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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Mai Hime Ep26 [END]

[Posted @ 10:19 PM]
Whoa, finally lol end of Mai Hime ... and a start with Mai Otome soon ... i'm still downloading it ... damn slow BT ... here's Mai Hime Ep26 screenshots to keep the pace up.

Tate's Acting The Hero Badly.LOL Haruka's Funny Entrance.Kan Nin Na~ LOL!!! LOL!!!
I'm Hungry~Marimite Casts In The Making. Shizuru As Sei, Natsuki As Shimako, Nao as Noriko.Huggie Natsuki~ We're Together Again.

Ook, continues from the last Ep where Miyu's invoking something with Alyssa-chan's voice in the background. Then Mashiro was released and blah blah blah happened ... [LoL, sorry, i'm lazy here.] Then the VIPs of the HiMes all came back. with Haruka making the funny entry in lol. Yes kids, that means Tate's back and he's fighting Reito ... while Mai busy herself with Mikoto. Mai couldn't bring herself to attack Mikoto then one particular scene, Mikoto's necklace broke off and Mai kinda confessed her love for Mikoto and stuff. [Not in romantic sense ... but probably juz friend-friend kinda feeling] Hugged and stuff. Then blah blah happened, Reito lost and the rest of the HiMes came to the rescue riding on their childs.

Lol Shizuru's damn cute here, when Nao yelled out to Shizuru and Yukino looked on ... Shizuru juz gave a kawaii 'Kan Nin Na' [I'm sorry in Kyoto Dialect and also a swear word in Hokkien Dialect LOL! That explains why i'm laughing so loud and repeated that scene 5 times to hear if i heard correctly or not LOL. Side notes: recently i kept going 'KNN' when i'm pissed and stuff lol, and u know what it is LoL] And Natsuki stole Midori's line by going 'HiMe-Sentai' let's kick some butt action. Hahaha, Midori sure was pissed.

Then blah blah blah happened, Reito or rather the OL was defeated and Mikoto seem to be dying ... Mai was crying pretty hard ... then it appears that Mikoto was juz hungry LOL. So it was a happy ending, everyone's back and stuff. We have the AkanexKazu love-love action, Miyu and Nao became Nuns-In-The-Making?! LOL GOD. Yukariko the sister showed up very pregnant. That was not very surprising. Then we have some cute Natsuki action lol. MaixTate action ... thank god Shiho came to kick Tate's butt. For once i love Shiho that much lol. Then Takumi's in US with Akira and his operation was successful. Midori's with her Professor going on some wacky trip. Then we have everyone going for Karaoke as Mai had requested lol. Ending credits ... with Shizuru stealing as hug from Natsuki hahaha. Then before it ended, we see Natsuki, Mikoto and Mai walking and stuff then we see Mai Otome's main character Arika's first appearance =).

Oook, i guess that's all ... hmm ok i watched Loveless Ep7 last night but i didn't type the summary, i really want to finish up the old series and concentrate on the new titles now. LoL, so i'm probably juz putting up Loveless Ep6-Ep12 [End] screenshots + a little words and there for the next 7 days. Oh i'm not watching Black Cat afterall, doesn't appeal to me afterall lol. Still downloading Blood+ Ep1 and Mai Otome Ep1 ... and Gakuen Alice Ep13. Whee cya.

[Signing off @ 10:53 PM]

PS: Off to watch Peacemaker Kurogane~


  1. Hi there ,
    Mai Hime was really a great anime ! I like it so much ! I saw the whole episodes more than 10 times ! and I still watch it when I'm free ... I prefer it on Mai Otome ... the new season is so hmm let me say unexpacted .. I thought that I'm going to see something like Mai hime or better but thanks good Natsuki is still cool and shizuru too but that new hime arika is soo stupid ! Damit I don't like her at all ! but Lol I still what her show LOL !

  2. lol yep, Mai Hime totally rocked. I was hooked by the ealier episodes but got bored in the middle butttt when suddenly Akane's VIP died, i was like WTF, this rocked!! And everything went crazy and thrilling again hahaha.

    Mai Otome rocked too, especially episode 1 ... kyahhh Shizuru-sama XD.