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Friday, October 7, 2005

Pani Poni Dash! Ep4 + YanZi's 9th Album 'Perfect Day' Is Out!

[Posted @ 10:00 PM]
WOOOOO! YanZi's 9th Album 'A Perfect Day' IS OUT!!! GO BUY IT NOW! Even if it's 10pm now! LOL. Anyways u can still buy it tomorrow la. No worries lol. Well that is u can sleep tonight without listening to YanZi's latest song. Muahahahaha. Anyways, here's Pani Poni Dash! Ep4 screenshots~

Buy YanZi's Album! It's GOOD!ARGH! I FORGOT TO BUY YANZI'S ALBUM JUST NOW!Ok Meeting Time, 'Purchase YanZi's Album' Operation.
If You Buy YanZi's Album For Me ... I'll Give You Everything Of Me.Ahh~ Life Is So Good With YanZi's Album.What?! You're Going To Play YanZi's Music In Bed Too?

LOL, damn high with YanZi stuff rotating in my brain right now LoL.

Ook, tune back to PPD! Ep4 summary. Basically about Becky giving the class a test then telling them to study and stuff lol. Then we know the scores of the 6 girls ... around 50+ and 60+ for most of them BUT Rei actually's a pretty smart student! 80+ sia her average lol, got brains and ... body huh lol.

Yeah then they wanna organize some study meeting then become some camping thingy lol ... then we see some Rei's sexiness lol. Becky's kawaii actions and poor Miyako's shocked faces lol.

Oh speaking of results ... i got my results already actually last night LOL. I scored pretty bad than last term LOL. My best was probably my second year ... haha. Anyways results below;
1. E-Marketing - B+
2. Sales Management - D+
3. Interactive Business Skills - B
4. Investing In Stock Market - C+
5. Marketing Communication - C+
6. Marketing Research - B
7. World Issues - A Singapore Perspective - C+
Wah sia la no A sia LOL. Got only 2.66 points lol, so sad so many Cs first time my IS got Cs sia LOL! ... and one D sia damn SM!!! You suck! I was aiming for no Ds! DAMMMNNN~! Last term was IEF tat is D ... sigh kinda makes me a pretty bad student huh. LOL.

People like see me like very hard working le, actually i'm a very very lazy person. And stupid too. LOL. All Bs and Cs and Ds ... no A. Hahaha. My face got stamped an A meh? LoL.

Ahhh i bought YanZi's 'A Perfect Day' juz now at Orchard's Sembawang lol. I was kinda rushing for time so i straight away go counter and asked for YanZi's CD le LOL. The person gave me a free hair cut coupon ... <-- [Bluff one de cos need to buy some $18 set thingy to get the free haircut LOL.] A body/toilet spray? LOL. And it costed me S$19.90 lol, really cool, then inside got the YanZi Secret Photo Album CD lor and also a S$20 Party World KTV Coupon ... why not K-Box one? LOL. Anyways wahh so nice i like the inside CD cover alot, the one on the left side, i think it displayed YanZi's side view and nose very well i like it alot.

I'll review the song tracks tomorrow. I need to bath LOL. CYA!

[Signing off @ 10:22 PM]

PS: Juz now cos some container truck came in and cut off the power and my lappy went blank before i could even click Publish Post lol. So sorry. XP. BUY YANZI'S ALBUM!!! Oh Oh, i went to Taka juz now yeah and then i went up to Kino to drool at the mangas i could see and touch but cannot buy LOL. Sooo cool i see the Ayashi no Ceres Artbook ... wanted to buy but see the price ... i almost fainted on the spot. Sigh.

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