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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

More GA! Gakuen Alice Ep8~

[Posted @ 9:05 PM]
Hm, i feel like reading more fanfics tonight, so cut the talk on the ... walk? LoL uh Doesn't make sense, anyways here's Gakuen Alice Ep8's screenshots!

Hotaru Left Me For A Hammie Part 2 LoL.LoL Freaky Dance.You Baka Baka Baka!
Ruka in Skirt!Chomp.It's Not Lolicon Kids.

It started with Mikan giving Narumi-sensei her letter to give to her grandpa then for a week already, no replies. So Mikan turned to this girl in class, Otonashi-san who has Divination alice powers and lol they did this lol damn damn funny weird dance hahahaha. [See screenshot 2] Really funny. Hahhaa. Then from Otonashi-san, Mikan found out that her grandpa never received any letters at all. Mikan wanted to go ask Narumi-sensei about it but was stopped by Hotaru. Hotaru then placed this weird hat on Otonashi-san's head which can project images from the mind. Yeah, so Mikan saw her grandpa and stuff.

Then Mikan was wondering why her letters never reached her grandpa. Natsume then was saying that how could the teachers allow students contacting with the outside people and trusting the teachers in the gakuen is a big mistake. Then Hotaru decided to test if it's true by asking Mikan to ask Narumi-sensei to send a letter to her grandpa. And it's true, Narumi-sensei never sent any of Mikan's letters. Mikan was crushed, lost her trust in Narumi-sensei. Then with Ruka, Hotoru and Inchou's help, Mikan went to see her grandpa. LoL, Ruka even wore a skirt to kinda substitute Mikan in her absense.

While escaping, Mikan was caught by some alice-slave-drivers lol and was saved by Narumi-sensei and he got hurt. Then Narumi-sensei was like apologizing and stuff then they slept together. Haha, Mikan was asking if she could call Narumi-sensei grandpa, Narumi was like -.- then he said how about dad, hahaha it's was funny. Nice, heart warming ep =)

Ok, on with this;
A Week Timetable:
1. Watch and write up Gokujou Seitokai Ep5 summary tonight. -> Transferred below.
2. Think Macom creative brief, background and stuff, at least write something down on a damn paper dammit! [Sat] -> Transferred below.
3. Do up WISP slides lol, i've been pushing this for a week le. [Sat] -> Transferred below.
4. Research ISM about infotech stuff. [Sat] [Fri]
5. Think some questions for IBS data gathering call stuff. [Sun] -> Transferred below.
6. FIND A GODDAMN SALES MANAGER! [Sun] -> Transferred below.
7. Field Work. [As soon as i get my paws on the questionnaires]
8. Study for Marketing Research test. [Mon] LoL, i know it's last min, i do tat all the time and get B, well i'm happy. Haha.
9. Watch Naruto Ep143 and GSD Ep38 [As soon as it's done]
10. Marketing Research test, 1.30pm - 3.00pm, LT24.
11. Yes the most important! Buy Magister Negi Magi #6, Mythical Detective Loki - 1st season #3 and Fushigi Yuugi - Genbu Kaiden #2 LoL.
Oh manz, 19th's release is Chrno Crusade #2, Guyver #7 and Fruits Basket #11~ Maybe i should buy all of them together heh, then it's [Thurs] then. Heh.
12. Watch Gokujou Seitokai Ep5 and summary [Tomorrow].
13. Do up the storybroad and at least type some words and headings for creative brief + background .
14. WISP Slides - pushed back for two weeks whee! LoL [Thurs].
15. IBS Data gathering call, can go and die till [Sun].
16. Find a freaking sales manager ... no, cook up a imaginary sales manager muahaha [Sat]
17. Watch Gundam Seed Destiny Ep39 and Ichigo 100% Ep12 [END] tonight.

That's all i guess, go read fanfics whee. lol.

Oh yeah, it's a rainy day this morning, i think the weather hates me or wat, i preparing to walk out of home @ 12noon today when it suddenly rain so much harder, my jeans was soaked to my knees by the time i reached the bus stop and tat's not all kids! My bag was ... soaked too! Even my notes! I dropped it in a pool of water .. sigh poor marketing research notes lol. My shoes became squeaky as i walked lol, my whole shoes was soaked and my jeans when i reached NP ... sigh. So i was doing the test without my shoes lol, only my wet socks ... shessh. I feel so terribly cold.

My feet are my weakest point lol, even my feet are cold, my whole body will be cold ... that includes my hands too, if my hands are cold, i'll shiver .. haha. Oh tat's not all, as i walked home at around 5pm, so bird pooed on my jeans lol, at my knee there, damn. Luckily i was walking home le, not to school. Damn tat birdy. Haha.

ok Cya, must read fanfics!!~

[Signing off @ 9:20 PM]

PS: ~ Tsubasa ni kawaru~ Lalalala~

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