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Saturday, October 29, 2005

Blood+ Ep1

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Actually i wanna post at 10pm de but my brothers were baking chocolate cake so i need to go help if not i have no share in it -.-||| how pathetic ... lol this is reality kids! Anyways here's Blood+ Ep1 screenshots~

=OKai And Saya.Saya And Riku.
=O I Love This Batty Beast's Puny Eyes.Matrix?Deep/French Kiss!

I think reviews for future Blood+ will be brief short ones [maybe] cos i wanna probably concentrate on other titles XP. Aiya it really depends ba, if i'm in a mood, i'll go in detail and it'll be long. Anyways god the teaser at the front started out really bloody, killing and monsters wooo! I like. Ok, the setting's in this place, i think Vietnam if i'm not wrong, cos the people looked like Vietnamese ... really. Yeah there's the military, monsters and the common folks were killed brutally by this particular red eyed, long-haired girl who wielded a sword/blade/katana? Soooo freaking chilling lol. Ohhh, i love the OP~, 'Aozora no Namida' i'm beginning to like Takahashi Hitomi's voice~

After the bloody killing scene, scene changes to a high school where the main character, Otonashi Saya's doing high jumps. She almost cleared the pole but i guess her butt got in the way LOL. Anyways her friend, Kinjou Kaori who was watching her jump, stated how close Saya had been to clearing the pole. As Saya laid on the mattress, probably tired, she called for Kaori to come closer, as Kaori came closer and laid on top of Saya's stomach, lol Saya's stomach made a grumbling noise. 'It's snack time.' Manz, i really have to say something abt this scene. I really sense no 'shoujo-ai' vibes at all lol. [In case some don't know, shoujo-ai means girls love]

Ok, before you shoujo-ai fans send draggers shooting towards me lol, allow me to explain. Firstly, when Saya called out for Kaori, i suspect Saya's too tired to even say out she's hungry, so to show a hungry person, it's better to put it in action right? Besides, it's funnier, rather than just Saya whining that she's hungry. So people probably misunderstood there, this also kinda show the relationship between Saya and Kaori, that desires need not be put into words but in actions. Bleh, probably I AM the one reading to much into this lol. Anyways, scene change to Saya and Kaori sitting under a tree and Saya's eating her bento.

Staring at Saya's gobbling face, Kaori giggled and said that it's just like Saya who couldn't give it her all with the jump on an empty stomach. Saya replied that she could had clear the jump if not for her empty stomach. Then the subject changed to Kaori commenting that Saya eats so much but still stay slim unlike Kaori who has to worry about diets lol. Saya just shrugged it off. Kaori, probably teasing Saya, pushed Saya over saying she's jealous. As they laid on the green grass, a two fighter planes and a bomber flew past. Saya went 'What a big plane' and Kaori said that the big plane's a bomber and it's probably on its way to a war.

Kaori added that she had heard from it from her mother who worked on the base and she felt disgusted over the fact that her mum and her are able to eat and making a living because of the base. Saya just said she couldn't relate to that. Kaori kinda remembered that Saya couldn't remember anything from a year ago. Saya nodded and said that that bomber, it's like she had seen it before. Later, Miyagusuku Kai, Saya's adopted brother called out to Saya that it's time to go to the hospital. Kaori was like saying how nice is for Kai-senpai to pick her up and how hot Kai is lol. Saya kinda shrugged it off and said really, Kai seems to gets into lots of fights and she hates fighting.

Kaori continued saying that Kai used to play baseball and was even the ace pitcher. Saya had no idea about it. Saya then left with Kai on his bike, on the ride, Saya asked him about him playing baseball. Kai confirmed it and said he quited before Saya came. Saya went on to say it's been one year and she doesn't seem to recall her past. Kai told her the past is irrevelant, what is most important is that they're family now, even if they're not blood-related. Saya felt assured by his words. To make Saya feel better, Kai suggested to drive past the bench Saya like. Scene change to some office, probably the military, talking about some capturing of mouse thingy.

In the hospital, Saya's receiving her treatments and she still couldn't recall her past. At the background, the radio's talking about some serial killer in Nago City, Okinawa. Scene change to Saya walking through this street then hearing someone playing the bass violin and stopped to listen. While listening, she was reminded of visions from her past. A castle like place, a girl in a kinda European dress, holding a key and unlocking a door. Engrossed in her visions, Saya embarrassed herself when she got too carried away when she tried to stop the herself in her vision from unlocking the lock. The guy playing the bass violin stared at the running Saya. By the way, his name's Hagi LoL.

Saya returned home to only realized that she had forgotten her shoes for the competition and ran back to school to get them. As she ran out of their shop, she bumped into this David guy and the David guy seemed to be rather hostile to Saya and wanted to talk to Saya's dad. Saya's dad urged Saya to run along and she went. As Saya ran off, Hagi's standing outside looking. In the shop, David asked Saya's dad if there's any changes as it has been a year. Saya's dad replied that even so he will not give Saya to him. David retorted that is Saya a replacement for Saya's dad's dead daughter. Saya's dad kept quiet. David then placed the money for the month on the counter and left.

In front of the school, Saya found out that the school gates have been locked and lol jumped over it in the end. As Saya ran in, Hagi appeared in front of her, said he has found her and brought out a dragger. Saya ran away screaming and bumped into a teacher. Saya told the teacher about Hagi and he went to investigate. LOL GOD! When the teacher walked towards Saya, like as he was trying to scare her cos he was facing the touchlight to his face and i was expecting him to go boo! or something but no suddenly a ... monster claw covered his head and pulling him up the roof. Then sounds of cracking were heard, you know the usual stuff. Saya was like what the and glanced upwards ...

But was greeted by the teacher's intact [CHEY!] dead body falling back down. Wait, before we talk abt the monster, i'm curious why the teacher's body seems ... intact? Just a few bite holes were on his neck and upper chest. WHY?! I heard so many crunching and cracking noise but what?! The head didn't get bitten off or the hand didn't get chewed off?! I'm rather disappointed here. It kinda make no sense. LoL or am i the one reading it in too much? Ok back, Saya of course got so scared that she fell on her butt then the monster slowly descending down along with too much drops of blood in its mouth ... i mean where did the blood come from?! It didn't even bite off anything! Makes no sense again.

Can't be the monster's drool right? ... If so ... i have no comments. With the monster in front of her, Saya got up and rannnnnn~ The monster roared. The military had readings from the monster's roar and sent people over. Back at the shop, Kaori came to tell Saya's dad that Saya left her shoes behind and she had collected it for her. Saya's dad called Kai to probably go to the school and fetch Saya. Scene change to the school, Saya ran inside the teachers' office calling for help but found noone. She then ran and locked the door, assuming that she was saved but NOT! LoL, the monster crashed the glass door and was prying open the cracked door. Saya got hurted due to the monster-crash-door impact.

She got up and ran further in but was met with Hagi standing at the hallway. Hagi issued a dragger towards Saya ... went past her [COOL! Slow motion rock!] and into the monster's stomach behind her. Hagi sent another cross like thing into the monster's eye. Wiggling in pain, the monster sent Saya slamming to the windows beside her and Saya fainted. Outside the school, Kai had arrived and saw the dead body of the teacher. At the hallway, Hagi was kicking the monster's butt. Kai heard the sounds of broken glasses and ran to investigate. At the same time, Hagi carried saya and ran further in and into the chem lab. In the chem lab, Saya asked Hagi what is that thing. Hagi replied that it's a Chiropteran, better known as a bat.

Oh so it's a bat beast, that explains the intacted body and blood flowing from its mouth ... hmmm ok, but it still doesn't explain the cracking sounds! LoL. Ah, whatever. Back at the chem lab, Hagi opened up his violin casing thingy to bring out a blade and unwrapped the bandage on his right hand to reveal a monster like hand. Then he used the blade to cut his monster like hand. Saya saw the scene and was like excuse me what are you doing!? Hagi didn't say anything but bring the bloody hand towards's Saya's face, asking her to drink the blood. Saya refused and pushed Hagi out of the way. The bat beast crashed into the chem lab's door, with its hurt right eye rejuvenating in front of them. [COOOOOLLL!!!!]

Hagi calmly sucked the blood from his hand, the bat beast attacked Saya, Hagi grabbed Saya outta the way in the nick of time. Kai, following the blood traces, found the chem lab. Scene change to a HOT SCENE!!! LoL, i mean to Saya getting pushed down and kissed by Hagi! It wasn't really a kiss ba, Hagi's just feeding the blood to Saya. Kai arrived at the chem lab only to see them kissing but was shocked when the bat beast roared and Kai went what the hell?! After kissing Saya, Hagi told her to fight. Saya after being 'kissed' or rather feed by Hagi, remembered the scene from the teaser at the front and the vision she had when she heard Hagi playing the violin ... and her wounds were healed too! Something has awaken in Saya. -End- WHOA lol, nice ok, the monster's great!! WHOA I LIKE! [Going crazy] Ok, hey the ending's not bad ... i like.

Art: 7/10
Story: 7/10 [Oooh, lots of possiblities in Ep1, MORE BLOOD! MORE GORE! MORE MONSTERS! PLEASE! LOL]
Characters: 7/10 [Hmm i like the characters so far]
Overall: 7/10

Think i'll post up the chocolate cake pictures tomorrow, it's still not done yet ... 10mins more ba then we need to cut it into halves then spread the cream we made. Yeah making a chocolate layered cake. Hahaha, i'm probably bringing some for class gathering at HQ's house tomorrow. We only made one le ... dunno if enough or not ... see ba later.

Oh later 11.30 PM Channel U got YanZi @ the Kang Qi thingy programme lol, looks funny hehehe from the previews. Ohhhh i also saw SingPost advertisement on TV quite a number of times lol. That guy on TV looks familiar ... is he the one who attended our Intergrated Presentation in NP? I ... am not sure, i'm bad with both faces and names LOL. Wah people can be bad in names and some bad with faces, i'm bad with both lol.

Anyways, not blogging animes on Sundays ... cos i wanna reserve it for Manga posts yep. Or other posts. Depends on my mood. Ohhh yes, YanZi's autograph session is on next saturday, 5/11/2005 at IMM wheeee, i can't wait to see YanZi again!!! SO HAPPY!!! Hehehe.

Speaking of the forbidden love fic i was talking abt last night ... i thought of 3 kinds of forbidden love. Not really forbidden love ba ... but taboos. Ok, i wanna combine incest, homosexuality and lolicon together in one fic LOL. Whoa, sounds pretty cool huh lol. I've been reading many kinds of fanfics and i'm itching to do my own ... but not confident enough haha. But the flaw is too many commitments in one story might turn people off and the story might go weird or too tight. I dunno, but i hope to do at least chapter 1 ... heh and post it over here. Well cya, i'm going to check on the cake ... my bro's hollering at me XP.

[Signing off @ 11:24 PM]

PS: LOL The cake's a failure!!! LOL Cracks everywhere lol i wonder if i can even bring to my friends and eat sia .. lol scary XP. It's ugly but can eat de.

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