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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Full Metal Panic - The Second Raid Ep 8

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Whoa, 6 posts in a freaking day lol i'm going nuts. You'll know why i'm in such a frenzy to post this week in next week lol. Don't wanna spoil all of ya, stay tune next week to know why hehe. Meanwhile, here's Full Metal Panic! - The Second Raid Ep8 to cheer you up.

Sousuke ... I've Something To Tell You.I'm Pregnant With Your Child!WHAT?!
Don't Worry, I'll Make Him Take Responsiblity.Yeah, If Not I'll Slice Off His 'You-Know-What'.Thank You Minna San.

LOL. I love making a whacky story of the screenshots ... move ur cursor to the screenshots and read the lovely story lol.

Ep started in this Merida Island, Sousuke reported for duty to Tessa. Tessa asked if Sousuke told Kaname that he's leaving. Sousuke said no. Then Tessa asked if Sousuke had anything to say to her. Sousuke said no, nothing. Then Tesaa went on to say that the decision to recall Sousuke back was made by the Operation and herself then she said that she had assigned somone to protect Kaname in Sousuke's place. Sousuke went on ask about some document he filed to complain that the Intelligence Department had not been guarding Kaname properly. Then a misunderstanding happened between Tessa and Sousuke that made Sousuke kinda raised his voice to Tessa. Tessa then reminded Sousuke of his most important duty, which is to pilot Arbalest, and only Sousuke could do. Tessa wanted Sousuke to concentrate on mastering to pilot the Arbalest instead of protecting Kaname.

Sousuke had no choice but to agree cos it's an order. Wah, then Tessa got so pissed off she cried and yelled and even bang the table lol. Yeah cos Sousuke was too engrossed in his little 'I-wanna-protect-Kaname-world' and forgot about his friends and even Tessa's feelings blah. LoL, nice scene, good to see Tessa barking Sousuke's head off =) then ending with a 'I hate you so much, Sagara-san. You're dismissed.' LOL!!! Kinda like Apprentice Sia! LOL 'You have no leadership qualities hence you sucked as a leader. XXX, you're fired' LOL! [Repeat scene again. LOL!] Oh then later a Lieutenant, Belfangan Grouseaux was reported to Tessa, he was just assigned to the their fleet. Scene over to a bar where Kurz was having fun lol teasing Sousuke after Sousuke told him about making Tessa cry. Sousuke stil couldn't get over the thingy he can't be there protecting Kaname.

Later the Belfangan Grouseaux came over to where Sousuke and Kurz were sitting. Kurz was like lol, please sit somewhere else cos you're resting your ass on our deceased superior's seat. Belfangan was like keh and blah then Kurz got pissed off and threw a punch at Belfangan, Belfangan dodged it and punched Kurz back, badly till he can't even stand. Belfangan was like condemning the SRT members, Sousuke apologized for Kurz's rudeness but asked Belfangan to take back about what he said of McAllen, his superior. Belfangan kinda refused lol and called Sousuke a coward and blah and asked him to play a game to protect Mr-Whatever's honour lol. Scene change to Gates chewing a ... i dunno what the hell he's eating lol. Then mystery man walked in told him about delivery of M-type machine and about the twin sisters. He know what they're doing and he could stop them. Gates just said to sit back and watch.

Then Gates said that the twins need to be properly ... punished. Scene to Yanfan in some room in Hong Kong [Probably, cos of the lights] then Yanlan called through the cellphone and said that she met Kaname and that Kaname can be killed. Later Yanlan asked about Sensei, and Yanfan said that he's ok. Yanfan ended the call and said, 'Sensei, we will start soon.' Scene to Sousuke ... and Belfangan playing the game, Sousuke recalled the M-9 Belfangan is in was the one that saved their butts in the Ep6. Belfangan then offically introduced himself as the SRT new leader then attacked Sousuke to test his skills. Whoa, then nice fighting scenes. Arbalest got trashed up pretty bad and Sousuke fainted. In the hospital, Belfangan kinda told Sousuke why he lost cos Sousuke hates Arbalest that why and stuff. LoL, Kurz doesn't seem to like Belfangan much. Oh, Melissa knew that Belfangan guy, and Belfangan also knew McAllen too.

And Belfangan said that Sousuke reminded of his old self and stuff. Scene change to Hong Kong where an AS destroyed most of the stuff and blah. Nice ep.

Art: 8/10
Story: 7/10 [LoL Tessa's Outburst was unexpected.]
Characters: 7/10 [Go Tessa Go Tessa Go Tessa]
Overall: 7/10

This afternoon i was clearing my 'received' folder ... transferring my KnM clips over to my bro's lappy. LoL. Along with Loveless clips too heh. Now i got whoa 6GB on my lappy LOL, it's been a year since i saw my lappy with more than 5GB ... all i saw was probably >1GB, 1.5GB or if i'm lucky, 2GB lol. I finished downloading Blood+ Ep1 ... juz scrolling through the front part and whoa lol i love bloody stuff~~~~~ LOL. Love the OP, i like the chrous alot. FMP - TSR Ep11's out, gotta watch Ep9 and Ep10 later~ as well as Pani Poni Dash! Ep7 and Ep8 and Gakuen Alice Ep12 ... Right now downloading SS's Mai Otome Ep1!! Finally!!! LOL, i wanna see how COOOL Shizuru is in action!! All i saw were screenshots and bloggers screaming how cool she is lol. Manz ... i'm so slow ... gimme Shizuru!!!

[Signing off @ 10:52 PM]

PS: Peacemaker Kurogane ... ~

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