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Sunday, October 23, 2005

[PV] NANA Movie - Endless Story + Glamorous Sky

[Posted @ 11:41 PM]
LoL, i was kinda busy today, going here and there ... lazy to type up FMP - TSR Ep10/11 summaries sigh ... must be post-going-to-open-school-blues lol. Anyways decided to do up a PV post tonight. PVs from NANA Movie - Endless Story by Ito Yuna and Glamorous Sky by Nakashima Mika.

Reira.Ito Yuna.Ito Yuna.

I already posted up the lyrics for Endless Story before le, click here to view it.

Here's Glamorous Sky lyrics:

Glamorous Sky

Akehanashita mado ni mawaru ranbu no DEEP SKY
AH aoide...

"Kurikaesu hibi ni nan no imi ga aru no?"
AH sakende...
Tobidasu GO
Hakitsubushita ROCKING SHOES
Haneageru PUDDLE
Kimi wa CLEVER

Ano niji wo watatte ano asa ni kaeritai
Ano yume wo narabete futari aruita GLAMOROUS DAYS

"Akewatashita ai ni nan no kachi mo nai no?"
AH nageite...
Hakidasu GO
Nomihoshite ROCK N'ROLL
Iki agaru BATTLE
Kimi no FLAVOR

Ano hoshi wo atsumete kono mune ni kazaritai
Ano yume wo tsunaide futari odotta GLAMOROUS DAYS
Mm... glamorous DAYS
Nemurenai yo!

Yukibana... OH...
Yamikumo kieru FULL MOON
Kotaete boku no koe ni

Ano kumo wo haratte kimi no mirai terashitai
Kono yume wo kakaete hitori aruku yo GLORIOUS DAYS

Ano niji wo watatte ano asa ni kaeritai
Ano yume wo narabete futari aruita GLAMOROUS DAYS


Credits: English Translation By Cori & Ryu

Wooot, i kinda like Glamorous Sky lol, i was at this Thailand's shopping centre on our last day on the trip to Thailand then there's this big MTV playing screen then Nakashima Mika's Glamorous Sky suddenly played lol i was like singing to it~ So cool~~~~ LoL. Then suddenly i felt better already lol. Oh i read that Glamorous Sky also topped the charts for quite a number of weeks and second was Ito Yuna's Endless Story which is pretty good already for a newbie =).

Actually i prefer Endless Story lol, i felt in love with it~~~ totally! LoL. When i was playing NANA movie trailer then there's this part of Ito Yuna as Reira singing Endless Story's chrous, i was like 'DAMN I HAVE TO GET THAT SONG NO MATTER WHAT!' LOL. Oh i think it's in screenshot 4, yeah that scene was played in the trailer. Woot, i didn't watch the movie but i heard it's good lol like Singapore got screen sia. I saw the trailers though, it's good enough lol.

Oh i forgot to say why i'm busy today lol, woke up at 10.30am and then sat in front of lappy for a while then brush my teeth and bath. After that watch Gundam Seed Destiny on KC ... then slacked in front of lappy again then sat 171 to meet the yanziunlimited people at Raffles City. Later went to Northpoint to buy a new Creative Headphone ... my white one was ... spoilt lol. So i bought a black one ... i dun like the yellow one lol. Then went to Comics Connection and purchased Kingdom Hearts #1/#2, Guyver #8 and Fruits Basket #13 YAY RIN's on da COVER~ LoL. Then went to M's house and watched her SCV programmes LOL!!! LOL!!! Then around 7.30pm, my dad came to fetch me~ Woot. Save my EZ-link card money lol.

That's all i guess oh, i still gotta go school tomorrow for class meeting and vPOST product training ... ahhh i wanna watch my animes and type out summaries!!! I'm lagging on Blood+ and Mai Otome!!! LoL. I think i'll juz finish up FMP - TSR first before i start on them? Or not ... i wanna ramble on how cool Shizuru is ... ahhhhhhhhh juz finished downloading Mai Otome Ep2 ... Shizuru's soooo cool LOL. I think i'll do up FMP - TSR Ep9/10/11 on the next 3 days then move on to Mai Otome Ep1 then Blood+ Ep1 then finish up FMP - TSR Ep12/13 ba ... looks like a nice plan. Good. Ok nite all.

[Signing off @ 11:59 PM]

PS: I'm having a flu now shessh, first food poisoning, period, stomach cramps, headaches and now flu ... my nose! .... Oh i think i whacked my head like 10 times when i had a headache juz now lol.


  1. I love NANA!! The song "Endless story" is so nice!!! I love it!! ^^ And I really want to watch the movie!!

  2. haha me too, i'm starting to love Ito Yuna's voice~ Anyways thanks for stopping by my blog. Hope to see ya again. =)

  3. Anytime! ;) And thanks for visiting my blog too! I'll visit your blog whenever I can ok? Take care and see you later! ^^