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Monday, October 24, 2005

Full Metal Panic - The Second Raid Ep9

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Woooo, juz finished watching America's Next Top Model~ lol, Naima won~ lol, actually i knew the result like last week le lol, but i really like Kahlen's covergirl shot, so damn 'covergirl' sia LOL, i'll stay and stare at that picture if i happen to flip across it in a magazine. Anyways, here's Full Metal Panic! - The Second Raid Ep9 screenshots!

Poor Kaname.Sexy~Deadly~
DIE!=O =O =O It Seems Like Kaname's First Kiss's Gone....

Kaname's alone her apartment watching the news then suddenly she heard a noise. Startled, she got up with a baseball bat and walked towards the window ... and it was juz a cat lol. While walking to school lol, Kaname looks so paranoid ... and there's a tap on her shoulder and it was juz Kyouko lol. Kaname had black bags due to lack of sleep ba lol. Reminds me Sousuke ... lol. Manz, Kaname's really getting paranoid lol running here and there ... yep. While sitting on the bench, she saw a poster saying what spy cameras and got worried that maybe there's a spy cam on her clothes. Later, some old geezer saw Kaname there and tried to hook her up.

Kaname made used of him and got a hotel room. LoL, while entering the room, the old geezer went sex-craze and attacked Kaname lol, Kaname used the uh electric tranquilizer? [I dunno much abt stuff like tat k] Then handcuffed him to the bathtub while she stripped off her clothes except her underwear to check for any spy cams on her clothes then and wore the hotel's robe. Afterthat she went into gungho mode, selected her weapon and climbed out of the hotel's window but failed and luckily fell down on the bunch of trash bag and didn't take much hit. Kaname grinded her teeth and ran barefoot out to a abandoned building and found the person who's spying on her.

Kaname slowly tiptoed towards the person, pointed her gun at him and told him to put his hands up. That person is none other than Wraith and then he disclosed his identity to Kaname and expressed no intentions to harm her and was there to protect her, moreover there's someone else who's been spying on Kaname. Kaname doesn't believe him at all. Then suddenly Wraith's left arm was shot and another and Wraith fell. It wasn't Kaname who shot him, it was Yanlan! [WHOA!] Yanlan confirmed Kaname's identity and fired the first shot and actually missed!! LOL, even Yanlan was shocked. Then she reloaded and fired again and again and again and missed all the time. LoL.

At the 8th shot, while running from Yanlan, Kaname slipped and fell down on the a pile of boxes. Scene changes to Kaname running with Yanlan chasing after her. [COOOOLL~~~ LoL] The tension builds up ... as Yanlan spotted Kaname's robe behind a pile of wooden planks and used her uh sword? [I dunno the name for it bleh] to slice them off. But Kaname's not there, only the robe, Kaname's naked above Yanlan aiming at Yanlan with the electric tranquilizer gun and shot her. Yanlan fell and was paralyzed temporary. Kaname got down, picked up the wet robe and wore it. Another voice came up ... then blah blah happened lol, then Kaname saw the guy with silver hair and guessed that he's Tessa's ...

At that time, Leonard Testarossa turned to Yanlan, she's awake now and suggested to her to give Kaname up. As if Yanlan will agree to that and tried to kill Leonard but got killed in the end by Leonard's Arm Slave. [WHAT?! Yanlan was strangled to dead ... noooooooooooooo] Kaname saw the whole scene ... and was saying that there's no need for him to kill her. Leonard retorted that Sousuke [Leonard called Sousuke Kaname's boyfriend lol] had killed much more people. Kaname tried to defend Sousuke and got abit worked up. LOL Leonard took that chance to kiss Kaname and got a slap in return. [Unexpected!!!!] Leonard was expressing his love for Kaname lol, Kaname was like you make me sick.

As Leonard was leaving, Kaname asked Leonard to put Wraith down saying she got business with him. Then before Leonard leave, Leonard repeated that it's truth that he's interested in Kaname. When Leonard left, Kaname asked if Wraith needed her help lol, Wraith declined and said he got some pride left and rather die thank you. [Sidenote: Wraith wasn't a guy afterall, she's wearing a mask, i knew that face's juz too ugly to be real LOL] Kaname couldn't take the pressure anymore and was crying for Sousuke then she wiped her lips till it hurt. After a while of crying, Kaname got up, walked towards Wraith and told Wraith that it's better to struggle for life than die, like she would from now on.

[Leonard looks so hottttttt~~ LOL, wahhh kinda like male version of Tessa lol. I love his silver hair most muahaha and the eyes~~ Whee]

Art: 8/10
Story: 7/10 [Wooo, getting exiting~ The tension's building up]
Characters: 7/10 [Leonard~~~]
Overall: 7/10

I'm feeling pretty lazy today. Went to school for training lol and learnt a little more about vPOST and some reality checks lol. Manz, i feel dizzy when i got on the bus ... dunno why. I feel like bashing my head against the wall till the juices of my brains spill out ... [STOP! I'M WATCHING TOO MUCH BLOOD+! LOL I should really stop watching Blood+ at nights LOL I'm getting really violent.] Manz, then i think i got to school feeling cranky lol noone really wanna tok to me LOL. I dun wanna tok also. Feels weird to see them [My classmates] after 2-3 weeks? LoL. It's like i dunno them all over again. I guess i'm not really uh how do i say ... sociable. But the weird thing that i dun really feel that when i'm with M, i went to her house yesterday but i feel like it's like yeah normal. I'm weird huh.

My nose is killing me too lol, i dunno why my nose's so sensitive and i'm so sensitive to smells ... i'll feel like puking whenever i smell something ... unpleasant, yes yes i know who won't right but u can endure it right? I can't. When something unpleasant goes into my nose, my brain goes on puking mode and i'll go on the pre-puking process [WHAT THE?! LOL] which is kinda like choking, coughing and making those 'URGH I'm gonna hurl!' kinda voices. Manz. When i alighted the bus, it suddenly rained, i got out my umbrella and started walking home, then the whole place stinks manz! LOL. EVERY GOD DAMN PLACE. You know when it rains especially during hot and humid days, there's still stinky and stuffy that goes around the air and i feel like i'm out of air. God, now i wonder how did i even got home safely lol.

All this typing about stinky stuff makes me uncomfortable right now ... manz shouldn't have got into this subject ... ok gotta go watch Naruto Ep156 School Rumble Ep23 and Full Metal Panic! - The Second Raid Ep10 ... i've been pushing it for too long. Damn. I wanna get to Mai Otome lol.

[Signing off @ 11:57 PM]

PS: Whee.

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