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Monday, October 10, 2005

Mai Hime Ep24 + Cookie-Making/Birthday Shots

[Posted @ 11:45 PM]
Ok, i got only 15mins lol, i haven't do up YanZi's album review yet ... nooooooo ... i'll do it tomorrow ok? Now straight to Mai HiMe Ep24 screenshots~

Don't Kiss Him Mai!Goodbye Sister.Evil Shiho.
Young Shizuru~~~Shizuru Looks So Tired Here.DIE TATE! DIE DIE DIE DIE!

Mai was consumed in her own dream land world but luckily got out of her lala land then blah blah ... lol stop. I must sum it up, ok Yukariko [The sister] died with her VIP. Nao's in a bondage mood again and guess who she tied up? No cookies for those who got it LOL~ Natsuki duh. Shiho goes nutty and it was revealed she was the last HiMe. Shizuru shows up to save Natsuki, killed Nao's child and poof, Nao's VIP, her mother's gone. Oh by the way, Nao's no match for Shizuru at all, juz a walk in the park lol. Shizuru's sooo evil but ohh so cool lol. Then we see a little flashback of the first time Shizuru and Natsuki met when Shizuru wanted to finish Nao off and Natsuki stopped her.

That moment, Natsuki realized who her real VIP was all along and got her powers back and pointed her guns at Shizuru. Shizuru smiled and said she was glad Natsuki got her powers back and leaves cos she said she got some unfinished business to deal with. Shizuru ended with a 'Wait for me ... because you're mine ...' LOL So evil!!! LOL.

Then Mai see Shiho as a HiMe too. Shiho went green with jealousy and attacked Mai with her hime powers. Blah blah blah happened, then Mikoto who was looking at them fight all the time, cut in and killed Shiho's child when Mai couldn't do it. Tate died as a result. [Woohoo! *Throws Confetti* LOL] Mai was stunned. Natsuki ran to the scene and tried to comfort Mai but Mai was probably too sad to even bother. Mikoto terrified at what she had done, ran away.

Whoa, why Mai Hime screenshots u scream, cos i wanna finish the series up, it's been sitting on my folder for some time le ... i wanna clear them away so tat i'll be in a better mood when i blog Mai Otome ... MUAHAHAHAHAHA. LOL. I'm going to finish it up in 2 days.

Next up, we have my Cookie-Making/Birthday shots~

The Cookie Making Stuff.Pour Them In.Mix Them Up.
Arrange Them.Bake Them.Tada!
My Birthday Cake.Light Up The Candles.YUM~

So see cya tomorrow with Mai Hime Ep25 screenshots and YanZi 'A Perfect Day' album review!

Happy Birthday To Me.

[Signing off @ 11:59 PM]

PS: LoL, actually this was finished at 12:20 AM ... i was typing out the summary ... lol i couldn't stop myself ... bleh. Anyways ... gotta go watch FMP - TSR ... cya


  1. I LOVE MAI HIME!!!I love that anime sooo much i listened to it's theme song from episode 20th about 80000000000 bizillion times! such a great show...u should sign up at our site for access to even more anime ^_^


    we just started but we had ALOTTA anime from A-Z and the graphics designer of th e site me ^^ hehe

  2. cool site, XD ~ loved the fate/stay night, theme