangas for her to see sia, she seemed busy and a little overwealmed then a little pressed for time also so i didn't even show her the freebies lol, i had no time and skipped quite alot. Ah. So sad, it's over anyways, B- is good for me. Yeah, better go watch Naruto Ep146! Lappy no space whee cya.

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PS: Stop pestering me to hurry up socky lol.


  1. Lol thats true i was wondering if that happened in the end. if the manga has Himeko ending up if Souma i might not read or I'll read just that I'll be pissed. XD keep translating!

  2. himeko and chikane reincarnate as sisters, but love each other the same.

    thats the ending of the manga.

    Anime is far better, and yes, himeko and chikane are meant to be together after the credits