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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Loveless Ep6

[Posted @ 5:52 PM]
Let's have a string of Loveless Ep6-Ep10 screenshots posts this afternoon! Oh btw, i managed to type out Loveless Ep6's summary but not for Ep7-Ep10. I'll post Ep11-Ep12 screenshots in the weekend.

Ritsuka Looks So CUTE!Chibi Faces!Soubi~
Natsuo And Youji.=O Chibi Soubi!Adult Soubi's Sexy.

Ok, Ritsuka's sitting on a bus, then a couple with a kid were asking their child if she like papa or mama more. The child thought for a while and said that she likes both. Ritsuka was overcomed with mixed feelings ... 'Suki [Like] ...' What is love, he wondered. Then he thought of the people who said 'Suki' to him. [Soubi, duh, Yuiko and the doctor] Although people are saying that they like him, he felt cold. Then Ritsuka said that when Soubi told him that he likes him, he feel pain.

LoL, next part's really funny lol. From Ep1-5, not much 'Chibi' faces of any characters in Loveless. [See screenshot 1, Yes, it's Ritsuka~] Haha then Yuiko was like urging Ritsuka to join the Crafts' club cos Wednesday's club day. Ritsuka refused. Then Yayoi asked him to join Music club and he made many funny actions lol. Then Shinonome-sensei came up and asked Ritsuka to join the English club lol, Ritsuka was like no, i'm not joining any club but they ain't listening. Then blah blah, Yayoi wanted to join Crafts' club later then made this lol gross face that made Yuiko slammed Shinonome-sensei's book right in his face, cried and yelled that Yayoi's gross lol. Funny. Ritsuka was still saying that he's not joining any club because he's busy on Wednesday. He's got an appointment with his doctor mahz. Then he ran off, while walking out, he was thinking whether he had friends.

As Ritsuka was walking out, Soubi sneaked up from behind and called his name, making him jump lol. Cute. Then Soubi asked where's Ritsuka going and followed him even if Ritsuka said no. Then there they stood waiting for the bus at the bus stop, so Ritsuka asked Soubi about the Seven Moon message they got from Kinka and Ginka, Soubi shrugged it off again, making Ritsuka angry. The bus arrived, Ritsuka got on, refused to let Soubi on aha and left. [Chibi them again~ See screenshot 2]

Ritsuka went for his appointment with his doctor and the doctor told Ritsuka that she finds Ritsuka’s an honest child, then Ritsuka was like so surprised. Then the doctor asked Ritsuka to tell her about himself and so Ritsuka talked about life and stuff and how he would disappear when the 'real' him comes back and the doctor just said that what everyone will disappear [Death] and blah blah lol, quite meaningful, but I wouldn’t go in depth here. In whole, the doctor asked Ritsuka to just be concern about now and live life to the fullest. Then they went for a date to take Ritsuka's mind off haha.

Then Ritsuka's form teacher, Shinonome-sensei's going to Ritsuka's house for a house visit and she's nervous haha. Along the way, she met this two young boys [Badddd boys lol], they asked Shinonome-sensei if she knows where is Aoyagi Ritsuka's house and Shinonome-sensei thought they were Ritsuka's friends. Yeah, their name are Natsuo [The one with eye-patch] and Youji [See screenshot 4] and looked so evil lol and took Shinonome-sensei as their 'slave' haha kinda. Then they even teased her about her ears and stuff. LoL, they look so innocent and stuff holding bears on their hands ahaha.

Then they brought her to this park then were going to command her to do stuff and Soubi interrupted them. They are 'Zero', Soubi deactivated their spell and put Shinonome-sensei to sleep. Then Soubi and the Zero fought. Soubi was relieved that Ritsuka's not around because Zero are dangerous.

Then back to Ritsuka and the doctor's date haha, they were at this restaurant having Japanese style food. Then Ritsuka talked about burdock root pasta [Never heard of it lol] that Soubi made for him. Then the doctor was like a rival, when Ritsuka told her that he ate with a classmate too, a girl hahahaha, I was pretty surprised. XP

Sitting in the doctor's car, Ritsuka kinda felt Soubi's battle with the Zero. Then in the car, the doctor was glad that Ritsuka was making friends, then Ritsuka wasn’t sure if they were really friends and the doctor said that they are his friends and likes him and will be sad if he were to disappear and that includes her. [Around there la the meaning]

During the battle, one of Soubi's glasses's pane broke and the Zero were like, show us your pain!~ Then Soubi said he was used to pain and flashback to this evil sensei Soubi had, whipping Soubi's back to make sure he is used to pain and blah. [Kayyyahh Soubi with ears~ lol kawaii~]

While the doctor sent Ritsuka back home, Ritsuka saw a butterfly [Kinda referring to Soubi] squashed lol. Soubi’s left cheek was cut by Zero and Soubi was like interesting ... haha. Anyways, the sensei of Soubi looks kinda like Soubi, except, he looks more emotionless and evil haha but hottt~ haha.

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PS: 1 down, 4 to go.

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