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Monday, October 31, 2005

Pani Poni Dash! Ep7

[Posted @ 10:51 PM]
VERY VERY TIRED tonight ... feeling so cranky and fucked up. Didn't feel like blogging at first but after sleeping for around 2hrs and 30mins juz now, i feel a little better but i'm still feeling quite weird. Oh, here's Pani Poni Dash Ep7 screenshots lol, they're the only set of screenshots in my folder, the rest i haven't done anything yet.

Rei~Choking On Cookies.=) LOL That Smile Looks So Lusty.
Perfecto.Our Punch Rabbit, Mesousa's Dead!LoL O_O

Hmm, let's see ... Becky lost the Janken Pon [Scissors, Paper, Stone], so her class have to clean up the school's pool lol. Then Ichijou-san's little sister arrived in their school searching for Ichijou-san. LoL, like sister like sister sia LOL, they're both weirdos and damn funny lol. Then alot of weird stuff happened, Ichijou-san's sister suddenly got kidnapped by the aliens then when they returned her, she became GODZILLA LoL, and she went around stomping stuff. LOL Then Mesousa was sent as the ... sacrifice to stop her hahaha [Ichijou-san was like good luck Mesousa LoL!] I know it's damn funny but i don't really remember haha, it's been so long. Ook, that's all i could remember.

Ahhh, i'll blog Gokujou Seitokai Ep17 tomorrow ba, i'm tired, tomorrow no school and wed no school and thurs no school and fri no school! YAY HOW COOL IS THAT!! Go for one day nia LOL. But ah gotta prepare for roadshow next week ... 8th and 9th November ... sianz. So fast sia, my heart not prepared yet lol. [Finding excuses]

Oh, i wanna tok abt yesterday, the class gathering at HQ's house lol, it was fun. Went there then they saw Karaoke, after a while we played Monopoly then some played Mahjong. Then halfway through playing Monopoly, it was 4pm!!!! So i switched on TV and watched D.N Angel and Saiyuki Reload while playing Monopoly. LoL, my friends are pretty honest, they pay when they come my property. LOL if i'm playing with my bros, we shut up de LOL, then let the person see for himself/herself de. If she/he didn't notice then TOO BAD! LOL. It's more fun that way muahahaha. But kind old me, didn't wanna mention to them lol.

After that, it was frying fried stuff like sotong balls, nuggets and making the sandwiches time. LoL, then we kinda bought and made too much, i eat i think 3-4 sandwiches and i feel so bloated le. After that we had a unoffical class meeting for a while abt our upcoming roadshow. After that, we chatted and slacked for a while. A while later we played games, first is what spin the bottle [We used pen LoL], truth or dare and stuff yeah, it wasn't successful cos we're too polite with each other lol. If my crazy friends were playing, we might strip sia! LOL. Ask personal questions like, do u pleasure yourself, how many times a day? LoL, when's ur first time and how many times u had sex for the past 6 months LOL. God. Or do a pole dance or strip tease, french kiss or what.

And i never play with them.

Oh going back, after that, we played this eh, like guess sentence by actions then we stand in a straight line, back towards each other except for the first one who will see the card with the sentence and act to the second then second will act to third, so on and so for. Those who guessed wrongly will get drawn by the lipstick lol. That was fun ha, now we know who can act and who can't lol. After that we played this game where we sit in a round circle then our hands have to do a beat then during that time, we have to say something. Like, the theme is 'Who is ur fave actor?' then first will beat then say name 'Tom Cruise' then pass on to second, who will say another, so on and so for. LoL, punishment is to eat sandwich ... which is horrible lol cos i feel so stuffed le.

After that, it's a wrap and we left =). It was fun. Yeah. Oh i wanna sleep early tonight, so freaking tired, i slept only 1hr and 15mins today, excluding the 2hr and 30mins nap when i came back from school. Yeah i was busy rushing the REAL programme website and consolidating every Business Units' website ... then need to change this and that cos i can't view the pictures. Sigh, then i created another new template for vPOST cos it's weird to have the same template for main REAL programme page then my vPOST page lol. So i changed lor, which is hard work even though i used TCZomic's template and i'm using inframes which is THANK GOD, more easier if i need to make changes to template lol.

I was doing it like last night 9.30 PM till 5.30 AM ... actually maybe 11.30 PM ba cos i was watching The Apprentice at 10 PM, then i went to bath then i sat down like a damn moron for 5+hrs ... doing up the stuff and the REAL programme main page. Yeah really really tired when i got up at 6.45 AM after a short sleep, then i check the links again, went to office to print peer assessment stuff, log book thingy and timetable.

I think i was half asleep during lectures lol ... i was kinda dozing off, my head hurts too. After lecture, went to canteen 2 for a short break then went to underpass for class meeting for NP roadshow next week. Then i bought a can of cold coffee which was a great help. I managed to input what was discussed in my little brain. LoL. Ook gtg cya.

[Signing off @ 11:44 PM]

PS: ... no no no no, dun phunk with my heart~

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