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Thursday, October 27, 2005

[MTV] Two As One - Crystal Kay & CHEMISTRY

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GOD! LoL i was posting at around 10:17 PM and i was juz typing about the thunder and me going black out anytime ... shit i tried to save that post in my notepad but too late, the power went off and it didn't got saved. Shit manz. Anyways in that post i was juz trying to say that i couldn't post Mai Otome Ep1 cos i was only halfway through it ... so here's a MTV post, Two As One by Crystal Kay & CHEMISTRY~!

Crystal Kay & CHEMISTRY~=OThose Kids Were Cute =)

Two As One Crystal Kay X CHEMISTRY
Romaji & English translation by: Cori
From the single Two As One

uh baby kimi no soba ni iru to
fuwari karada ukabu you de
kawasu kotoba mo kumo no ue wo oyogu no
I know I'm dreaming now

woo baby, when I'm by your side,
my body feels like it's floating
Even the words we exchange swim above the clouds
I know I'm dreaming now

kimi no koto shiritakute
dakedo kimochi wa kikenakute
kono mama ja mou tomodachi ijou ni wa narenai kana?

I want to know about you,
but I can't ask ask about your feelings
Can't we become more than friends being if things stay the way they are?

itsuka my love
koibito ni my love to you
ashita koso wa kitto

Someday my love,
I'll give my love to you, my darling
Tomorrow for sure

*1 kimi ni kimi ni kono omoi wo tsutaeyou
ima kokoro no mama
kono negai ga kanau no nara itsu made mo
for you ai shitsudzukeyou

I will let you know about this love now
straight from my heart
If this wish comes true, forever
for you, I will continue to love

woo baby 4(shi)shuukan-go three days
kimi wa denwa sae kikazu ni
futarikiri da to hanashimo tsudzukanai
maybe you have a girlfriend

woo baby, 4 weeks & three days later
You don't even call me up
We don't even continue our conversation
maybe you have a girlfriend

yoake no tsuki no you ni
tenohira sukuu mizu no you ni
kiete yuku mae ni konna ni suki na koto todoketakute

Before you disappear like a moon at dawn,
like the water I scoop up with my hands,
I want my love to reach you

itsumo mitsumeteru my love to you
kon'ya koso wa kitto

I'm always watching my love to you
Tonight for sure

*2 KIRAKIRAmeku kono omoi wa kaze ni nori
ima ai ni yuku yo
kono negai ga kanau toki wa doko made mo
with you kakete yukeru kara

This sparkling love rides on the wind
& I go to meet you
When my wish is granted,
I can go running to the end of the world with you

kokoro yobiau shunkan ni
futatsu no ai wa hitotsu ni naru darou

The moment our hearts call out to each other,
2 loves probably become one

*1, *2 repeat

kakete yukeru kara

LoL, i ran to watch Godannar's OP juz now lol, i juz love the OP =), hey i like the character Shizuru ... lol her blue eyes look cool. OKOKOK! Cos her name's Shizuru's that's why i'm a little biased ... lol and she's a woman of unrequited love too ... sad. But she's cool =). Gotta go cya, anime time.

[Signing off @ 11:24 PM]

PS: ... i thought i heard Kuon's voice in Godannar ... one of the characters's voice by Kuon's seiyuu? ... i'll go check it out ... YES! She's Lou Roux in Godannar! LoL, i dunno who is it but yay my hearing's not bad huh! LOL.

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