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Monday, October 17, 2005

Gokujou Seitokai Ep16

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I'm going off to Thailand for 4 days so will be back on friday night. Anyways, time for Gokujou Seitokai Ep16 screenshots~

Attention All! I'm Pregnant With Kotoha's Kid!LOL Doing Yoga To Help Giving Birth Easier.*Stares At Kotoha's Butt*
Kuon Looks So Forlon Here.=OUm, Can We Do It Here?

Ep started with Rino writing a letter to Mr Poppit about her being a Ninja LOL and doing all kinds of Ninja-like stuff then she named some examples too lol. Flashback to Seina asking Rino and Minamo to help out the Convert and thus bringing us back to last ep's last scene which is Rino and Minamo taking out the Ninja costumes and Kotoha going 'Nightmare' LOL. Kotoha apparently said she doesn't need help and went uh how do i describe ... went 'flash' and disappeared lol like those Ninjas la lol. In Kotoha's class, Kotoha was wondering why Seina told Rino and Minamo about her true identity and speak of the devils, both of them came to her class in their Ninja suits LOL! As Minamo was about to say 'Gokujou Conver..', the door slammed lol and we see Kotoha covering both of their mouths behind the doors lol. Kotoha was like ... 'Nightmare.' Kotoha brought them up to the rooftop ... then told them again she did not need help.

LOL then Minamo threatened to tell everyone Kotoha's identity, Kotoha was like okokok you can help me. Rino and Minamo went 'Yes~~~' then Kotoha told them to go back to their room, attend class and that's it LOL. Minamo brought out a loudspeaker and was announcing it to everyone LOL, then Kotoha added in 'A top-secret assignment.' Hahaha then both of them were so happy that they did some LOL damn funny dance ahahah. And so Kotoha ... gave in LOL. Their first assignment is to following this girl named, Minegishi Mayumi who juz transferred to Miyagami Gakuen 3 days ago and the Convert discovered that a young man had been entering the apartment that Mayumi had been living alone. LOL then Rino was like 'Minamo-chan, a young man~' LOL, 'I wonder what sort of things they're doing~~~' LOL. Minamo was like 'Kiss and stuff~~' LOL, then Rino went 'Extreme~~~' LOL. Pucc-chan added in 'Baka! Obviously they're doing much more than that!'

For example doing sumo or wrestling~ LOL. [What the?] Kotoha was like ... and doubting Rino and Minamo's ... potentials lol. Scene change to Kotoha standing on the hallway thinking about the Minegishi Mayumi ... then Kuon walked by ... and Kotoha juz ignored Kuon and walked past her. [Whoa~] When Kuon tried to talk to Kotoha, Kotoha bluntly said that she doesn't regard Kuon as her charge anymore. Kuon tried to explain but Kotoha had already walked away. Seina saw the scene and was kinda ... annoyed. LOL. So when the 3 of them met, Rino and Minamo were late and their dressing were lol totally ... inappropriate for spying. Rino dressed up as some detective and even had a namecard LOL. Minamo dressed up in a pink dress like as if she's going to some party hahaha. Rino also brought lunch in case they got hungry and Minamo even brought handheld games in case they got bored. LOL. Like they're going for a pinic.

At some rooftop of the opposite building where Minegishi Mayumi was living. Ook, Kotoha's spying with a pair of binoculars. Then Rino was like 'I'm hungry already~' Hahaha. Minamo was like 'I'm boooorrred.' Puc-chan was like 'I got it, Minegishi Mayumi's innocent, case close, let's go home.' LOL. Blah blah then Minamo was like rambling how boring and even the people in the Convert boring too. Rino beg to differ and said Kotoha has a nice face lol. Then Minamo was like but girls have to be smiling unlike Kotoha who's frowning and looking dull most of the time. Kotoha was like smiling is not required in her job and stuff and she's happy with her boring life. Rino then asked by Kotoha joined the Convert, Kotoha replied that it's cos she could use her abilities to the best in the Convert. Scene change to a flashback of Kotoha joining Miyagami Gakuen and Kanade was telling Kotoha that she hoped it was that Kotoha joined the school by her own will and stuff.

And it was the first time Kotoha met Kuon too ... Kuon at that time also noticed Kotoha don't smile and Kotoha just replied that she'll smile when it's required. Then we see a series of flashbacks of Kuon encouraging Kotoha and stuff. Kotoha was apparently upset over Kuon's betrayal. Suddenly Rino told Kotoha that a young man just entered Minegishi Mayumi's apartment ... and that young man is none other than Fujisawa Koukyuu, Agent of Naffres Intelligence Agency. Without any warning, Kotoha 'zoom' to the apartment LOL leaving Rino and Minamo at the rooftop. At the apartment of Minegishi Mayumi, with Kotoha at the window listening, Minegishi Mayumi and Fujisawa Koukyuu were chatting about Jinguuji Kanade and stuff. It was then confirmed that Minegishi Mayumi is a spy. Subject changed to Ginga Kuon, Fujisawa Koukyuu was like saying that there's no chance Kuon would betray them cos that will cost Kuon's family much troubles.

Then both of them were sniggering how dumb Kuon is and such considerate girl like Kuon will never betray. Kotoha got worked up and wanted to attack then she remember that if she attack now, Kuon's secret will be revealed. So Kotoha got back to the rooftop and Rino and Minamo were like how's it?! LoL, then they got disappointed when Kotoha said that it's nothing much. At that time, Kotoha realized why Seina sent both of them to help her. Scene change to Rino and Minamo telling the others about their Convert assignment lol. Scene change to Nanaho's 4th brother and Kotoha ambushing Fujisawa Koukyuu and Minegishi Mayumi bringing their evil ways to an end. While battling Minegishi Mayumi, Kotoha know the reason why she's here now. 'To protect innocent smiles', that's what the Convert is all about. Ah then a short shot of Kaori wondering what is the sound. [Minegishi Mayumi was using a gun while 'battling' Kotoha and a gunshot was heard.]

Scene change to Kuon in the hot spring ... then suddenly Kotoha appeared beside her, startling Kuon for a moment lol. Then Kotoha apologized to Kotoha about her behaviour and stuff. Kuon then noticed Kotoha has a bruise on her left shoulder and asked what happened. Kotoha didn't directly replied what happened and implied that she already know about the truth about Kuon. Kotoha added that Kuon's kinda different from what she portrayed herself to be and that Kuon could investigate Kanade anyway she want and Kotoha will do her best prevent it, fuku-kaichou. [By calling Kuon, fuku-kaichou, kinda tells us, Kotoha forgave Kuon le ba lol] Kotoha asked a last question, that why would Kuon keep a photo of Fujisawa Koukyuu and herself. Kuon replied that it's to remind herself and she won't forget where she stands. LoL then Kuon changed the subject to Kotoha seem to be having fun after Rino and Minamo joined in lol. Kotoha blushed, smiled and admitted ... 'A little bit.'

Kuon then commented that it's the first time she saw Kotoha smiled. Hahaha. Nice scene. Ended with Kotoha stating that 'Well, i guess it's okay [to smile] once in a while.' KAWAII~~~ LOL. I like the feeling between Kotoha and Kuon ... but i prefer Kuon and Nanaho better LOL.

Art: 7/10
Story: 8/10 [Kotoha's pretty cute when she smiles]
Characters: 7/10 [Kotoha~ Kuon~]
Overall: 7/10

Yeah, lol the reason why i'm blogging so hard last week was to make up for the loss lol ... manz, i'm sick yet i still gotta go to Thailand ... how am i gonna eat the hot and spicy food there?! LOL I got food poisoning somemore lol, it's like pushing a big slice of unbaked chocolate cake in front of me then adding a dash of bullshit on it and tell me to eat it. GOD. Life is never so 'qiao' when i want it to. Maybe i should go buy 4D sia lol.

Went to see the doctor today, got more medicine in case i fall dead on my way to Thailand lol. Sigh. This is the first time that i don't feel excited when i go overseas. LOL. Gonna wake up at 6am ... 9.20am flight ... sigh. I'm going to miss my lappy and animes ... hope Mai Otome Ep2 sub's out when i come home ... i think it should be le ba ... and Blood+ Ep2 whee. Gotta go eat medicine ... then watch Family Guy, Incredible Tales then America's Next Top Model woot~ I like Kahlen lol, she looks so pure and innocent like a little girl lol. XP. I rather like Naima too but not Keenyah ... Naima got the style lol.

Anyways, gotta go cya.

[Signing off @ 8:58 PM]

PS: .... i hate getting sick.

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