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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Loveless Ep9

[Posted @ 6:12 PM]
Kyyyaahh can't get enough of Kouya x Yamato love? Here's more!

Kiss On Da Cheek.Ritsuka's Worried.Soubi's Sensei.
BE MINE KOUYA!Hahaha, Old Grannies!=O Is This The Start Of Yaoi?

Yamato and Kouya gets more love love with a little angst inside. Kouya can't handle the stress causing her to puke. While Kouya's in the toilet, their creator called, Yamato answered the cellphone and said that Kouya's pregnant with her child LOL that's why she's puking.

Yamato and Kouya meets the other ZERO and were shocked that their creator had created another ZERO besides them and whacked Natsuo and Youji's butt off. The scene then changed to Soubi waking up and seducing Ritsuka while Natsuo and Youji were being attacked lol. Really chessy but oh so sweet lol. [Loves screenshot 6]

[Signing off @ 6:18 PM]

PS: 4 down, 1 to go!!

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