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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Full Metal Panic! - The Second Raid Ep10

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I'm feeling so tired these days ... a very very heavy feeling. This week keep going to school sia .. monday for training and today for the BU EM meeting ... ha ... so freaking dizzy when i got there. Here's Full Metal Panic! - The Second Raid Ep10 screenshots anyways.

Sousuke's Thinking About Kaname ......Expression Of Despair.

Ep started with Tessa saying a prayer before they started their briefing. Then blah blah there's a briefing and Sousuke wasn't paying much attention at all. Scene changes to Sousuke in front of Arbalest, went in, activating it then had a little chat with it. LoL, Arbelast's pretty cool. When Sousuke started blaming on Arbalest on the defeat in Nanking, Arbalest retorted back lol and said that yes, it's his wrong but also Sousuke's fault too. As Sousuke's getting worked up, Melissa called him and said he's called for a mission. Blah blah then there's an AS that's crashing places in Hong Kong and stuff so the mission is to for them to fly there without the Arbalest cos it's unreliable lol.

Sousuke still can't handle the Arbalest. After packing his stuff, Sousuke walked out of his room and met Tessa at the hallway, and he looked at the other way and kinda ignored Tessa probably cos of the incident in Ep8 and Tessa kept quiet but visibly was sadden by it. Scene changed to helicopter flying them to Hong Kong. Scene change to Melissa, Sousuke and two other ... lol unknown Mithril people [I really dunno their names!] in this high skyscraper, later Melissa started talking about her past lol, and her cowardly dad aha, then she said that she pissed him off by signing up for the Marines on her wedding day and in her wedding dress LOL! Melissa said although she suffered alot after that, she didn't regret her decision.

Then some guy named Hunter from the Hong Kong's main branch of Information Bureau came and started talking about how bad is the situation and stuff and the AS Melissa and company are supposed to track down. Hunter gave them a map and some specified locations for them to find. While they were concentrating on the stuff, Sousuke was blanking out lol, Melissa ain't pleased at all. Scene changes to them in disguises as some cleaners working for a Hong Kong company. Then they got separated to two vans, the other two got into one, Sousuke and Melissa in another. As they drove along the streets of Hong Kong, everywhere was guarded by the militaries. As they stopped at a roadblock, Melissa could speak cantonese =O.

Yeah but it sounds reaaaaaaaaallllllllly weird lol, but they cleared the roadblock anyways and got on safely. Melissa started talking about how really bad the situation is in Hong Kong and how it changed and stuff ... As they drove on, lol the slience is kinda abit suffocating ... at the red light lol. While driving to a dangerous stop, Sousuke was suddenly reminded of Kaname, lost concentration and got into a slight accident. Melissa tried to get down and explian the situation but got held down by the military and so was Sosuke. Suddenly the wanted AS appeared and started crashing the whole place. Later the AS ran towards Melissa and Sosuke lying on the ground as if it's gonna crush them and suddenly leaped up to another place.

It's like a challenge to them, lol. Melissa's damn pissed about Sousuke's blankout ... Sousuke was like ... yeah you're right, i'm sorry, i can't do this anymore. And Melissa saw the expression of Sousuke which was the same as Yanlan, the expression of despair. Sousuke got off the van and walked off.

Art: 8/10
Story: 6/10 [Nothing much, but it just reinforces more of Sousuke's depair and stuff]
Characters: 7/10 [Seeing Sousuke in despair's kinda fun]
Overall: 7/10

Manz, i wanted to do up Ep11 tonight too, but got too tired and gave up halfway. I think i'm dying haha. Man, i'm getting so restless. I watched School Rumble Ep23 this afternoon before i went for the 3pm meeting lol, man, it's enjoyable ... lifted up my spirits for a little while. Oh i think heaven is going against me lol, it was dark and looks like it was going to rain, so i quickly packed my bag and ran out of house and thought i could get to the bus stop without taking out my umbrella. But noooooooo, when i stepped out of my door, LARGE DROPS OF RAIN came poooourrring down. LoL, life is never that 'qiao' sia. Strike 4D also not that 'qiao'.

So i had to slip my bag off my shoulders which is kinda bothersome lol, take out my umbrella and walk out. Shessh. Pissed, anyways if u think raining before stepping out of home is bad enough, try smelling the 'natural' smell everywhere. WHOA I choked twice and tears came into my eyes, i even had to squeeze my nose and use my mouth to breath lol. God, my nose's so damn sensitive. That was sooo awful manz. Damn stuffy, stinky smell of ... decomposed grass? Like my lungs are being compressed and stuffed with carbon dioxide. God. Horrible feeling.

Anyways i managed to go safely to school in one piece lol. During the meeting, actually it was pretty short, the rest of the time the rest were uh let's say talking about unrelated stuff lol. Then i was chatting with LL and SW over MSN. SW's at school too, she said she's at the library ... yeah so i waited at the atrium for her ... lol long time no see =) whee. Chatted quite abit abt animes and SW was saying how lame Godannar is LOL.

Well, i'm freaking tired, i'll juz type out FMP - TSR Ep11 tomorrow ... blog it then on with Mai Otome Ep1 and Blood+ Ep1 then back to FMP - TSR Ep12 and Ep13 [END]. Then probably back to Pani Poni Dash! or Gokujou Seitokai ... whichever release come out first ba. Not sure. Cya then. I wanna sleep XP.

[Signing off @ 11:26 PM]

PS: Let's watch an anime first before i sleep ba lol.


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