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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Full Metal Panic! - The Second Raid Ep11

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Argh, i wanted to do up summary for Mai Otome Ep1 as well after i finished FMP - TSR Ep11's ... but got too tired lol, so i think i'll do it later after i watch Godannar and Diamond Dust Drops on Arts Central later. Here's Full Metal Panic! - The Second Raid Ep11 screenshots!

LoL Gates Never Fail To Amuse Me.Kawaii~=O
Double =OTessa-chan~Sousuke~

Ep opens with Gates LOL balancing an apple on a knife in his mouth and they're on their way to collect Yulan's body and Gates was saying there's many ways to do with her corpse heh heh heh. LoL. Scene change to Sousuke wandering around the streets and in this shop where this shopkeeper was counting money and planning to evacuating. Sousuke saw a box of alcohol the shopkeeper was lying outside the shop, bended down to get one and wanted to pay but the shopkeeper was like 'i don't care, take la take la, if you don't wanna die you better run, bye' Sousuke was like ... dying might seem not a bad idea afterall. The rest of the team [The two guys] were searching for him and encountered a decomposed body somewhere.

The dead body was wearing this t-shirt with this message 'To the child of Bdakshon's tiger, meet Hamidra at Tsim Sha Tsui.' [What the? lol] Scene changed to TDD HQ, Tessa's reporting to Admiral Borda on the search for Venom, saying that they are almost there, and asked him to wait a while longer. Admiral Borda said that the situation between the two sides [North and South China] are badd ... very bad and could only afford to stall them for probably only 3hrs more. Tessa got darn worried and did her 'Twisting her ponytail against her nose' thingy LOL. [See screenshot 2] Later Melissa reported about the dead body, the message and that the message had been released in varous places.

Lieutenant Commander Kalinin seem know abt it as he decoded the message. 'Bdakshon's tiger' refer to the legendary guerrilla leader of Helmajistan, Majid. Kalinin said he had fought with a few times. The Soviets used to sent assassins to assassinate him but all failed, and one of the assassins is a kid no older than 8 years old. Majid took pity on the kid and adopted him and named him Kashim. Tessa was reminded of the scene back in Full Metal Panic! 1st season where Sousuke pissed with Gaulun cos he kept calling him Kashim and ordered to connect to Sousuke. Melissa answered the call and ... finally confessed that Sousuke's not with them. Scene changed to some streets in Hong Kong ... Sousuke's wandering around there.

Later we see a Kaname lookalike prostitute flirting with some soldiers the street Sousuke's wandering on. [LOL the cantonese is damn weird, only the cursing 'bitch' and 'damn you' are clear to me] LOL! Kaname lookalike prostitute was rejected by the soldiers then she turned to Sousuke staring the scene at the side. LoL, it's weird to see ... 'Kaname' hitting on Sousuke lol in Cantonese hahaha, later she switched to Japanese and got Sousuke to get them a hotel room. [The scene's damn funny LOL, Sousuke took such a long time to consider hahahaha] Scene changed back to TDD HQ where news of Sousuke abandoning his mission reached Kurz and company and they couldn't believe it.

In a rundown hotel room, Kaname lookalike and Sousuke had a heart to heart talk [Sort of LOL until Sousuke said he only knew how to fight lol, Kaname lookalike went LOL cos the Sousuke she knew is a cleaner lol] and while all that, voices of Kaname kept flashing in Sousuke's mind. Later Kaname lookalike pushed him down and got on top of him, while Kaname lookalike was on top, real Kaname's face and voice kept flashing in Sousuke's mind. Sousuke pushed her away probably feeling guilty, left some money and left. Of course Kaname lookalike was pissed lol, threw back Sousuke's bottle of alcohol. Back at TDD HQ again, seems like the time is up and ordered Tessa to deploy all the M9 but no Arbalest.

Tessa tried to get more time but it seem that they can't really wait anymore. [Tessa's afraid of sacrificing innocent and her subordinates' lives cos Venom is highly dangerous] So Tessa had no choice but to obey, call Melissa and company back [Search was called off] and launched all M9s. Scene changes to Sousuke alone in a park, sitting on a bench. Looking at the bottle of alcohol, Sousuke took a sip and lol choked on it then commented how could Kaname lookalike had drank it. [He has never drank alcohol afterall lol] Then he noticed a paper on the dustbin as he was about the throw the bottle of alcohol away ... and he saw the message ... 'To the child of Bdakshon's tiger, meet Hamidra at Tsim Sha Tsui.' -End-

FINALLY! LoL I took from 10am till 8pm to finish this LOL. Along the way i was ... uh distracted from many stuff lol so i was like a typing line per two hours or so? LoL.

Art: 8/10 [I think this is constant lol, the art is really great throughout, thumbs up for Kyoto Animation!]
Story: 7/10 [More of Sousuke angst!]
Characters: 7/10 [Yada Yada ...]
Overall: 7/10

Actually the full name for the anime Godannar is 'God and Spirit Combination Godannar' LOL!!! GOD LOL Hahahahhaahhaha ... i see the kanji also, cos it's in mandarin so it's roughly that meaning lol that was translated above. Hahaha. Really funny, i wonder how i will react after i watched it later ... can't wait lol. If it really sucks as people say ... lol ... manz ... i dunno what to say.

As for Diamond Dust Drops which will replace Scrapped Princess ... the full name's 'Kita e ~Diamond Dust Drops~', it seems to be a romance anime ... god, juz dun gimme those 5 girls like 1 guy and dumb guy can't make up his mind and make out with all 5 girls and chose the out pops 6th girl kinda show LOL. God, i'll smash my TV lol.

I'm pretty crazy tonight, i juz watched this DAMN CRAPPY ANIME i won't say what lol, fucking stupid ending. After it ended i was left with a 'WHAT THE FUCK WHAT THE FUCK x100' kinda feeling. Manz, thinking of it ... i'm still feeling fucked up. Waste my time lol, gimme lame ending sia kaoz. Probably a feeling worse than when i watched Evangelion lol cos at least Eva's art is nice, this crappy anime's art sucked like hell, i was suckered when i see the cover and it looked decent and nice kaoz lol.

Manz, i feel like such a fool ... i'm such a sucker. Argh. LoL. Sigh, i feel so tired .... so restless and cranky. I feel like pissing someone lol. Ah, gotta go watch Tsubasa Chronicle Ep25 and Ep26 [END]~ then i'll go piss my bros off by telling them the winner of The Apprentice Season 3 LOL!!!!!! [We live in Singapore ... yeah yeah we're slow and i know Season 4's out and i think 4-5 people were already fired.]

[Signing off @ 10:37 PM]

PS: Oh btw, Kendra was hired LOL! SPOILT YA! LOL LOL. Well that is u watch The Apprentice ... and u live in Singapore. -.-|||

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