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Thursday, October 6, 2005

Pani Poni Dash! Ep3 + YanZi's 9th Album 'Perfect Day' Is Out Tomorrow!

[Posted @ 10:17 PM]
Hmm, actually i'm reading a fanfic right now ... yeah. You know i just made a birthday resolution while i was bathing at around 8pm LOL.
'I must put up links for the titles i'm blogging so that visitors could just click on the titles on the front page of my blog to access the titles they wanna view instead of searching through the whole of posts.'
But, that takes time right, i'm lazy lol. Ahhh, probably tomorrow. Dunno. Anyways, Pani Poni Dash! Ep3 screenshots to appease the restless souls out there.

3_3 Megane Megane LOL. Reminds Me Of Sayuri From Gokujou Seitokai.Get Your Grubby Paws Off Me!Kawaii!! I Watched This 5 Times!
Marry Me!LOL Live Bomb.... Poor Thing.

Hm let's see ... basically what i could remember is Becky pulling Himeko's Ahoge out ... lol and this makes Himeko go 'Do-do' for almost half the Ep lol. Becky then lost Himeko's Ahoge and then tried to make a new Ahoge for Himeko. Actually as long as it's long and thin and it's sticking out of Himeko's head, Himeko will be ok LOL. Anyways back Becky making a new Ahoge for Himeko ... yeah lol, Mesousa [The rabbit LOL] was made the ... lol OFFICAL testing guinea pig for Becky's 'Ahoge Making' experiments. LOL, so funny, even he resigned to the fate of it later LOL. Got this 'COME ON BABY!' feeling lol.

Yeah later Himeko's back in action with her 'Mahou Mahou Mahou' rambling hahaha. Funny Ep.
But the funniest Ep is yet to come ... it's Ep5! So wait for it! LoL.

Art: 7/10
Story: 7/10 [Not bad actually. I can see what's coming next]
Characters: 7/10 [LoL, now i know Himeko better and love Becky's cute little actions~]
Overall: 7/10

Hm, i was thinking that ... oh yes, last night's Peacemaker Kurogane is sad, i feel sad for Ayu-nee. Sigh, i guess that's reality huh, for one's job, they could sacrifce anything. And death is like it's supposed to since it's in their 'job' scope. Sigh sigh sigh.

Oh yes, i'm looking forward to any fansubs subbing Blood+ !!!! Whoa i saw the 3 trailers today and i fell in love with the OP~ SOOOOO COOL! SO COOL! SO COOL! Although the art is not shoujoily pretty or what, but it's rather pleasing to my eyes in terms of the monsters in that anime MUAHAHAHA. O_O <-- One of the monsters' face looked like this to me LOL. Oh it's airing on 7th Oct 2am? LoL, that's cool that means later la. Haha.

Oh Mai Otome aired late night on 6th Oct at 1am one LoL. Can't wait to see the sub of it! I'm sure there will be some subbing it lol. I can't wait for Natsuki and Shizuru~~~ LOL. Well, the manga's ... pretty uh how do i describe my feeling towards it ... lol i'm not sure. Yes there's fan services here and there, i'm not surprised ... but it seem aimed at ... uh Nina in the last few chapters lol. LoL. Whoa Nao seems to back on her 'vicious' ways again lol. She did the same attack on Tate on 'Mashiro' again LOL. Shocku.

Ah, Fate/Stay Night was licensed when it was supposed to be aired on 2006 LOL. Whoa, that's quick, heard that the game was popular and good. Bleh. I was looking forward to it somemore. Sigh.

Oh yes, i'm downloading Gundam Seed Destiny Ep50 [END] right now LoL. Whoa i finished two titles this week ... one is Tsukuyomi Moon Phase and GSD~. Haha Tsubasa Chronicle is ending also, Ep26 ... sub is up to Ep24. Sigh, FMP - TSR also ending soon at Ep13 ... whoa that's rather fast. Hope it has a great ending lol.

It's good in some way ... my lappy's bursting LOL. 1.2 GB left. ANYWAYS, Remember to BUY YanZi's 9th Album 'Perfect Day' which will be OUT tomorrow!!! LoL. Freebies are also included in the Singapore Version =). Heard it's a CD-ROM with flashes of YanZi's photos and a $20 KTV Party Voucher. Not sure, i forgot le lol. Anyways, regardless of the freebies, BUY BUY BUY~. Haha that's all, cya.

[Signing off @ 10:52 PM]

PS: I think there's something freaking wrong with blogger, i'm pissed off with the SLOW loading. damn.

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