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Saturday, October 15, 2005

Pani Poni Dash! Ep5

[Posted @ 5:24 PM]
First things first, let me ramble on how fucking COOL Shizuru Viola from Mai Otome is first k? [Screams like a fangirl] MANZ, SHE'S SO FREAKING FUCKING FISHING DAMN COOL!!!! [Screams like freaking fangirl again!!!] KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH ... [Screams continue as Pani Poni Dash! Ep5 screenshots are posted below ...]

Uh, What Are You Searching For In The Water?Nice Weather For A BBQ Huh?Whooooaaa~
My Trusted Friend~ NOT!LOL KAPPA!Rei's A Good Cook.

[Still screaming ... lol while akayuki was 'kyaaaah'ing, akayuki went to folder 'received', 'Mai Otome' and clicked on SS's sub of Mai Otome Ep1, fast forward to 18:50-19:15, 19:30-19:37, 20:18-20:24, 20:32-20:55, 21:55-22:08 LOL]

Ook, relax, calm down, relax, breath in breath out ... yes that's it, slowly yes ... [Kyaaaahhh] LoL, sorry, back to Pani Poni Dash! Ep5's summary ... uh oh yes they were having some outdoor class camps lol, eh then funny stuff happened lol. God, i forgot the name of that blue guy on screenshot 2 le. Let's call him Aoi-chan [Aoi=Blue] LOL, ook Aoi-chan was actually brought by Ichijou-san from goodness knows where lol. Blah, then in the end, Aoi-chan got eaten LOL. Manz, i love the scene in screenshot 4, i even video-cam it LOL and repeated it like 20 over times hahahaha, juz so funny. Mesousa was being dejected over the fact that he can't even hold anything with his rabbity-paws ...

Mesousa : I know i have my limits but you don't have to get in my face over it.
[Aoi-chan pats on Mesousa's shoulders.]
Mesousa : Are you going to console me? Thank you very much.
[A sparkling scene of Mesousa reaching out to Aoi-chan's hand was played as seen in screenshot 4]
Aoi-chan : [Holding a knife] I can hold it.
Mesousa : Gaaaaaaaaaa~

LOL, i hope u get the joke cos here i am laughing my butt off again LOL!!! SO damn funny hahahahaha. I know it sounds stupid right now but lol really it's so damn funny lol.

Anyways, manz, let's talk a little about Mai Otome k? LoL. Shizuru is really so damn cool ... but somehow, i feel something amiss in Mai Otome Ep1 ... there's not that much firepower as in i felt when i watched Mai Hime Ep1. Sure, Shizuru's slashing of that flying whatever does rocked the house but as compared to Mikoto slashing down the whole ship with her Miroku fucking, i mean fucking rocked the house and the world lol. It was truely unexpected. Probably cos we knew how powerful Shizuru was already so there's really no kick when she does such stuff, juz a walk in the park. But all hail to Yuki Kajiura for her GREAT background music, it was freaking amazing!

OP wasn't that good, i didn't get the feeling, it didn't click to me unlike Mai Hime OP however Mai Otome ED was quite good cos after Arika was swooning over Shizuru-sama's GREAT display, the ED juz inserts itself in at the right timing, making my mood feeling a rather upbeat happy mood. LoL.

Oh yes, i can't help but feel Arika looking more like Mokona than an ant LOL, Arika's seiyuu is Mokona's seiyuu too so when Arika goes 'Sugoii~ or Kakoii~', i feel like i'm watching Tsubasa Chronicle and half-expecting Fye to jump out of nowhere and say 'Gotcha, you're actually watching Tsubasa Chronicle instead of Mai Otome!' LOL.

[Signing off @ 6:08 PM]

PS: Fast forwarding to 18:50-19:15, 19:30-19:37, 20:18-20:24, 20:32-20:55, 21:55-22:08 in Mai Otome Ep1 ... LOL

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