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Sunday, October 16, 2005

Loveless Ep11/Ep12 [END]

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Nothing to type about, manz, i was so freaking feeling sick juz now ... vomitted twice ... i think i have food poisoning ... but luckily i'm feeling okay now ... [If not why am i even sitting in front of the laptop?!] Yeah figured that i'll blog not one but two posts, here's Loveless Ep11 and Ep12! Whoa i even had pretty darn good summaries typed out.

Spying Soubi And Kio.=OSoubi Got Jealous!
LoL Shinonome-sensei Can't Take It Anymore.*Sparking*Yuiko's Choking!

LoL, this ep must be the cutest ep ever lol, Soubi went to spy on Ritsuka lol. It appears that Ritsuka is going out to the amusement park with Yuiko, Yayoi and Shinonome-sensei. At the same time, Kio, Soubi's friend also went to spy on Soubi cos he suspect Soubi's a stalker + hentai LOL! Actually Ritsuka did told Soubi he's going to the amusement park but told Soubi not to come lol. Soubi doesn't seem to mind though cos he thinks that Ritsuka will then realized that he needs Soubi and will automantically run back to him. LOL Kio was like 'What a yucky mind game.' LOL.

When Ritsuka and company are going on the ferris wheel, Soubi ran up to a tall building and spied on Ritsuka and Yuiko on one of the ferris wheel cars using a binoculars. Kio grabbed the binoculars away from Soubi and looked into it then after a while he said that Ritsuka's hugging/kissing Yuiko! LOL. Soubi was like impossible ... then he grabbed the binoculars away from Kio, saw the scene himself and was pissed off. LOL Wooo, Soubi's actually jealous! LoL his plan actually backfired on him XP. He ran down and confronted Ritsuka but was instead scolded by Ritsuka to go home.

Scene changes to Shinonome-sensei and Katsuko-sensei in some pub with Shinonome-sensei crying LOL, Shinonome-sensei's heart broken lol. Then flashback to Shinonome-sensei's viewpoint of noticing Soubi stalking them LOL. At the ferris wheel, Yayoi and Shinonome-sensei in one car while Ritsuka and Yuiko in another above them. Yayoi suddenly exclaimed that Yuiko and Ritsuka are ... then we see the scene where Yuiko and Ritsuka seemingly to be kissing each other. LOL then Shinonome-sensei went WHAT?! NO WaY! But i haven't even done it yet! LOL. Then scene back to soubi confronting Ristuka again.

Scene change to Shinonome-sensei crying and drinking juice LOL in the pub again and getting drunk. LOL. Flashback to Ritsuka's house, where Ritsuka's telling Soubi not to come when he goes to the amusement park with his friends. On the ferris wheel, Ritsuka's viewpont lol, Yuiko was like scared of heights and was crying in the car lol then suddenly the car moved and Yuiko fell on Ritsuka hence creating that Yuiko and Ritsuka were kissing/hugging scene LOL. Then at some ferry ride, Kio had a heart-to-heart talk with Ritsuka lol, that it's thanks to Ritsuka that Soubi turned from a zombie to a human.

Then ending scene with the whole gang having fun and stuff lol. Soubi in a black chinese costume~ woo hot lol.

I Don't Wanna Play With You Anymore!Sexy.Seimei's Sexy Too.
Dying Yuiko.LOL I Dunno What To Say.Hand In Hand.

Starting with Ritsuka thinking to himself he likes everyone in his school. Then Ritsuka got invited to Yayoi's house and they were playing games when Ritsuka suddenly noticed paper sticked to the game thingy and the words inside were the same as the code Seimei left behind. That code's a meeting place on some net game, Ritsuka ran back home and tried to log in and finally logged in with the name 'Loveless'. While Ritsuka's busying with that, his mother went bonkers downstairs LOL. Soubi's sensei called but Soubi juz shrugged it off after a little while. While Ritsuka's playing the net game for hours and hours.

Then finally he reached the meeting place but found noone. A mystery person placed some smoke stuff in Ritsuka's room ... Then suddenly in the screen, an angel-like being appeared and called Ritsuka 'Loveless' and Ritsuka found himself inside the game. The angel-like being juz told him to come forth and stuff. Scene change to Ritsuka falling asleep during class and dreamt of Seimei's death then he fainted. Later, Ritsuka woke up at Katsuko-sensei's room then he went back to sleep again. As Ritsuka woke up the second time and was planning to go home to continue playing the game, he found Katsuko-sensei dead.

Scene change to Ritsuka running out, and found his house on fire and his mother died. He ran out again, then he saw Yayoi being hanged up, Yayoi told him to save Yuiko and died. While Ritsuka was running to school, he saw Shinonome-senei's body flowing on the river, he jumped down and Shinonome-sensei said some last words and died. Ritsuka continued running back to school and found the classroom in a mess, Yuiko was sitting there, as if she's badly hurt though. When Ritsuka was glad that she's ok, but Yuiko just said that she's happy and could die for Ritsuka. Ritsuka was confused and asked further. Yuiko just smiled and closed her eyes.

Ritsuka was sobbing by now, hoping someone will save him ... Soubi ... Scene change to a blank classroom with Soubi standing in front of him then strangling him. When Ritsuka asked what Soubi's doing, Soubi just said it's an order ... and suddenly the place was surrounded by fire. Soubi then said it's a dream ... when Ritsuka die here, the real Ritsuka will awake. Ritsuka doesn't want to die yet, as he had already had people he liked. Soubi just grinned and said it's no use, it's fate and strangled Ritsuka even harder and called Ritsuka 'Loveless'. Ritsuka was damn pissed and rejected Soubi away. Before Soubi ... or Seimei faded away, he said it's a nice spell.

Ritsuka awake for the third time in Katsuko-sensei's room again ... and everyone's alive again. Ritsuka was stunned for a moment and ran home. Ritsuka ran over to check if Yayoi, Yuiko and Shinonome-sensei are alright. Then Soubi ran up to Ritsuka and was glad that Ritsuka's ok cos he can't reach him on the cellphone. Ritsuka told Soubi about what happened before and Soubi just said it was a dream. In some dark corner, Seimei stompped on the device that's interferring with the cellphones of Ritsuka and Soubi then murmured ... that wasn't just any dream, it's your future and fate. Scene changes to Ritsuka asking if Seimei should order Soubi to kill him, what will he do?

Soubi replied probably ... Ritsuka said ... i knew it. As Ritsuka ran away, Soubi grabbed Ritsuka's arm, hugged him and told him to listen and said that if that should happen, he would rather die? Cos he couldn't stand a life without Ritsuka. Ritsuka was like what an idiot. Scene change to Seimei grinning in a dark corner. Then Ritsuka and Soubi held hands and walked away. Inserts Seimei's voice that he would be looking forward to seeing whether Ritsuka's will to live or fate wins. Insert Ritsuka's voice at that time, something was a beginning. Scene changes from END to ENDLESS. End LOL, ending credits ...

Speechless, i dunno about the story but the freaking OP and ED ROCK! LoL, the art rocked! I love the art alot LoL, i saw the manga over at Kinokuniya a week ago and was drooling over it ... LOL. Oh yeah the OST rocked too ... Soubi rocked [Kyaaahhh his voice soo deep and sexy XP] ... Kouya x Yamato rocked wish them happiness =) Overall, it's a good watch lol, for art for song! I'm such a moron XP.

Ook kids, i'm getting dizzy ... manz, i hate getting sick. Cya tomorrow, hope i get better, i wanted to watch Gokujou Seitokai Ep17 this afternoon but i can't even sit on my little butt in front of the lappy for even 30 seconds lol. Really. Cya, hope it gets better.

EDIT: Toldja my IQ goes down to 2 when i'm sick lol i forgot to paste in the rating stuffy. Here it is now.

Art: 9/10
Story: 7/10 [LoL Ep11 was cute~ I like the jealous Soubi]
Characters: 7/10 [I rather like them all, no characters i dislike at all]
Overall: 7.5/10

[Signing off @ 9:56 PM]

PS: The Apprentice time lol, my bro juz said i got stupid. I think my IQ drops to around 2 when i'm sick.

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