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Monday, August 22, 2005

Gokujou Seitokai Ep8

[Posted @ 8:12 PM]
It's raining Gokujou Seitokai for 3 straight days! LoL and on for 6 days ... cos only 6 more eps! Then it'll be Full Metal Panic! - The Second Raid time! I downloaded Ep3 and Ep4 le ... Ep5 and Ep6 were out but not by the sub group i wanna download from LoL. But however RAW's up to Ep6 le ... hmmm Well, here's Gokujou Seitokai Ep8 screenshots anyways.

You Bunch Of Bakas!Rino's So Smart!Benkyou Benkyou!
I Failed Maths.Don't Be Sad! Kanade-sama Gives You Big Hug!Big Hug From Rein.

LoL, this started with some dreamy scene with Rino running into the arms of Kanade and doing alot alot of fun stuffs together ... yeah we're looking at the diary of Rino. LoL. Then Pucc-chan reminded Rino of her .. mid-semester's exams LOL. Then at the meeting, Kuon was talking about if any of the Gokujou Seitokai members failed ... Nanaho added in that she will be kicked out of the Seitokai. Haha. Then Kaori was like ... the person beside me [Rino] is having major problems hahaha. Then Rino was like shaking and saying how stupid she is. XP. Hahaha Rein and Cindy then also said that they have problems with exams too and the three of them make the Baka Girls Trio! LoL.

Hahaha, the next day, the three of them were wearing this ... LOL sterotypical male student uniform of crammers hahaha. LoL then after a while, Rein was like giving up le haha then Seina got her on by betting that if she don't fail her exams, she'll get a week of unlimited snacks lol then Rein was like so hypered up hahaha. Then back to Rino lol, actually Pucc-chan's the one doing all the test questions for Rino hahaha so Kaori went over and smacked Pucc-chan off Rino's hand haha. As expected, Rino scored badly for ... lol all her papers [5,4,3,2,1] hahaha. So Nanaho assigned Sayuri to Rein, Mayura to Cindy and the rest will help Rino. LoL, then Pucc-chan was having fun chatting on Kaori's hand LOL.

So the following's about the rest of Seitokai helping Rino in her studying. Haha, then after a day, Rein and Cindy are making good progress but Rino ... [2,3,4,5,6] haha. LOL then Rino worked hard again and got ... [3,4,5,6,7] hahaha. Kanade was kinda worried about Rino and told her not to push herself too hard. Then Rino's so depressed and stuff, and kept blaming herself for not remembering and stuff ... sad. [Kinda like me LoL] The rest of the Seitokai was ... worrying and stuff. Rino later couldn't take it any longer and was crying and stuff. Kaori then asked Pucc-chan for the reason why Rino's like that lor then Pucc-chan was saying that probably Rino's too stressed up on the thought that she'll be forced to leave the school and be alone.

Hahaha, Pucc-chan is having fun on Kaori's hand hahaha, Kaori then thought of this idea of cheering Rino up. Rino went back to the dorm and found noone there ... got scared but the rest prepared a 'party' for her to cheer her up =). Happy ending, Rino and the rest passed yep, 51 marks ... quite good le lol compared to [3,4,5,6,7] hahaha. Nice ep, Kaori's pretty nice afterall, she knows how Rino feeling after her mum died and stuff yeah cos Kaori's parents died too yeah.

Oh, i was busy posting replies at Chuang Yi forum yeah ... hahaha sigh ok let's see, what did i do today ... yes, i went to school as usual at 9am ... and yes i was 15mins early! Then went for EM Revision lecture ... waste my time, go there for 30mins only hahaha and copy stuff yeah. Then after that my grp and i went to do our IP at the student desk help at blk72, level 5 haha. Actually XT's lappy got problem then we don't wanna waste time mah, so we did our IP there also ... then around 2hrs in that nice room, we were damn hungry lol. So we went to canteen 1 and had our lunch. Then we went to the underpass to find places but no places so we went to atrium. Yeah ... so we did our IP there for another 2-3hrs? till 4pm and went for our SM consultation at blk72, level 7.

Oh yes, i forgot to mention something LOL, my lappy kinda overheated? I dunno la i think it's not my freaking lappy's fault cos ... it's still working now THANK GOD!!!!!! And i'm still blogging lol. I was listening to Mika Nakashima's Glamorous Sky and surfing the net when suddenly the power went off [I didn't have my battery with me] yeah so i thought it's some power shortage or what then i see C's lappy still on le, then i felt weird ... not long after i smelt something! i smelt something burning like ... those chemical burning! I was like What the Fuck?! Is it my lappy overheating?! Damn, i was so god damn worried!

I quickly pulled my plug away from the lappy, turned my lappy upside down and quick fan it with my IP notes LOL. Whoa, my grp mates were also helping me fan, the smell was so strong even my friends could smell it. Manz, my heart literally dropped to the depths of Hell Level 18 sia lol. I was so god damn worried about my animes clips, my Gokujou Seitokai, my Kannazuki no Miko, my Full Metal Panic! - The Second Raid, my Loveless, my cute cute pictures, my manga scanlations that i had pain-shakingly collected till 5.31GB, my wallpapers, my Kannazuki no Miko HARD SOUGHTED doujinshis, my shoujo-ai/yuri/shounen-ai/yaoi scanlations, my fave links, my anime/jap/eng/chinese mp3s!!!, animes OSTs/Drama tracks/Character singles, my saved homework from year 1-3 ... and MOST MOST MOST IMPORTANTLY MY Stefanie Sun Yan Zi PRICELESS clips!!! GARK! Haha. I'll choked to death by my tears manz ... luckily it's ok ... *Sob ...* I promise i'll be good, i won't steal, curse nor kick anyone anymore lol.

LoL, i got so many things in my lappy manz ... i'll still forever love my lappy, my lappy rocks! =) ook, after that scare with my lappy which i hope will be the first and the LAST haha. We went for our SM consultation ... KCM, our tutor seems like in a good mood so yeah we prepared quite a bit and we just had to do somemore thinking which is i think can de la, i realized that there're so many things we have to consider sia ... everything we give must have proof and figures to back up. Most importantly, 'Do secondary research so that you can make logical assumptions.' How true. Ha.

Anyways yeah, then we were so damn tired, went home le ... except C, he still got IBS ha. Muahahaha. I finished whee! Ha. Anyways yeah, off to study ... no read through notes for tomorrow's SM Quiz! Whee. I think i'll juz study tomorrow morning ba, i'll type out notes for SM and EM ba ... and probably think of new ideas for Marcom, we got consultation tomorrow also ... and MRSH too sigh. Toldja it's a busy week ha.

Cya Cya.

[Signing off @ 9:03 PM]

PS: Off ta do noteys!

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