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Saturday, October 8, 2005

YanZi @ Glass House Via Yahoo Online For 24hrs

[Posted @ 11:05 PM]
Hallo all lol, right now i'm still tuning to Yahoo ... and i'm going to leave it on for 24hrs~ whee, yes, YanZi's on Yahoo in the glasshouse for 24hrs ... Which started from this afternoon 1.30pm till tomorrow afternoon 12.30 noon which she will then leave the glasshouse to have some autograph session in Taiwan lol. Here are some screenshots i took from the last 10hrs~

Hallo All Yahoo Viewers!My Dog, Norman.I'm Balancing My Head~
Anyone Up For A Meal Of Star?Woo~ Sexy LoL.Good Night YanZi!

Ok, as i'm typing this, YanZi's probably fast asleep le yeah the screen is now all dark lol. Real fun to see the real YanZi in front of the cam and behind the scenes ... eating and chatting with her friends and stuff. Playing games and especially with her doggy hahaha, Norman. YanZi really take cares of her dog well ... called her dog baby most of the time hahaha. Cute~

Basically i didn't watch nor download any animes juz now cos i'm saving up the speed to watch the online thingy smoothly lol. Yeah ... really nice haha. I didn't watch the 8pm-10pm slot cos went out for dinner lor. Well i think someone will record it down ba ... actually i can download it de, but lappy no space. I download abit then 30mins = 60MB then if 24hrs means 2.8+GB lol. MY LAPPY GOT ONLY 1GB! LOL LOL Where do i puke out the 1.8+GB FROM?! LOL.

Anyways i'll continue to 'spy' on YanZi at 8am tomorrow lol. Cos it's time for her to wake up le XP. Cya, i wanna go watch TV le. Later going to watch Gundam Seed Destiny Ep50 [END] and Pani Poni Dash! Ep6 ... <-- too funny lol must watch at night so tat i'll sleep with a smile.

OH YES, i finally put up the links for each titles le, yeah now you can navigate this blog better and go to the titles you want faster. If there's any missed out links or broken links, dun hesistate to tag on the tagboard to inform me or place your comments. I'll fix it up as soon as possible. Too many posts lol i get blurred and some posts are overlapping cos two titles in one post so even if i count the posts and stuff, still i'll have more de surely lol. So yeah if u see broken links, please tell me.

Any suggestions or improvements to this blog are welcomed too~ Wanna link with me are welcomed too, aiya anything la lol. Cya.

PS: NITE YANZI~ Sweet Dreams~

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