Pani Poni Dash! Ep7

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VERY VERY TIRED tonight ... feeling so cranky and fucked up. Didn't feel like blogging at first but after sleeping for around 2hrs and 30mins juz now, i feel a little better but i'm still feeling quite weird. Oh, here's Pani Poni Dash Ep7 screenshots lol, they're the only set of screenshots in my folder, the rest i haven't done anything yet.

Rei~Choking On Cookies.=) LOL That Smile Looks So Lusty.
Perfecto.Our Punch Rabbit, Mesousa's Dead!LoL O_O

Hmm, let's see ... Becky lost the Janken Pon [Scissors, Paper, Stone], so her class have to clean up the school's pool lol. Then Ichijou-san's little sister arrived in their school searching for Ichijou-san. LoL, like sister like sister sia LOL, they're both weirdos and damn funny lol. Then alot of weird stuff happened, Ichijou-san's sister suddenly got kidnapped by the aliens then when they returned her, she became GODZILLA LoL, and she went around stomping stuff. LOL Then Mesousa was sent as the ... sacrifice to stop her hahaha [Ichijou-san was like good luck Mesousa LoL!] I know it's damn funny but i don't really remember haha, it's been so long. Ook, that's all i could remember.

Ahhh, i'll blog Gokujou Seitokai Ep17 tomorrow ba, i'm tired, tomorrow no school and wed no school and thurs no school and fri no school! YAY HOW COOL IS THAT!! Go for one day nia LOL. But ah gotta prepare for roadshow next week ... 8th and 9th November ... sianz. So fast sia, my heart not prepared yet lol. [Finding excuses]

Oh, i wanna tok abt yesterday, the class gathering at HQ's house lol, it was fun. Went there then they saw Karaoke, after a while we played Monopoly then some played Mahjong. Then halfway through playing Monopoly, it was 4pm!!!! So i switched on TV and watched D.N Angel and Saiyuki Reload while playing Monopoly. LoL, my friends are pretty honest, they pay when they come my property. LOL if i'm playing with my bros, we shut up de LOL, then let the person see for himself/herself de. If she/he didn't notice then TOO BAD! LOL. It's more fun that way muahahaha. But kind old me, didn't wanna mention to them lol.

After that, it was frying fried stuff like sotong balls, nuggets and making the sandwiches time. LoL, then we kinda bought and made too much, i eat i think 3-4 sandwiches and i feel so bloated le. After that we had a unoffical class meeting for a while abt our upcoming roadshow. After that, we chatted and slacked for a while. A while later we played games, first is what spin the bottle [We used pen LoL], truth or dare and stuff yeah, it wasn't successful cos we're too polite with each other lol. If my crazy friends were playing, we might strip sia! LOL. Ask personal questions like, do u pleasure yourself, how many times a day? LoL, when's ur first time and how many times u had sex for the past 6 months LOL. God. Or do a pole dance or strip tease, french kiss or what.

And i never play with them.

Oh going back, after that, we played this eh, like guess sentence by actions then we stand in a straight line, back towards each other except for the first one who will see the card with the sentence and act to the second then second will act to third, so on and so for. Those who guessed wrongly will get drawn by the lipstick lol. That was fun ha, now we know who can act and who can't lol. After that we played this game where we sit in a round circle then our hands have to do a beat then during that time, we have to say something. Like, the theme is 'Who is ur fave actor?' then first will beat then say name 'Tom Cruise' then pass on to second, who will say another, so on and so for. LoL, punishment is to eat sandwich ... which is horrible lol cos i feel so stuffed le.

After that, it's a wrap and we left =). It was fun. Yeah. Oh i wanna sleep early tonight, so freaking tired, i slept only 1hr and 15mins today, excluding the 2hr and 30mins nap when i came back from school. Yeah i was busy rushing the REAL programme website and consolidating every Business Units' website ... then need to change this and that cos i can't view the pictures. Sigh, then i created another new template for vPOST cos it's weird to have the same template for main REAL programme page then my vPOST page lol. So i changed lor, which is hard work even though i used TCZomic's template and i'm using inframes which is THANK GOD, more easier if i need to make changes to template lol.

I was doing it like last night 9.30 PM till 5.30 AM ... actually maybe 11.30 PM ba cos i was watching The Apprentice at 10 PM, then i went to bath then i sat down like a damn moron for 5+hrs ... doing up the stuff and the REAL programme main page. Yeah really really tired when i got up at 6.45 AM after a short sleep, then i check the links again, went to office to print peer assessment stuff, log book thingy and timetable.

I think i was half asleep during lectures lol ... i was kinda dozing off, my head hurts too. After lecture, went to canteen 2 for a short break then went to underpass for class meeting for NP roadshow next week. Then i bought a can of cold coffee which was a great help. I managed to input what was discussed in my little brain. LoL. Ook gtg cya.

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PS: ... no no no no, dun phunk with my heart~

Very very very busy tonight ... sorry

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I came home from HQ's house at around 9.30 PM then i quickly open up my MSN Messager and people start messaging me and stuff ... damn i'm rather dying. But rest first for 3 mins while i post this lol. In case u wonder if i died on my way to HQ's house or on my way back from HQ's house lol. Bleh i'm alive!

Sorry so no anime/manga post tonight. I got like 10 bulletpoints stuff on my paper to do LOL. Tomorrow start school le but go one day for the week lol cool huh. Anyways gtg rush rush, won't be able to sleep probably til 1-2 AM ba ... cya.

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PS: Helping team mates with their website aint easy hahaha but it's a challenge i like. I like spotting mistakes then correcting them. It's so cool.

Blood+ Ep1

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Actually i wanna post at 10pm de but my brothers were baking chocolate cake so i need to go help if not i have no share in it -.-||| how pathetic ... lol this is reality kids! Anyways here's Blood+ Ep1 screenshots~

=OKai And Saya.Saya And Riku.
=O I Love This Batty Beast's Puny Eyes.Matrix?Deep/French Kiss!

I think reviews for future Blood+ will be brief short ones [maybe] cos i wanna probably concentrate on other titles XP. Aiya it really depends ba, if i'm in a mood, i'll go in detail and it'll be long. Anyways god the teaser at the front started out really bloody, killing and monsters wooo! I like. Ok, the setting's in this place, i think Vietnam if i'm not wrong, cos the people looked like Vietnamese ... really. Yeah there's the military, monsters and the common folks were killed brutally by this particular red eyed, long-haired girl who wielded a sword/blade/katana? Soooo freaking chilling lol. Ohhh, i love the OP~, 'Aozora no Namida' i'm beginning to like Takahashi Hitomi's voice~

After the bloody killing scene, scene changes to a high school where the main character, Otonashi Saya's doing high jumps. She almost cleared the pole but i guess her butt got in the way LOL. Anyways her friend, Kinjou Kaori who was watching her jump, stated how close Saya had been to clearing the pole. As Saya laid on the mattress, probably tired, she called for Kaori to come closer, as Kaori came closer and laid on top of Saya's stomach, lol Saya's stomach made a grumbling noise. 'It's snack time.' Manz, i really have to say something abt this scene. I really sense no 'shoujo-ai' vibes at all lol. [In case some don't know, shoujo-ai means girls love]

Ok, before you shoujo-ai fans send draggers shooting towards me lol, allow me to explain. Firstly, when Saya called out for Kaori, i suspect Saya's too tired to even say out she's hungry, so to show a hungry person, it's better to put it in action right? Besides, it's funnier, rather than just Saya whining that she's hungry. So people probably misunderstood there, this also kinda show the relationship between Saya and Kaori, that desires need not be put into words but in actions. Bleh, probably I AM the one reading to much into this lol. Anyways, scene change to Saya and Kaori sitting under a tree and Saya's eating her bento.

Staring at Saya's gobbling face, Kaori giggled and said that it's just like Saya who couldn't give it her all with the jump on an empty stomach. Saya replied that she could had clear the jump if not for her empty stomach. Then the subject changed to Kaori commenting that Saya eats so much but still stay slim unlike Kaori who has to worry about diets lol. Saya just shrugged it off. Kaori, probably teasing Saya, pushed Saya over saying she's jealous. As they laid on the green grass, a two fighter planes and a bomber flew past. Saya went 'What a big plane' and Kaori said that the big plane's a bomber and it's probably on its way to a war.

Kaori added that she had heard from it from her mother who worked on the base and she felt disgusted over the fact that her mum and her are able to eat and making a living because of the base. Saya just said she couldn't relate to that. Kaori kinda remembered that Saya couldn't remember anything from a year ago. Saya nodded and said that that bomber, it's like she had seen it before. Later, Miyagusuku Kai, Saya's adopted brother called out to Saya that it's time to go to the hospital. Kaori was like saying how nice is for Kai-senpai to pick her up and how hot Kai is lol. Saya kinda shrugged it off and said really, Kai seems to gets into lots of fights and she hates fighting.

Kaori continued saying that Kai used to play baseball and was even the ace pitcher. Saya had no idea about it. Saya then left with Kai on his bike, on the ride, Saya asked him about him playing baseball. Kai confirmed it and said he quited before Saya came. Saya went on to say it's been one year and she doesn't seem to recall her past. Kai told her the past is irrevelant, what is most important is that they're family now, even if they're not blood-related. Saya felt assured by his words. To make Saya feel better, Kai suggested to drive past the bench Saya like. Scene change to some office, probably the military, talking about some capturing of mouse thingy.

In the hospital, Saya's receiving her treatments and she still couldn't recall her past. At the background, the radio's talking about some serial killer in Nago City, Okinawa. Scene change to Saya walking through this street then hearing someone playing the bass violin and stopped to listen. While listening, she was reminded of visions from her past. A castle like place, a girl in a kinda European dress, holding a key and unlocking a door. Engrossed in her visions, Saya embarrassed herself when she got too carried away when she tried to stop the herself in her vision from unlocking the lock. The guy playing the bass violin stared at the running Saya. By the way, his name's Hagi LoL.

Saya returned home to only realized that she had forgotten her shoes for the competition and ran back to school to get them. As she ran out of their shop, she bumped into this David guy and the David guy seemed to be rather hostile to Saya and wanted to talk to Saya's dad. Saya's dad urged Saya to run along and she went. As Saya ran off, Hagi's standing outside looking. In the shop, David asked Saya's dad if there's any changes as it has been a year. Saya's dad replied that even so he will not give Saya to him. David retorted that is Saya a replacement for Saya's dad's dead daughter. Saya's dad kept quiet. David then placed the money for the month on the counter and left.

In front of the school, Saya found out that the school gates have been locked and lol jumped over it in the end. As Saya ran in, Hagi appeared in front of her, said he has found her and brought out a dragger. Saya ran away screaming and bumped into a teacher. Saya told the teacher about Hagi and he went to investigate. LOL GOD! When the teacher walked towards Saya, like as he was trying to scare her cos he was facing the touchlight to his face and i was expecting him to go boo! or something but no suddenly a ... monster claw covered his head and pulling him up the roof. Then sounds of cracking were heard, you know the usual stuff. Saya was like what the and glanced upwards ...

But was greeted by the teacher's intact [CHEY!] dead body falling back down. Wait, before we talk abt the monster, i'm curious why the teacher's body seems ... intact? Just a few bite holes were on his neck and upper chest. WHY?! I heard so many crunching and cracking noise but what?! The head didn't get bitten off or the hand didn't get chewed off?! I'm rather disappointed here. It kinda make no sense. LoL or am i the one reading it in too much? Ok back, Saya of course got so scared that she fell on her butt then the monster slowly descending down along with too much drops of blood in its mouth ... i mean where did the blood come from?! It didn't even bite off anything! Makes no sense again.

Can't be the monster's drool right? ... If so ... i have no comments. With the monster in front of her, Saya got up and rannnnnn~ The monster roared. The military had readings from the monster's roar and sent people over. Back at the shop, Kaori came to tell Saya's dad that Saya left her shoes behind and she had collected it for her. Saya's dad called Kai to probably go to the school and fetch Saya. Scene change to the school, Saya ran inside the teachers' office calling for help but found noone. She then ran and locked the door, assuming that she was saved but NOT! LoL, the monster crashed the glass door and was prying open the cracked door. Saya got hurted due to the monster-crash-door impact.

She got up and ran further in but was met with Hagi standing at the hallway. Hagi issued a dragger towards Saya ... went past her [COOL! Slow motion rock!] and into the monster's stomach behind her. Hagi sent another cross like thing into the monster's eye. Wiggling in pain, the monster sent Saya slamming to the windows beside her and Saya fainted. Outside the school, Kai had arrived and saw the dead body of the teacher. At the hallway, Hagi was kicking the monster's butt. Kai heard the sounds of broken glasses and ran to investigate. At the same time, Hagi carried saya and ran further in and into the chem lab. In the chem lab, Saya asked Hagi what is that thing. Hagi replied that it's a Chiropteran, better known as a bat.

Oh so it's a bat beast, that explains the intacted body and blood flowing from its mouth ... hmmm ok, but it still doesn't explain the cracking sounds! LoL. Ah, whatever. Back at the chem lab, Hagi opened up his violin casing thingy to bring out a blade and unwrapped the bandage on his right hand to reveal a monster like hand. Then he used the blade to cut his monster like hand. Saya saw the scene and was like excuse me what are you doing!? Hagi didn't say anything but bring the bloody hand towards's Saya's face, asking her to drink the blood. Saya refused and pushed Hagi out of the way. The bat beast crashed into the chem lab's door, with its hurt right eye rejuvenating in front of them. [COOOOOLLL!!!!]

Hagi calmly sucked the blood from his hand, the bat beast attacked Saya, Hagi grabbed Saya outta the way in the nick of time. Kai, following the blood traces, found the chem lab. Scene change to a HOT SCENE!!! LoL, i mean to Saya getting pushed down and kissed by Hagi! It wasn't really a kiss ba, Hagi's just feeding the blood to Saya. Kai arrived at the chem lab only to see them kissing but was shocked when the bat beast roared and Kai went what the hell?! After kissing Saya, Hagi told her to fight. Saya after being 'kissed' or rather feed by Hagi, remembered the scene from the teaser at the front and the vision she had when she heard Hagi playing the violin ... and her wounds were healed too! Something has awaken in Saya. -End- WHOA lol, nice ok, the monster's great!! WHOA I LIKE! [Going crazy] Ok, hey the ending's not bad ... i like.

Art: 7/10
Story: 7/10 [Oooh, lots of possiblities in Ep1, MORE BLOOD! MORE GORE! MORE MONSTERS! PLEASE! LOL]
Characters: 7/10 [Hmm i like the characters so far]
Overall: 7/10

Think i'll post up the chocolate cake pictures tomorrow, it's still not done yet ... 10mins more ba then we need to cut it into halves then spread the cream we made. Yeah making a chocolate layered cake. Hahaha, i'm probably bringing some for class gathering at HQ's house tomorrow. We only made one le ... dunno if enough or not ... see ba later.

Oh later 11.30 PM Channel U got YanZi @ the Kang Qi thingy programme lol, looks funny hehehe from the previews. Ohhhh i also saw SingPost advertisement on TV quite a number of times lol. That guy on TV looks familiar ... is he the one who attended our Intergrated Presentation in NP? I ... am not sure, i'm bad with both faces and names LOL. Wah people can be bad in names and some bad with faces, i'm bad with both lol.

Anyways, not blogging animes on Sundays ... cos i wanna reserve it for Manga posts yep. Or other posts. Depends on my mood. Ohhh yes, YanZi's autograph session is on next saturday, 5/11/2005 at IMM wheeee, i can't wait to see YanZi again!!! SO HAPPY!!! Hehehe.

Speaking of the forbidden love fic i was talking abt last night ... i thought of 3 kinds of forbidden love. Not really forbidden love ba ... but taboos. Ok, i wanna combine incest, homosexuality and lolicon together in one fic LOL. Whoa, sounds pretty cool huh lol. I've been reading many kinds of fanfics and i'm itching to do my own ... but not confident enough haha. But the flaw is too many commitments in one story might turn people off and the story might go weird or too tight. I dunno, but i hope to do at least chapter 1 ... heh and post it over here. Well cya, i'm going to check on the cake ... my bro's hollering at me XP.

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PS: LOL The cake's a failure!!! LOL Cracks everywhere lol i wonder if i can even bring to my friends and eat sia .. lol scary XP. It's ugly but can eat de.

Mai Otome Ep1

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Finally! I've finally finished Mai Otome Ep1 review!! LOL, took me around 1+hr to finish the other half ... shessh. Whoa 3000+ words lol. I'm good! LoL. Anyways here's the awaited Mai Otome Ep1 screenshots with a special 9 shots tonight!

Oook It's Not What You Think LoL.Natsuki's Cleavage ...Bratty Mashiro-Hime.
Ah, Both Of You Are Too Hard On Me Just Now.Kissu.Launch! Hime Sentai!
Shizuru-samaaaaa!Shizuru Onee-Sama~~~~~~Shizuru-sama Kakkoii!~~~

Finally! First thing first, [Drools at Shizuru-sama's parts~], NO! Uh ok, i know there's many great Mai Otome reviews by veteran anime bloggers, mine might look stupid and my english ain't that good cos i juz type whatever comes into my mind and my mind consist of simple english words LOL. So don't really expect much from this, i'm juz doing it for fun and for my own viewing pleasure =). Ook, so if you don't mind my mediocre review, read on then!

Ok Ep1 started with a city [Probably Wind Bloom] under attack by monsters later known as Slaves and the princess's missing. Then we see a lady wounded cradling a kinda oval-shaped container running away from a Slave, then taking refuge in a canal. After the Slave left, the lady placed down the oval-like container containing a baby [Most probably the princess?], told her to live on and let the container flow down the canal. After that, the lady got up and was surrounded by baddies. Seems like the lady's the Blue Jewel of Heaven Otome and she lost her Otome powers. As one of the baddie attacked her, scene changed to the container, the pendant with a big blue gemstone smack in the middle the baby was wearing glowed brightly for a moment and faded. The container continued flowing down the river ...

Scene changes to 14 years later, Yumemiya Arika stumbling in a desert then couldn't take the heat anymore and fainted among the sands. In the desert, some sort of ship was sailing through it ... then we see Tate uh i mean, a Tate-lookalike, who's name is Sergay Wang sitting on a bench probably returning from a search. suddenly there's a commotion that Coolaks were sighted. As Sergay got up to check it out, a kid ran out from nowhere and told him there's something at the back, Sergay juz said it's trash lol and kiddo said no, it's a big trash! LoL. While looking at the Coolaks, Sergay was flirting with one of the lady there. [How Tate like.] As the ship zoomed back, in the mist of the sand, lol Arika got up upset that her plan for the ship to notice her and rescue her failed LOL.

The big trash the kid was refering to was probably her lol. When Arika found out that her water bottle was empty, lol she went 'Ahhh, Hold on a second! Seriously, save me!!~' and ran after the ship lol. -Inserts OP 'Dream * Wing' In- Oook, the OP's not really that powerful but it does have its effects anyways but not as strong. Gives me like 'Hope' feeling whereas Mai Hime's 'Shining Days' gives me this 'rush' feeling lol XP. Oooh lol, i like some parts though especially at the start of the OP when the characters are lined up in two lines then the cam went back to front, then to the left, cam back to front, great feeling. Tons of spoilers in the OP manz LOL, i shouldn't type much anymore ahhh~ LoL.

Ok after OP ended, scene changed to Arika who probably walked all the way to Wind Bloom kingdom lol, the ship didn't even stop for her XP. Scene change to a cafe in WindBloom Kingdom, Nina Wang's staring at a picture of her father, Sergay and herself in a pocket watch. [Later we'll know more about her father-complex lol] A waiter served ice-cream soda on her table, Nina's surprised cos she didn't ordered it. The waiter said it's a treat by a customer, scene changed to the people in the Cafe toasting to Nina, the future Otome. Then everyone around stood up and toasted too. LoL, Nina blushed, stood up unsure of how to react but thanked everyone anyways. Behind Nina, Arika's feeling pretty thirsty ... saw the ice-cream soda on Nina's table and went *o* LOL.

LoL guess what happened, clumsy old Arika fell face forwards, overturned the table sending Nina falling backwards. Oh what about the ice-cream soda i hear, lol up it goes in the sky ... Arika dashed for it, caught the glass with the soda without the ice-cream, drank it, felt satisfied and passed out. [LoL really reminds me of Mokona from Tsubasa Chronicle!!!] Hey how about the ice-cream lol? Nina, still sitting on Arika's back, had her face directly under the dropping ice-cream lol. [Damn funny scene.] Sergay came rushing in, asking if Nina's alright. Nina's surprised to see her beloved otou-sama, and so was Sergay cos of Nina's sitting position with her legs wide open. LoL, Nina shrieked out loud. Scene change to Natsuki Kruger as the principal of Galderobe, an Otome school.

And Shizuru Viola [KYAAAAAAHHHH!] having tea as usual~ wooo. Natsuki seemed pissed over this Swartz organization who's bugging them recently. Natsuki also said it's been 14 years and they have yet to find 'her' [I suspect it's Arika] so had asked Shizuru back to help her. Shizuru doesn't seem to mind and said that it's the job as the Five Pillars to serve the academy. Ooh, Natsuki did her 'flip-hair' thingy~ then said she's counting on Shizuru. Shizuru simply said that listening to Natsuki's concerns part of her job too. [LOL! As expected of Shizuru-sama~~~] Scene change to Arika awaking on a bench and saw Nina apologizing to her father about the earlier incident. Sergay doesn't really seem to mind but Nina's making it a big issue about it. LoL, afterall her beloved Otou-sama saw her in such a embarrassing position lol.

Arika walked towards them, wanted to return the handkerchief and thank Ni-na-chan for the soda. Nina lol gave her a kinda sinister expression, snatched her handkerchief away and told Arika to call her Nina. Only her father can call her Ni-na LOL! Later one of Sergay's subordinates [Yukino lookalike!] came to fetch him. As Sergay was preparing to leave, lol he said that Arika reminded him of an ant. [Scene change to Arika with an ant head LOL!] Arika's not pleased at all lol and yelled her name out loud. Sergay kinda shrugged it off and introduced himself as Artair Kingdom's residing embassy officer and left. LoL, Nina also left with a persistent Arika trying to make up for the soda she drank. Nina was like get the hell away from me lol. [Manz, Arika's voice sure is loud if i was Nina, i would do that too]

Then blah blah, scenes of Wind Bloom kingdom are shown and Arika getting hyper excited over it lol. Nina's pretty embarrassed over it and sat faaarr away from Arika in the train. As the train passed the castle, Arika asked Nina how the princess in the castle is like. Nina doesn't know cos the princess had yet to ascend the throne. Scene changes inside the castle where the servants are searching and calling for the princess. Woot, the we see Aoi carrying a cat, Mikoto, she's one of the maids working in the castle and probably the princess's personal maid. Mr Afro guy probably the head security or something, yeah they're searching for the princess too. Scene change to Nina and Arika walking outside the train station and Nina was like, u go ur way, i go my way, bye. LOL.

Arika cut in by asking if Nina knows where's Galderobe. Nina looked surprised for a moment and thought that maybe Arika got the idea from her school uniform and asked what business Arika has with the academy. Arika replied that she's searching for her mother and she used to be an Otome so she hoped that by studying in Galderobe, an Otome school, she could ... [find her mother] Nina cut in with an impossible before Arika could finish her sentence. Arika a little bothered by Nina's words got excited quickly when she saw Shizuru on TV LOL! [As expected of Shizuru-sama!] Arika thought Shizuru's the princess and Nina corrected her by saying that she's an Otome, Meister Shizuru-sama. Arika commented that Shizuru's pretty. [Duh LoL] Then Arika goes around touching the holograph stuff and saying if they're holographs ...

That is until she pointed to a building where a girl was stand at the rooftop ready to jump lol. In comes bratty Mashiro~, yes she's the girl who's getting ready to jump, lol a complete different from her character in Mai Hime. In Mai Otome, Mashiro is the princess of Wind Bloom Kingdom and she had just ran away from the castle. Scene change to Mashiro turning around, making a face at her pursuers [=O] and jumped LoL. I think she's aiming for the next building but couldn't reach it ... and fell down of course. Nina saw the whole scene, jumped to the rescue and halting the traffic. Nina's shocked to see Arika running pass her even though Nina had ran first. Arika opened up the cloak she's holding and told Nina to hold the other end so that it makes a big blanket for Mashiro to fall on. But the pressure's too big for the both of them, Mashiro came down on the cloak, bounced up and into the nearby wooden box filled with paper boxes.

LoL, Mashiro got up, acting like a true born royalty and compliment Nina and Arika for saving her. Mashiro's pursuers caught up to them and demand for Mashiro to be returned. Mashiro accuses the pursuers to be kidnappers and command Nina and Arika to save her. LoL, Arika got so worked up that she grabbed Mashiro's hand and ran away. The pursuers were trying to explain and one of them reached to his coat for something. [Most probably some ID to tell them they're guards from the castle.] Nina mistook them as probably taking out his gun and attacked him. As Arika and Mashiro were running, a pursuer blocked the path in front of them, Arika pushed Mashiro to the side [LOL! Mashiro's expression when she was pushed was damn funny LOL] and jumped over the pursuer, pushing him back and Nina gave him a final blow.

As Arika's praising's Nina's Kungfu skills, Nina asked her where's the girl. LoL, Arika was like 'Are?' searched high and low for her and found Mashiro flat on her face in the nearby drain's water LOL. Arika went 'Arara.' LOL. At the same time, a baddie [looks like one, his face was covered by his hood] had a photo of Mashiro and confirmed Mashiro's identity although her face was in the water LOL and took out this ... strange crystal ... Scene changed to the castle where Mr Afro's screaming at the pursuers earlier that lost Mashiro and company LoL. Scene change to Arika, Mashiro and Nina hiding behind the bushes in an old airport. Mashiro's feeling soaked and wet due to the earlier accident and was demanding for a set of new clothes. Arika offered her cloak, bratty Mashiro refused and said it's dirty lol. Arika's pretty upset and called Mashiro an ungrateful person.

While Arika and Mashiro were aruging, Nina said she's leaving. Mashiro got worried and said that if Nina's abandoning her lol. Pissed that Nina wasn't going to protect her, she displayed her royal ring sending Nina kneeling before her. Mashiro then blah blah on how Otomes from Galderobe are juz decorative flowers to put beside royal sides and can't disobey them in any way. [Bratty!!!~ LoL] Arika's surprised to hear that Nina's a Otome. Scene changed to a baddie from earlier, he's probably from the Swartz organization sent to kill Mashiro. Using the crystal's sharp point to prick his finger ... blood flows out and on the crystal and it glowed. The baddie then chanted some magic words and summoned a 'Slave' with it. Scene change to the Slave Mr baddie had summoned emerging from the mountains behind where Arika, Nina and Mashiro were standing.

Hearing the loud boom voice, three of them turned and saw the Slave turning and target locking at Mashiro LoL and sent a blast over them. Arika grabbed Mashiro's hand and ran away from the fireball. Mashiro freaked out when the Slave appeared in front of them and demanded Nina to protect her since she's an Otome. Nina replied that Mashiro's not her master. Wanting to gain recognition of her father, Nina suggested that they have a temporary contract where Mashiro would be the interim master and give Nina certification to use the Robe. Leaving with no choice, Mashiro asked Nina for her name, mumbled Nina's name then the chant to activate Nina's Robe, which is kissing the ruby ear stud Nina's wearing. After that, Nina went 'Materialize!' and get ready for some ass kicking action!

At the side, Arika's pretty surprised at Nina's transformation lol while Mashiro seems pretty embarrassed cos she kissed Nina's stud or annoyed at Arika's dramatic expression lol which ever. Scene change to Youko's lab, [The school doctor/nurse in Mai Hime] and she notified Natsuki about Nina, Number One Coral's activation of the Robe and also the Slave. After hanging up the phone, Shizuru, as keen as ever commented that Swartz's here. Natsuki said they're at Wind and Nina's fighting in her robe which it's against the treaty ... Shizuru saved the day by merely stating that there's only one person capable of activating which Natsuki after a while said, the princess. Shizuru continued by saying if so, won't it make everything even? Then Natsuki said this gives them an excuse intervene and ended by telling Shizuru that they're going off to kick some Swartz ass.

LoL, Shizuru then requested to borrow a person. [Seems like Shizuru's fighting~ kyaaaahh~ In this particular scene where Shizuru seems to be the advisor of Natsuki giving her leads and pointers on how-to-break-the-rules-legally LOL As expected of Shizuru kai-chou in Mai Hime~] Scene change to Nina fighting the Slave and she's having troubles apparently. Nina's coral robe's probably not strong enough to take down a Slave, the Slave then launched out a blast that Nina couldn't handle and the pressure send Nina, Arika and Mashiro crashing to the building behind. Pissed, Arika grabbed the long metal pole Nina was using to fight the Slave and plunged it into the Slave's forehead lol and it got stucked there making it even madder. The Slave then blasted a fireball towards them, they ran in this abandoned aircraft.

The last one to run in the aircraft, Arika suffered the highest pressure from the blast and was sent rolling in the aircraft with her pendant hanging out. Both Nina and Mashiro stared at the pendant and suddenly it glowed and the power of the pendant activated the aircraft. The aircraft crashing into the Slave then it flew up with the Slave hanging on to it lol. Scene change to Wind Bloom police rushing to the scene ... Mr Afro was saying that a real battle after 50 years of peace. Natsuki, Shizuru and Akane [Woo Akane got handpicked by Shizuru to assist her! She's top in the Pearl class afterall] rushed in a cooool limo and Natsuki dilated Akane the task of saving Nina and the princess while Shizuru take down the Slave. [!!!!!!!] Akane seems pretty uptight and Shizuru [As expected of Shizuru-sama!!! Lol] soothed Akane by assuring her that it'll be alright.

LoL god then Akane was like, 'Hai, Shizuru Onee-sama.' LOL reminds me of Maria-sama ga Miteru ... hahaha. After that Natsuki sent them out, whoa the seats actually got like ... uh ejected out to the sides and both of them flew off like what you see Gundam Seed Eps LoL. Really. With the wings behind them and all, but very cool. At the aircraft, Arika was like 'man, it's not a dream right?' while Nina's staring at Arika's pendant and was saying that it's the power of the GEM but ... while Mashiro's marveling over how small people are from the sky lol. Suddenly Arika's pendant stopped glowing and the aircraft went crashing down. While falling, Mashiro got knocked out lol cos Nina and Arika are crashing against her. WHOA then Shizuru and Akane flew in while Shizuru took out her uh whip slash as seen from Mai Hime and sliced the aircraft into two.

That scene so damn cool and dammmmmmmmmmmn sexy!!! LOL, the way Shizuru moves + Kajiura-sensei's genius background music kyaaaahhh truely intoxicating!!! I almost fainted from pure pleasure~~~ LoL. Ok back lol, when Shizuru sliced open the aircraft, the girls fell out [Free falling!] along with the Slave. Some quick thinking from Nina to hold three of them together. Just then, Arika's pendant glowed again and this time, it gives Arika a near invisible of a Robe and stopped their drop. But as usual, the pendant stopped glowing and they went tumbling down again. Luckily Akane's there to catch them and Nina greeted her with a 'Akane Onee-sama' lol, aaaahhh Marimite flashbackssss! LoL. The Slave landed in the city and Shizuru's there to do some clean up, KYYAAAHHHH!!!! Shizuru's entrance is soooo fucking damn cool!!! i got a GIF of it!

Whee and it's my avatar in Chuang Yi Forum =D The background music and glasses breaking due to Shizuru's landing pressure is soooo freaking cool! God, this must be heaven!!! LoL. Mr Afro and the police of Wind Bloom are lucky witnesses to Shizuru's fight. There, Mr Afro introduced Shizuru properly as Purple Crystal of the Banquet, Meister Shizuru Viola. Shizuru walked into the scene by stating it's clean up time, the Slave roared and launched a fireball at Shizuru. Shizuru calmly used her whip slash weapon again, do the mambo jumbo [SO FREAKKIINNNGGG COOOOOLLL!!!!] and zoomed glided behind the Slave. With the sunset as the background, Shizuru coolly said to the Slave that there's something stuck on its forehead. The Slave turned back, raised its hand to pick it out but the effects of Shizuru's attacks kicked in and its head dropped LOL along with other parts dropped and goes kaboom!

With the Slave's blast as the background, Shizuru's outfit breezed with the effect displaying a kaaaakkkkoooiiii scene!!! Somewhere, the baddie from the Swartz organization went greeny poof lol. Seems like when the Slave got defeated, the user also fade away. [The concept is the same in Mai Hime, when the Hime loses, VIP dies] Scene change to Akane holding Nina, Mashiro and Arika's going 'Sugoi Sugoi' [Sugoi=Wow!] over Meister Shizuru's display. Sergay's watching from afar said that a slave appears, battled by an Otome after 50 years ... there's going to be a hell lot of problems coming later. As Akane and company flew past, Sergay saw them and was like 'Nina?'. Scene change to Mr Afro worried over the fact that how the princess will react when she knows that her castle's on fire from the Slave's blast lol. Scene change to Akane landing them in front of Galderobe while Arika goes 'Sugoi Sugoi' again

When Arika asked what is that, Natsuki came out to answer her question, 'That's the power of an Otome and the place that trains Otome is Galderobe which is here.' After that, Natsuki noticed the pendant on Arika and frowned when Nina called out to her father. Sergay arrived and asked if Nina's alright, Arika rushed forward with her pendant shown to Sergay. Sergay went 'O_O, The Blue Jewel of Heaven?!' Nina ain't pleased that her father noticed Arika's pendant. [I seem jealousy lol] Just then, Arika noticed Shizuru descending from the sky like a goddness with her ear stud sparking, [FREAKING COOL!!! ATASHI NO TENSHI!!!] ran forwards and went 'Kakkoii!!! I wanna be an Otome too!' Seems like Arika's really smitted with Shizuru's coolness! LoL, Welcome to the club Arika!!! LOL. I like the ending more than the opening, gives me a 'go-go-go' feeling lol probably due to too much Shizuru's coolness!!!!

Whoa great starting ep but the fighting scenes are not enough ... Shizuru's scenes were definitely cool but i got this feeling of no kick. However, Shizuru's coolness is there to perk me up LoL. But overall, nice ep to start =), and there u have it! A looonnng summary of Mai Otome Ep1, i'm off to rewatch and rewatch Shizuru scenes again LOL. XP.

Art: 7/10
Story: 7/10 [Not bad, alot of thinking to do =)]
Characters: 8/10 [Shizuru!!!!!!!!!!!!! LoL]
Overall: 7.5/10

Anyways, here's the rank of the Otome thingy;
Coral - Nina's ranked number 1 for beginners.
Pearl - Akane's ranked number 1 for advanced.
Meister - Graduates
Pillars - 5 Most Powerful Otomes, for example Shizuru and probably Natsuki too.

Ahhhh, i feel so happy lol, ohhh before i forget, i updated the YanZi album, 'A Perfect Day' review post, i added in a photo shot of the Preordered Taiwan version album and added a few of my comments abt the Taiwanese version =). Click here to go to that post. Scroll down below to the Freebies section.

Oook, i'm feeling pretty tired after such a long day lol, i got this feeling to type fanfics sia ... lol i wanna do a forbidden love kinda story!!! The more forbidden it is, the more i wantttt! LoL, i think i better go think a plot instead of juz starting ... like what i did with the Ziyan x Wang Chan fanfic i did when i was not thinking ... just going with the flow till i saw a dam slammed down on me lol. And i stopped. Oh speaking of TCZ, i got TCZ II #34 today yay and i was the first to post in TCZ forum abt it! Yay! To read spoilers, juz go there k? Celestial Zone Website

Argh ... oh i better go watch animes later lol, lappy left ... 3GB ahhhh, nooo. LoL i'll do up Gokujou Seitokai Ep17 summary tomorrow ba, i got this feeling LoL. Then i'll post up Blood+ Ep1's review tomorrow! Wait, i haven't typed it out yet ... noooo lol i'll do it tomorrow ... night all! Have fun.

[Signing off @ 10:39 PM]

PS: I seem to be in a dangerously good mood tonight lol.

[MTV] Two As One - Crystal Kay & CHEMISTRY

[Posted @ 10:54 PM]
GOD! LoL i was posting at around 10:17 PM and i was juz typing about the thunder and me going black out anytime ... shit i tried to save that post in my notepad but too late, the power went off and it didn't got saved. Shit manz. Anyways in that post i was juz trying to say that i couldn't post Mai Otome Ep1 cos i was only halfway through it ... so here's a MTV post, Two As One by Crystal Kay & CHEMISTRY~!

Crystal Kay & CHEMISTRY~=OThose Kids Were Cute =)

Two As One Crystal Kay X CHEMISTRY
Romaji & English translation by: Cori
From the single Two As One

uh baby kimi no soba ni iru to
fuwari karada ukabu you de
kawasu kotoba mo kumo no ue wo oyogu no
I know I'm dreaming now

woo baby, when I'm by your side,
my body feels like it's floating
Even the words we exchange swim above the clouds
I know I'm dreaming now

kimi no koto shiritakute
dakedo kimochi wa kikenakute
kono mama ja mou tomodachi ijou ni wa narenai kana?

I want to know about you,
but I can't ask ask about your feelings
Can't we become more than friends being if things stay the way they are?

itsuka my love
koibito ni my love to you
ashita koso wa kitto

Someday my love,
I'll give my love to you, my darling
Tomorrow for sure

*1 kimi ni kimi ni kono omoi wo tsutaeyou
ima kokoro no mama
kono negai ga kanau no nara itsu made mo
for you ai shitsudzukeyou

I will let you know about this love now
straight from my heart
If this wish comes true, forever
for you, I will continue to love

woo baby 4(shi)shuukan-go three days
kimi wa denwa sae kikazu ni
futarikiri da to hanashimo tsudzukanai
maybe you have a girlfriend

woo baby, 4 weeks & three days later
You don't even call me up
We don't even continue our conversation
maybe you have a girlfriend

yoake no tsuki no you ni
tenohira sukuu mizu no you ni
kiete yuku mae ni konna ni suki na koto todoketakute

Before you disappear like a moon at dawn,
like the water I scoop up with my hands,
I want my love to reach you

itsumo mitsumeteru my love to you
kon'ya koso wa kitto

I'm always watching my love to you
Tonight for sure

*2 KIRAKIRAmeku kono omoi wa kaze ni nori
ima ai ni yuku yo
kono negai ga kanau toki wa doko made mo
with you kakete yukeru kara

This sparkling love rides on the wind
& I go to meet you
When my wish is granted,
I can go running to the end of the world with you

kokoro yobiau shunkan ni
futatsu no ai wa hitotsu ni naru darou

The moment our hearts call out to each other,
2 loves probably become one

*1, *2 repeat

kakete yukeru kara

LoL, i ran to watch Godannar's OP juz now lol, i juz love the OP =), hey i like the character Shizuru ... lol her blue eyes look cool. OKOKOK! Cos her name's Shizuru's that's why i'm a little biased ... lol and she's a woman of unrequited love too ... sad. But she's cool =). Gotta go cya, anime time.

[Signing off @ 11:24 PM]

PS: ... i thought i heard Kuon's voice in Godannar ... one of the characters's voice by Kuon's seiyuu? ... i'll go check it out ... YES! She's Lou Roux in Godannar! LoL, i dunno who is it but yay my hearing's not bad huh! LOL.

Full Metal Panic! - The Second Raid Ep11

[Posted @ 10:15 PM]
Argh, i wanted to do up summary for Mai Otome Ep1 as well after i finished FMP - TSR Ep11's ... but got too tired lol, so i think i'll do it later after i watch Godannar and Diamond Dust Drops on Arts Central later. Here's Full Metal Panic! - The Second Raid Ep11 screenshots!

LoL Gates Never Fail To Amuse Me.Kawaii~=O
Double =OTessa-chan~Sousuke~

Ep opens with Gates LOL balancing an apple on a knife in his mouth and they're on their way to collect Yulan's body and Gates was saying there's many ways to do with her corpse heh heh heh. LoL. Scene change to Sousuke wandering around the streets and in this shop where this shopkeeper was counting money and planning to evacuating. Sousuke saw a box of alcohol the shopkeeper was lying outside the shop, bended down to get one and wanted to pay but the shopkeeper was like 'i don't care, take la take la, if you don't wanna die you better run, bye' Sousuke was like ... dying might seem not a bad idea afterall. The rest of the team [The two guys] were searching for him and encountered a decomposed body somewhere.

The dead body was wearing this t-shirt with this message 'To the child of Bdakshon's tiger, meet Hamidra at Tsim Sha Tsui.' [What the? lol] Scene changed to TDD HQ, Tessa's reporting to Admiral Borda on the search for Venom, saying that they are almost there, and asked him to wait a while longer. Admiral Borda said that the situation between the two sides [North and South China] are badd ... very bad and could only afford to stall them for probably only 3hrs more. Tessa got darn worried and did her 'Twisting her ponytail against her nose' thingy LOL. [See screenshot 2] Later Melissa reported about the dead body, the message and that the message had been released in varous places.

Lieutenant Commander Kalinin seem know abt it as he decoded the message. 'Bdakshon's tiger' refer to the legendary guerrilla leader of Helmajistan, Majid. Kalinin said he had fought with a few times. The Soviets used to sent assassins to assassinate him but all failed, and one of the assassins is a kid no older than 8 years old. Majid took pity on the kid and adopted him and named him Kashim. Tessa was reminded of the scene back in Full Metal Panic! 1st season where Sousuke pissed with Gaulun cos he kept calling him Kashim and ordered to connect to Sousuke. Melissa answered the call and ... finally confessed that Sousuke's not with them. Scene changed to some streets in Hong Kong ... Sousuke's wandering around there.

Later we see a Kaname lookalike prostitute flirting with some soldiers the street Sousuke's wandering on. [LOL the cantonese is damn weird, only the cursing 'bitch' and 'damn you' are clear to me] LOL! Kaname lookalike prostitute was rejected by the soldiers then she turned to Sousuke staring the scene at the side. LoL, it's weird to see ... 'Kaname' hitting on Sousuke lol in Cantonese hahaha, later she switched to Japanese and got Sousuke to get them a hotel room. [The scene's damn funny LOL, Sousuke took such a long time to consider hahahaha] Scene changed back to TDD HQ where news of Sousuke abandoning his mission reached Kurz and company and they couldn't believe it.

In a rundown hotel room, Kaname lookalike and Sousuke had a heart to heart talk [Sort of LOL until Sousuke said he only knew how to fight lol, Kaname lookalike went LOL cos the Sousuke she knew is a cleaner lol] and while all that, voices of Kaname kept flashing in Sousuke's mind. Later Kaname lookalike pushed him down and got on top of him, while Kaname lookalike was on top, real Kaname's face and voice kept flashing in Sousuke's mind. Sousuke pushed her away probably feeling guilty, left some money and left. Of course Kaname lookalike was pissed lol, threw back Sousuke's bottle of alcohol. Back at TDD HQ again, seems like the time is up and ordered Tessa to deploy all the M9 but no Arbalest.

Tessa tried to get more time but it seem that they can't really wait anymore. [Tessa's afraid of sacrificing innocent and her subordinates' lives cos Venom is highly dangerous] So Tessa had no choice but to obey, call Melissa and company back [Search was called off] and launched all M9s. Scene changes to Sousuke alone in a park, sitting on a bench. Looking at the bottle of alcohol, Sousuke took a sip and lol choked on it then commented how could Kaname lookalike had drank it. [He has never drank alcohol afterall lol] Then he noticed a paper on the dustbin as he was about the throw the bottle of alcohol away ... and he saw the message ... 'To the child of Bdakshon's tiger, meet Hamidra at Tsim Sha Tsui.' -End-

FINALLY! LoL I took from 10am till 8pm to finish this LOL. Along the way i was ... uh distracted from many stuff lol so i was like a typing line per two hours or so? LoL.

Art: 8/10 [I think this is constant lol, the art is really great throughout, thumbs up for Kyoto Animation!]
Story: 7/10 [More of Sousuke angst!]
Characters: 7/10 [Yada Yada ...]
Overall: 7/10

Actually the full name for the anime Godannar is 'God and Spirit Combination Godannar' LOL!!! GOD LOL Hahahahhaahhaha ... i see the kanji also, cos it's in mandarin so it's roughly that meaning lol that was translated above. Hahaha. Really funny, i wonder how i will react after i watched it later ... can't wait lol. If it really sucks as people say ... lol ... manz ... i dunno what to say.

As for Diamond Dust Drops which will replace Scrapped Princess ... the full name's 'Kita e ~Diamond Dust Drops~', it seems to be a romance anime ... god, juz dun gimme those 5 girls like 1 guy and dumb guy can't make up his mind and make out with all 5 girls and chose the out pops 6th girl kinda show LOL. God, i'll smash my TV lol.

I'm pretty crazy tonight, i juz watched this DAMN CRAPPY ANIME i won't say what lol, fucking stupid ending. After it ended i was left with a 'WHAT THE FUCK WHAT THE FUCK x100' kinda feeling. Manz, thinking of it ... i'm still feeling fucked up. Waste my time lol, gimme lame ending sia kaoz. Probably a feeling worse than when i watched Evangelion lol cos at least Eva's art is nice, this crappy anime's art sucked like hell, i was suckered when i see the cover and it looked decent and nice kaoz lol.

Manz, i feel like such a fool ... i'm such a sucker. Argh. LoL. Sigh, i feel so tired .... so restless and cranky. I feel like pissing someone lol. Ah, gotta go watch Tsubasa Chronicle Ep25 and Ep26 [END]~ then i'll go piss my bros off by telling them the winner of The Apprentice Season 3 LOL!!!!!! [We live in Singapore ... yeah yeah we're slow and i know Season 4's out and i think 4-5 people were already fired.]

[Signing off @ 10:37 PM]

PS: Oh btw, Kendra was hired LOL! SPOILT YA! LOL LOL. Well that is u watch The Apprentice ... and u live in Singapore. -.-|||

Full Metal Panic! - The Second Raid Ep10

[Posted @ 10:58 PM]
I'm feeling so tired these days ... a very very heavy feeling. This week keep going to school sia .. monday for training and today for the BU EM meeting ... ha ... so freaking dizzy when i got there. Here's Full Metal Panic! - The Second Raid Ep10 screenshots anyways.

Sousuke's Thinking About Kaname ......Expression Of Despair.

Ep started with Tessa saying a prayer before they started their briefing. Then blah blah there's a briefing and Sousuke wasn't paying much attention at all. Scene changes to Sousuke in front of Arbalest, went in, activating it then had a little chat with it. LoL, Arbelast's pretty cool. When Sousuke started blaming on Arbalest on the defeat in Nanking, Arbalest retorted back lol and said that yes, it's his wrong but also Sousuke's fault too. As Sousuke's getting worked up, Melissa called him and said he's called for a mission. Blah blah then there's an AS that's crashing places in Hong Kong and stuff so the mission is to for them to fly there without the Arbalest cos it's unreliable lol.

Sousuke still can't handle the Arbalest. After packing his stuff, Sousuke walked out of his room and met Tessa at the hallway, and he looked at the other way and kinda ignored Tessa probably cos of the incident in Ep8 and Tessa kept quiet but visibly was sadden by it. Scene changed to helicopter flying them to Hong Kong. Scene change to Melissa, Sousuke and two other ... lol unknown Mithril people [I really dunno their names!] in this high skyscraper, later Melissa started talking about her past lol, and her cowardly dad aha, then she said that she pissed him off by signing up for the Marines on her wedding day and in her wedding dress LOL! Melissa said although she suffered alot after that, she didn't regret her decision.

Then some guy named Hunter from the Hong Kong's main branch of Information Bureau came and started talking about how bad is the situation and stuff and the AS Melissa and company are supposed to track down. Hunter gave them a map and some specified locations for them to find. While they were concentrating on the stuff, Sousuke was blanking out lol, Melissa ain't pleased at all. Scene changes to them in disguises as some cleaners working for a Hong Kong company. Then they got separated to two vans, the other two got into one, Sousuke and Melissa in another. As they drove along the streets of Hong Kong, everywhere was guarded by the militaries. As they stopped at a roadblock, Melissa could speak cantonese =O.

Yeah but it sounds reaaaaaaaaallllllllly weird lol, but they cleared the roadblock anyways and got on safely. Melissa started talking about how really bad the situation is in Hong Kong and how it changed and stuff ... As they drove on, lol the slience is kinda abit suffocating ... at the red light lol. While driving to a dangerous stop, Sousuke was suddenly reminded of Kaname, lost concentration and got into a slight accident. Melissa tried to get down and explian the situation but got held down by the military and so was Sosuke. Suddenly the wanted AS appeared and started crashing the whole place. Later the AS ran towards Melissa and Sosuke lying on the ground as if it's gonna crush them and suddenly leaped up to another place.

It's like a challenge to them, lol. Melissa's damn pissed about Sousuke's blankout ... Sousuke was like ... yeah you're right, i'm sorry, i can't do this anymore. And Melissa saw the expression of Sousuke which was the same as Yanlan, the expression of despair. Sousuke got off the van and walked off.

Art: 8/10
Story: 6/10 [Nothing much, but it just reinforces more of Sousuke's depair and stuff]
Characters: 7/10 [Seeing Sousuke in despair's kinda fun]
Overall: 7/10

Manz, i wanted to do up Ep11 tonight too, but got too tired and gave up halfway. I think i'm dying haha. Man, i'm getting so restless. I watched School Rumble Ep23 this afternoon before i went for the 3pm meeting lol, man, it's enjoyable ... lifted up my spirits for a little while. Oh i think heaven is going against me lol, it was dark and looks like it was going to rain, so i quickly packed my bag and ran out of house and thought i could get to the bus stop without taking out my umbrella. But noooooooo, when i stepped out of my door, LARGE DROPS OF RAIN came poooourrring down. LoL, life is never that 'qiao' sia. Strike 4D also not that 'qiao'.

So i had to slip my bag off my shoulders which is kinda bothersome lol, take out my umbrella and walk out. Shessh. Pissed, anyways if u think raining before stepping out of home is bad enough, try smelling the 'natural' smell everywhere. WHOA I choked twice and tears came into my eyes, i even had to squeeze my nose and use my mouth to breath lol. God, my nose's so damn sensitive. That was sooo awful manz. Damn stuffy, stinky smell of ... decomposed grass? Like my lungs are being compressed and stuffed with carbon dioxide. God. Horrible feeling.

Anyways i managed to go safely to school in one piece lol. During the meeting, actually it was pretty short, the rest of the time the rest were uh let's say talking about unrelated stuff lol. Then i was chatting with LL and SW over MSN. SW's at school too, she said she's at the library ... yeah so i waited at the atrium for her ... lol long time no see =) whee. Chatted quite abit abt animes and SW was saying how lame Godannar is LOL.

Well, i'm freaking tired, i'll juz type out FMP - TSR Ep11 tomorrow ... blog it then on with Mai Otome Ep1 and Blood+ Ep1 then back to FMP - TSR Ep12 and Ep13 [END]. Then probably back to Pani Poni Dash! or Gokujou Seitokai ... whichever release come out first ba. Not sure. Cya then. I wanna sleep XP.

[Signing off @ 11:26 PM]

PS: Let's watch an anime first before i sleep ba lol.


Full Metal Panic - The Second Raid Ep9

[Posted @ 11:33 PM]
Woooo, juz finished watching America's Next Top Model~ lol, Naima won~ lol, actually i knew the result like last week le lol, but i really like Kahlen's covergirl shot, so damn 'covergirl' sia LOL, i'll stay and stare at that picture if i happen to flip across it in a magazine. Anyways, here's Full Metal Panic! - The Second Raid Ep9 screenshots!

Poor Kaname.Sexy~Deadly~
DIE!=O =O =O It Seems Like Kaname's First Kiss's Gone....

Kaname's alone her apartment watching the news then suddenly she heard a noise. Startled, she got up with a baseball bat and walked towards the window ... and it was juz a cat lol. While walking to school lol, Kaname looks so paranoid ... and there's a tap on her shoulder and it was juz Kyouko lol. Kaname had black bags due to lack of sleep ba lol. Reminds me Sousuke ... lol. Manz, Kaname's really getting paranoid lol running here and there ... yep. While sitting on the bench, she saw a poster saying what spy cameras and got worried that maybe there's a spy cam on her clothes. Later, some old geezer saw Kaname there and tried to hook her up.

Kaname made used of him and got a hotel room. LoL, while entering the room, the old geezer went sex-craze and attacked Kaname lol, Kaname used the uh electric tranquilizer? [I dunno much abt stuff like tat k] Then handcuffed him to the bathtub while she stripped off her clothes except her underwear to check for any spy cams on her clothes then and wore the hotel's robe. Afterthat she went into gungho mode, selected her weapon and climbed out of the hotel's window but failed and luckily fell down on the bunch of trash bag and didn't take much hit. Kaname grinded her teeth and ran barefoot out to a abandoned building and found the person who's spying on her.

Kaname slowly tiptoed towards the person, pointed her gun at him and told him to put his hands up. That person is none other than Wraith and then he disclosed his identity to Kaname and expressed no intentions to harm her and was there to protect her, moreover there's someone else who's been spying on Kaname. Kaname doesn't believe him at all. Then suddenly Wraith's left arm was shot and another and Wraith fell. It wasn't Kaname who shot him, it was Yanlan! [WHOA!] Yanlan confirmed Kaname's identity and fired the first shot and actually missed!! LOL, even Yanlan was shocked. Then she reloaded and fired again and again and again and missed all the time. LoL.

At the 8th shot, while running from Yanlan, Kaname slipped and fell down on the a pile of boxes. Scene changes to Kaname running with Yanlan chasing after her. [COOOOLL~~~ LoL] The tension builds up ... as Yanlan spotted Kaname's robe behind a pile of wooden planks and used her uh sword? [I dunno the name for it bleh] to slice them off. But Kaname's not there, only the robe, Kaname's naked above Yanlan aiming at Yanlan with the electric tranquilizer gun and shot her. Yanlan fell and was paralyzed temporary. Kaname got down, picked up the wet robe and wore it. Another voice came up ... then blah blah happened lol, then Kaname saw the guy with silver hair and guessed that he's Tessa's ...

At that time, Leonard Testarossa turned to Yanlan, she's awake now and suggested to her to give Kaname up. As if Yanlan will agree to that and tried to kill Leonard but got killed in the end by Leonard's Arm Slave. [WHAT?! Yanlan was strangled to dead ... noooooooooooooo] Kaname saw the whole scene ... and was saying that there's no need for him to kill her. Leonard retorted that Sousuke [Leonard called Sousuke Kaname's boyfriend lol] had killed much more people. Kaname tried to defend Sousuke and got abit worked up. LOL Leonard took that chance to kiss Kaname and got a slap in return. [Unexpected!!!!] Leonard was expressing his love for Kaname lol, Kaname was like you make me sick.

As Leonard was leaving, Kaname asked Leonard to put Wraith down saying she got business with him. Then before Leonard leave, Leonard repeated that it's truth that he's interested in Kaname. When Leonard left, Kaname asked if Wraith needed her help lol, Wraith declined and said he got some pride left and rather die thank you. [Sidenote: Wraith wasn't a guy afterall, she's wearing a mask, i knew that face's juz too ugly to be real LOL] Kaname couldn't take the pressure anymore and was crying for Sousuke then she wiped her lips till it hurt. After a while of crying, Kaname got up, walked towards Wraith and told Wraith that it's better to struggle for life than die, like she would from now on.

[Leonard looks so hottttttt~~ LOL, wahhh kinda like male version of Tessa lol. I love his silver hair most muahaha and the eyes~~ Whee]

Art: 8/10
Story: 7/10 [Wooo, getting exiting~ The tension's building up]
Characters: 7/10 [Leonard~~~]
Overall: 7/10

I'm feeling pretty lazy today. Went to school for training lol and learnt a little more about vPOST and some reality checks lol. Manz, i feel dizzy when i got on the bus ... dunno why. I feel like bashing my head against the wall till the juices of my brains spill out ... [STOP! I'M WATCHING TOO MUCH BLOOD+! LOL I should really stop watching Blood+ at nights LOL I'm getting really violent.] Manz, then i think i got to school feeling cranky lol noone really wanna tok to me LOL. I dun wanna tok also. Feels weird to see them [My classmates] after 2-3 weeks? LoL. It's like i dunno them all over again. I guess i'm not really uh how do i say ... sociable. But the weird thing that i dun really feel that when i'm with M, i went to her house yesterday but i feel like it's like yeah normal. I'm weird huh.

My nose is killing me too lol, i dunno why my nose's so sensitive and i'm so sensitive to smells ... i'll feel like puking whenever i smell something ... unpleasant, yes yes i know who won't right but u can endure it right? I can't. When something unpleasant goes into my nose, my brain goes on puking mode and i'll go on the pre-puking process [WHAT THE?! LOL] which is kinda like choking, coughing and making those 'URGH I'm gonna hurl!' kinda voices. Manz. When i alighted the bus, it suddenly rained, i got out my umbrella and started walking home, then the whole place stinks manz! LOL. EVERY GOD DAMN PLACE. You know when it rains especially during hot and humid days, there's still stinky and stuffy that goes around the air and i feel like i'm out of air. God, now i wonder how did i even got home safely lol.

All this typing about stinky stuff makes me uncomfortable right now ... manz shouldn't have got into this subject ... ok gotta go watch Naruto Ep156 School Rumble Ep23 and Full Metal Panic! - The Second Raid Ep10 ... i've been pushing it for too long. Damn. I wanna get to Mai Otome lol.

[Signing off @ 11:57 PM]

PS: Whee.

[PV] NANA Movie - Endless Story + Glamorous Sky

[Posted @ 11:41 PM]
LoL, i was kinda busy today, going here and there ... lazy to type up FMP - TSR Ep10/11 summaries sigh ... must be post-going-to-open-school-blues lol. Anyways decided to do up a PV post tonight. PVs from NANA Movie - Endless Story by Ito Yuna and Glamorous Sky by Nakashima Mika.

Reira.Ito Yuna.Ito Yuna.

I already posted up the lyrics for Endless Story before le, click here to view it.

Here's Glamorous Sky lyrics:

Glamorous Sky

Akehanashita mado ni mawaru ranbu no DEEP SKY
AH aoide...

"Kurikaesu hibi ni nan no imi ga aru no?"
AH sakende...
Tobidasu GO
Hakitsubushita ROCKING SHOES
Haneageru PUDDLE
Kimi wa CLEVER

Ano niji wo watatte ano asa ni kaeritai
Ano yume wo narabete futari aruita GLAMOROUS DAYS

"Akewatashita ai ni nan no kachi mo nai no?"
AH nageite...
Hakidasu GO
Nomihoshite ROCK N'ROLL
Iki agaru BATTLE
Kimi no FLAVOR

Ano hoshi wo atsumete kono mune ni kazaritai
Ano yume wo tsunaide futari odotta GLAMOROUS DAYS
Mm... glamorous DAYS
Nemurenai yo!

Yukibana... OH...
Yamikumo kieru FULL MOON
Kotaete boku no koe ni

Ano kumo wo haratte kimi no mirai terashitai
Kono yume wo kakaete hitori aruku yo GLORIOUS DAYS

Ano niji wo watatte ano asa ni kaeritai
Ano yume wo narabete futari aruita GLAMOROUS DAYS


Credits: English Translation By Cori & Ryu

Wooot, i kinda like Glamorous Sky lol, i was at this Thailand's shopping centre on our last day on the trip to Thailand then there's this big MTV playing screen then Nakashima Mika's Glamorous Sky suddenly played lol i was like singing to it~ So cool~~~~ LoL. Then suddenly i felt better already lol. Oh i read that Glamorous Sky also topped the charts for quite a number of weeks and second was Ito Yuna's Endless Story which is pretty good already for a newbie =).

Actually i prefer Endless Story lol, i felt in love with it~~~ totally! LoL. When i was playing NANA movie trailer then there's this part of Ito Yuna as Reira singing Endless Story's chrous, i was like 'DAMN I HAVE TO GET THAT SONG NO MATTER WHAT!' LOL. Oh i think it's in screenshot 4, yeah that scene was played in the trailer. Woot, i didn't watch the movie but i heard it's good lol like Singapore got screen sia. I saw the trailers though, it's good enough lol.

Oh i forgot to say why i'm busy today lol, woke up at 10.30am and then sat in front of lappy for a while then brush my teeth and bath. After that watch Gundam Seed Destiny on KC ... then slacked in front of lappy again then sat 171 to meet the yanziunlimited people at Raffles City. Later went to Northpoint to buy a new Creative Headphone ... my white one was ... spoilt lol. So i bought a black one ... i dun like the yellow one lol. Then went to Comics Connection and purchased Kingdom Hearts #1/#2, Guyver #8 and Fruits Basket #13 YAY RIN's on da COVER~ LoL. Then went to M's house and watched her SCV programmes LOL!!! LOL!!! Then around 7.30pm, my dad came to fetch me~ Woot. Save my EZ-link card money lol.

That's all i guess oh, i still gotta go school tomorrow for class meeting and vPOST product training ... ahhh i wanna watch my animes and type out summaries!!! I'm lagging on Blood+ and Mai Otome!!! LoL. I think i'll juz finish up FMP - TSR first before i start on them? Or not ... i wanna ramble on how cool Shizuru is ... ahhhhhhhhh juz finished downloading Mai Otome Ep2 ... Shizuru's soooo cool LOL. I think i'll do up FMP - TSR Ep9/10/11 on the next 3 days then move on to Mai Otome Ep1 then Blood+ Ep1 then finish up FMP - TSR Ep12/13 ba ... looks like a nice plan. Good. Ok nite all.

[Signing off @ 11:59 PM]

PS: I'm having a flu now shessh, first food poisoning, period, stomach cramps, headaches and now flu ... my nose! .... Oh i think i whacked my head like 10 times when i had a headache juz now lol.

Pani Poni Dash! Ep6 + Thailand Trip Ramblings

[Posted @ 11:40 PM]
I was browsing through #1-#8 of The Celestial Zone I juz now lol and forgot i got to blog ... and watch animes XP. Here's Pani Poni Dash! Ep6 screenshots~

Beckies.I Can Do It, I Can Fly, I'm A Bird.10-10-10
Muahahahaha~AV In The MakingBecky! Kissu!

Be Right Back With Updates! Busy with my Thailand trip pics lol~
EDIT: I think there's something freaking wrong with juz now manz, i tried to access the page like 5 times and couldn't get it to load ... pissed off, i'll stay with the laggy 'i-typed-in-blogger-takes-at-least-2-to-3-seconds-to-load-word-for-word-on-what-i-am-typing' lol. Ook, first thing first, some rough highlights of Pani Poni Dash! Ep6 ... uh basically i was juz laughing through it and stuff, wasn't doing any serious thinking or anything lol. Ok, i think it's about Becky having her own research lab room but when she went in the allocated room, it was occupied by uh i forgot, i know it's an old couple lol. Then she was allocated another place lol, but that room has this kinda trapdoor, Becky was like ook, don't open it lol, and guess what Ichijou-san opened it LOL! So Becky, Rei, Himeko, Miyako, Kurumi, Rokugo-san and Ichijou-san got sucked in i think, i forgot abt that. When they got it, it was dark and creepy then Becky was like it's ok, we have Ichijou-san with us then lol Ichijou-san was not around them. Suddenly, Ichijou-san appeared, did some gymnastics and got scores of 10 from everyone LOL. That feeling was refreshing LOL, as expected from Ichijou-san LOL! But later they got out and seal off that trapdoor lol.

Let's now talk abt the rabbit, Mesousa lol, i'm always looking forward to what is going to happen to Mesousa every Ep LOL. This ep he was Suzune Shiratori number two LOL, apparently, 1-B's Suzune was having PE class then they were having this gymnastic class? I dunno wat do you call it, like there's blocks of stacked up wood then u jump over it via stepping on the spring board. Suzune's 'good' friend, Otome Akiyama seems to be good in it and probably Suzune wasn't so she asked Mesousa to do it in her behalf and she told Mesousa not to lose to Otome. [By the way, Otome's the black haired shorter girl in screenshot 4 and Suzune's the taller blondie] LOL Mesousa as usual stared at the high block of stacked up wood and said 'Impossible!' LOL. Suzune of course threatened him then Mesousa tried to encourage himself by telling himself that he's a bird, he could do it, he can fly LOL see screenshot 2. He ran, stepped on the spring board and twisted his leg LOL, then he fell dramatically against the blocks of stacked up wood and i'm sorry to Suzune. Suzune doesn't seem really bothered lol, she just picked up her name tag, [Mesousa was wearing the PE shirt which has the name tags of the students in front] ignored Mesousa and left lol. Mesousa was like ... i'm so insignificant.

Ok back to Becky's supposed research lab LOL, Rei had placed a note on Becky's lab room door saying it's a consultation room LOL, so various people came for consultations lol. I remembered one of the Kashiwagi twins, i forgot who came for consultation lol i think it's Yuna ba, i dunno how to describe that scene but it was funny LOL, she was telling Becky abt this idol audition she had and probably lost while Becky was trying to tell her she's not in a consultation room LOL. Then this clumsy girl from 1-D came in to tok abt her clumsiness lol, sorry i forgot her name and what happened later but i think it's pretty funny lol. Later a girl, i think she's in the news club, came in to kinda film Becky's lab. That time Becky wasn't around then she saw the trapdoor ... and yes she went in lol. Later Becky returned then Rei and Himeko was there to welcome her and stuff, towards the end lol, Ichijou-san was kinda bringing the girl from the news club around the weird place in the trapdoor lol. I think it's some scene from some samurai show lol. Funny but i don't really understand lol. Whoa not bad, i could remember much of them lol XP. I watch this Ep two weeks ago XP.

Next, Thailand trip pics. Sat budget airline Jet Star Asia for the first time, ok, small plane, small seat space, cramp end. LOL. Anyways it was a ... i dunno what to say 4days and 3nights lol, it wasn't a really 'FUN' trip cos it was a sourcing trip for my dad so he was there to look at plants and source for the cheapest prices for the plants and stuff. Man, see nothing but plants and plants and plants and it was HOT and DIZZY cos we sat on this car-van for i think 12 sitters and it was bumpy and stuff, man i almost puked. LoL. So we had 'real' thai lunch and dinner, the thai guide who once worked for my dad was bringing us around to the 'normal' places where thai people have their meals. If you really go on those package tours, they wouldn't feed u juz a plate of rice, meat/fish and veges + a bowl of chilli and garlic to munch on right? They'll bring u to this nice restaurant with air-con and a 7-8 dishes. We had lunch and dinner at roadside stalls, no air-con, simple and very thai-ish lol. My poor tummy was probably dying lol, i was like recovering from food poisoning and even on my 'coming-period-days' [Before my period really comes, i'll have extreme stomachaches a few days before it really hits] so having hot, spicy, cold food are a no-no for me, but who cares LOL LOL LOL! I ate, but i couldn't eat too much, i get full easily [MAN WHAT A FREAKING WASTE!] then after eating i eat my medicine and wait quietly for the 'quakes' to hit me LOL. So i practically dying from aches and pains and ... headaches there lol. So i was damn relieved to be home finally. LoL, there's no place like home and i feel it very deeply this time.

Creepy Faces.Plants.Tom Yam Soup.
Spicy Papaya Uh Slices/Salad? LOL.Plants Again.The Cat Has A Really Bad Sleeping Pose LoL.
And Plants.And Cactuses.And Bamboos.

Bonus Pics: This is a shot of the Second Day where we went to this market place where everyone's selling all kinds of plants. It was HUGE, we walked around from i think 9am to around 2pm. My legs were freaking dying. Then we went to this expressway, i didn't get a shot, where there are plant farms at the sides yeah it was a HOT HOT HOT afternoon. Almost died from heat stroke lol. Then on the third day i was half dead, so i slept like a log half of the day on the car-van lol, not like i'm the one going for plant sourcing right LOL.

Plant Market Place.

Nice Shot~

Ok, long post, manz, i'm lazy to type summary for FMP - TSR now ... [It's 1:34 AM now!] i still got Mai Otome and Blood+ ahhhhhh ... i'm not going to drop them, they're pretty interesting, i doubt i'll drop any titles ... lol probably my posts are going to be pretty darn late but better late than never right lol. Oh i still gotta go Raffles City to meet the yanziunlimited people to collect my yanzi album and stuff ... wake up at 11am to watch GSD on KC lol, i might grumble on the cut and censoring of KC but i still watch, dunno why lol, even though i watched already lol. Then might go to M's son's birthday celebration ... i'm not sure cos LC not going then i dunno if the rest of TB13 going or not ... haha, see first ba, wanna go to 'support' but scare go le, no one i know there, alone very ... pai sey lol. Kkk, wanna go sleep nite~

[Signing off @ 1:40 AM]

PS: Oh we went to Sembawang to have our dinner then on the way go Sembawang shopping centre to shop, while mummy shopped, my bros and i went to the arcade and played this particular we played everytime we go there LOL, i forgot the name of the game lol i think it's 'Living Dead' or wat dunno lol. We finished the game with juz $5 [12 Credits i think] and 30mins LOL. We aim for juz $4 and 20mins next time muahaha.