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Sunday, October 30, 2005

Very very very busy tonight ... sorry

[Posted @ 11:26 PM]
I came home from HQ's house at around 9.30 PM then i quickly open up my MSN Messager and people start messaging me and stuff ... damn i'm rather dying. But rest first for 3 mins while i post this lol. In case u wonder if i died on my way to HQ's house or on my way back from HQ's house lol. Bleh i'm alive!

Sorry so no anime/manga post tonight. I got like 10 bulletpoints stuff on my paper to do LOL. Tomorrow start school le but go one day for the week lol cool huh. Anyways gtg rush rush, won't be able to sleep probably til 1-2 AM ba ... cya.

[Signing off @ 11:29 PM]

PS: Helping team mates with their website aint easy hahaha but it's a challenge i like. I like spotting mistakes then correcting them. It's so cool.

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