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Sunday, October 2, 2005

Pani Poni Dash! Ep2

[Posted @ 11:30 PM]
LoL, i find that i'm so busy when i go online. I open up my folders and IE windows then my Winamp and open up my window task manager to check out my CPU usage level and stuff lol. Then i ... uh how about we continue this later and jump into Pani Poni Dash! Ep2 screenshots first~

I ... Am ... Plain?EVIL!LOL This Face ROCKS!
Gives Me A Peaceful Feeling.i-Robot.Dead-Robot.

Oook, let me see, Ep2 is basically about Becky calling the girls via nicknames Becky gave. LoL. Himeko's Ahoge, Miyako's Study Bug, Rei's The Bully [LOL How true!] and Kurumi's The Plain one, actually Becky don't even remember her name, that's why Kurumi went into ... mopping mode half of the ep. LoL. Basically the front part is about that yeah, Becky trying to remember Kurumi's name but failed lol.

Then uh, second part is introducing the students from the other class ... oh, from Jijii's class, 1-D lol. Hahaha then funny things happened which i don't really remembered much. Bleh. I was probably still laughing from the front part. OH OH i know why le, cos the AVI i download wasn't playing too well, it was kinda jerking around then hanged my lappy. So i juz quickly scroll and watch. Then i didn't get to watch the last part too, cos it just happily skipped off. LoL. So i guess ... too bad then lol.

Art: 7/10
Story: 5/10 [Cos the AVI crapped up on me, i can't enjoy]
Characters: 7/10 [FOR Kurumi! LOL]
Overall: 6/10

Next i'll talk about what i do when i switch on my lappy LOL. It's really fun i tell you. Ok firstly, i push the (o) button on my lappy to switch it on LOL. Then the usual Window XP crappy came up ... i switch on the wireless modem thingy ... then i wait for 10 seconds .... ah then CTRL + ALT + DEL, type in the password, enter.

My lappy loads ... i wait for it to load everything up, MSN messager automantically signed in ... then if i'm not in a mood or in a downloading mood, i'll close off the MSN messager cos it slows me down. After that, i'll click on IE ... twice then pop out two IE windows. Then i'll click on 'My Computer' then 'My Documents' - 'Comic Pic' - 'Mangas' or 'Shoujo-Ai And Yuri' then i'll click on the 'received' on my desktop. So there are 5 things on my start bar le. Then i'll click on IE twice again then pop out two IE windows ... then i wait ... then i'll click on the Winamp icon on my start bar - quick launch there yeah. Then i'll play my fave track which is 'Endless Story'.

After that i'll CTRL + ALT + DEL, then i'll click on 'Window Task Manager'. Later i'll go to 'received' and click on the BT files to download the anime eps i wanna download. Which is now two of YanZi's news file and a manga scanlation titled Kashimashi-Girl Meets Girl V1 C1, later i'll open up more yeah, usually not more than 5. Then i'll go to 'Window Task Manager', then click on 'btdownloadgui.exe' and set the priority download to low. After that i'll go to my 4 IE windows. The first one would go to 'Tokyo Toshokan' where i will see if the latest anime sub eps are out or not, if yes i'll click save 'em, put a note on my notepad so that i'll remember to download them. I'll also put a kinda cross for animes i finished downloading and watched. [LoL fun. I should scan it for all to see.] Then the second IE window will go to 'Manga News Net' where i'll look up the latest scanlations chapters. Third IE window goes to probably 'YanZi Unlimited Forum' then forth will go to 'ChuangYi' website where i will see the latest published titles and stuff then probably go to the forum too. Yeah. That's all ... cya LOL.

[Signing off @ 11:59 PM]

PS: blogger's down ... i tried posting this twice for the 4th 5th 6th 7th time! ... pissed off!!!!!!!!!!

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