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Sunday, October 9, 2005

Gokujou Seitokai Ep15

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Lol nice time! Sigh, YanZi's 24hrs is finally over lol i managed to watch around 16hrs of it ... not to mention me walking around, taking rests. LoL i can't sit in front of lappy for more than 2hrs, i'll ... probably go blind. Anyways here's Gokujou Seitokai Ep15 screenshots ...

Oh before that, i'm now screenshooting and typing out Gokujou Seitokai Ep16's summary LoL.

Squeeze Out Da Brains!You Forgot To Buy YanZi's Latest Album For Me?Don't Deny, He's Your Father Right? LOL!
Kuon's Crying.Ninja Power!Pun!

KUON EP! LoL, ook the ep started with the dorm back to normal lol and everyone's pretty happy except for Mayura lol cos the debts keep on piling. Then Minamo walked in and said that the new dorm is pretty impressive lol then Pucc-chan said that she must had entered into people's room without permission again. Minamo denied ... then Pucc-chan was like 'Oouso', then Sayuri also 'Oouso', Seina 'Oouso' then Cindy 'Doubt' LOL, funny. [Oouso = A lie, you're lying.] Then Nanaho used the ... LOL! Squeezing Head thingy ... [Using both fists to clamp a head in between. Commonly seen in this Anime called Crayon Shin-chan aka La Bi Xiao Xing LoL] to make Minamo say what she did. Then Minamo was like she found something in a room that will surprise everyone. Then she showed a photo with Kuon and a guy. LOL! Then everyone ZOOMED to stare at the photo and then turned at Kuon.

Kuon said that that person is her fiance. LOL! Everyone went =O [Yes, including Nanaho lol.] Then Kuon added 'Oouso desu wayo.' LOL. Kanade then said it's not strange for Kuon to have a boyfriend or two ... Nanaho agreed too [WHAT!] then said if it's Kuon, there's nothing to worry ... unlike Mayura, Rino and Rein types LOL. Then in Kanade and Rino's room, Pucc-chan asked Kanade who's the guy ... then she acted dumb LoL, then later Rino was curious on why Kuon joined the Miyagami Gakuen and Gokujou Seitokai. Then we see a flashback of the [KAWAII!] younger Kuon, Kanade and Nanaho. Kuon said that she wanted to transfer to Miyagami Gakuen cos of Gokujou Seitokai which she believed would be a good place to put her skills to the best. When Nanaho asked Kuon for her skills, Kuon rambled on all Nanaho's bio-date stuff lol [Collecting fancy stuff] yes Kuon's skills are collecting information.

Then Rino was like whoa, Kuon is so talented ... and she herself got no talent lol. Kanade said that Rino has talent ... for example eating and showing emotions clearly LOL!!! [LOL i love Rino's expressions XP] Later, scene to Kuon, she's at a balcony looking at the photo then a pigeon [How lame is that? lol] flew over ... with a letter on its foot. Then just as Kuon's going out, Nanaho was there then she asked Kuon to buy buns and ... LOL new Pirotto-chan doll. Hahaha. [It was Kuon who said that the new Pirotto-chan doll was on sale] At the Miyagami station, Kuon's sitting on the bench reading a book, then a mystery person walked by and sat on the bench and started chatting with Kuon. The mystery guy said that the reports Kuon gave were the same for over a year and said that if Kuon's stuck on Kanade already. Kuon was like 'Masaka'. The mystery guy continued that 'True, there's no way you'll betray us because ...'

Kuon got a little pissed and cut him off ... then mystery guy told Kuon to show him results, figure out Jinguuji Kanade's ability and not to forget that that's the only reason why Kuon is in that school. Then the mystery guy uh ... disappeared when a train passed by. LOL. Later Kuon noticed one of the Convert spying on her. Back in the dorm, lol Minamo, Seina, Rein, Sayuri, Cindy and Mayura were playing 'Wheel of life' LoL, Rein as usual was losing pretty badly LOL. Kuon was sitting on the sofa reading her book, Nanaho cam in and asked Kuon if she bought the buns ... and Pirotto-chan. Kuon said she forgot ... LoL Nanaho's face went ~_~ no way hahaha then Nanaho asked if Kuon's alright. Kuon changed the subject by saying she's not feeling well and she's going back to rest. As Kuon's going up, Rein yelled 'Traitor!' and Kuon dropped her book. Actually Rein's yelling at Sayuri cos Sayuri's not partnering with Rein anymore cos Rein keep losing LOL.

Rein was like 'Trust me to treat you as friend, family one of us!' LOL. Kuon slowly bend down to pick up her book and went back. [Nice scene, this kinda waivers Kuon's conscience] Seina watched Kuon go up the lift, feeling ... a little apprehensive? Scene change to Kuon going into Kanade and Rino's room. Scene change to Kanade in the hot spring bath with Nanaho reporting that there's something wrong with Kuon. Scene change to Kuon in Rino's room, [Rino was duh sleeping like a log] Kuon went to Kanade's room and opened up the laptop with Kanade's info and stuff. A while later, Kutsugi Kotoha, one of the Convert came in. Scene change to Seina getting a call. Scene change to the room with Kotoha kinda questioning Kuon on why she's here. When Kuon was trying to explaining, Kotoha cut in and said because of this guy in the photo right, Fujisawa Koukyuu, Agent of Naffres Intelligence Agency. Then Kotoha went into battle mode and tried to capture Kuon.

Kuon escaped through jumping out of the window, just as Kotoha was about to give chase, Seina stopped her. Kuon ran into the woods then she stopped to catch her breath. She looks pretty relieved that she's finally been found out. [Probably she's sicked of spying.] Kotoha questioned why Seina was stopping her, then Seina told Kotoha to leave it to her. Kotoha refused and said it's her job. Seina tried to change her mind by saying that Kanade might be sad if Kotoha goes around doing things on her own. Kotoha tried to make her stand. Seina suddenly became serious and said that Kanade already know about Kuon being a spy. Kotoha was surprised and asked seina why Kanade didn't do anything even when she knew that Kuon was a spy. Seina explained that Kuon was kinda forced to spy on Kanade so they must understand her as Kuon is one of them. Scene change to Kuon remembering everyone in Gokujou Seitokai ... and she cried sia. Then Nanaho and Kanade had a little chat.

With flashback of Nanaho saying that she was against Kuon from transferring in cos Kuon's the same as Nanaho. Kanade was like it's even better than Kuon transfer in then, because that's one of the reasons Miyagami Gakuen was founded. Scene change to Seina still trying to make Kotoha stop from involving herself in Kuon's matters, Kotoha still refused and disappeared ninja style LOL. Seina was like aww, she's so inflexible and got a idea to solve it lol. Scene change to Rino and Ayu in their classroom having lunch and Kaori asking if they saw Kanade and the vice-presidents. Seina and Minamo came in and asked Rino to go out for a while. Scene change to Kuon walking through the pathway to the dorm, Kotoha's hiding behind a tree waiting to strike Kuon. Kuon noticed Kanade standing in front of her, lol then Kuon asked Kanade to tell her her secret. Kanade refused. Kuon went '...' twice LOL. Kanade added that so that's why Kuon should stay in Gokujou Seitokai so that she could find her secret.

Then Kuon was like what the, i was betraying from the begining, i was never one of you! Kanade was like ... really? Was our three years together a lie? Kuon was damn touched lol. Then the scene ended with a really Kuon-alike onez lol, with Kuon saying is it ok? If she wanted to, she could find out Kanade's secrets straight away lol. Kanade replied with a very Kanade-like phrase ... 'That's a problem ...' LoL. Kotoha was watching the scene ... feeling a little pissed, Nanaho then cut in to stop Kotoha and told her to have fun, Kotoha was like no way. LOL then Rino and Minamo introduced themselves to Kotoha and said that they're joining Kotoha in the Convert work cos Seina asked them to help out. Kotoha was like 'Oi!' Then they even got the Ninja suits to suit the jobs LOL. Kotoha was like 'It's a nightmare!' LOL. Ending with Seina doing the peace sign behind a tree hahahaha and told Kotoha to have fun. Bad Seina XP.

Art: 7/10
Story: 8/10 [KUON~]
Characters: 8/10 [Kuon is not that simple ojou-sama as she seems =)]
Overall: 7.5/10

Wah, i take 1hr and 30mins to type out the summary lol. I'm so slow. Anyways i gtg out for dinner soon ... yeah pre-birthday dinner lol. So fast, i juz realized last night that my birthday is coming soon in 2 days le ... sigh so fast 19 le.

Going off. Eh no time to post brb, i'll post after i come home.

Back, hmm now i'm listening 'A Perfect Day' CD~ soo nice lol juz now yeah eat then go NTUC fairprice shopping, my bros bought some instant cookie mix then probably tomorrow make cookies~ whee. LoL, my bro really interested in cooking ... then this afternoon i was downloading NANA Movie PVs haha, Nakashima Mika's 'Glamorous Sky' PV and Ito Yuna's 'Endless Story' PV. I'll post about them when i'm free lol. I think i got quite abit of stuff to posts if i've got nothing to post in some days ... like OSTs, Mangas, PVs and even AMVs ... haha.

But i seldom download them, unless i really liked that song, then probably i'll download the MTV, PV to see see ... yeah for example 'Endless Story', i like the song alot~ Ah, which reminds me i still got a Kannazuki no Miko - Suppuration AMV somewhere and Kotoko PV in my bro's lappy. Anyways gtg le, i wanna bath. Tomorrow's post would probably be Pani Poni Dash! or FMP - TSR ... cos FMP - TSR Ep10 out~ CYA.

[Signing off @ 9:20 PM]

PS: Honey Honey Honey~

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