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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

[Drama CD] Strawberry Panic! Original Drama CD Lyric I, Miator Compilation

[Posted @ 8:22 PM]
Woohoo, Strawberry Panic! First Drama CD, Miator Compilation is out today ... here's a large scan of the cover and the back ... if you got the moolah, BUY IT! LoL.

Japanese Title : TVアニメ ストロベリー・パニック ドラマCD ミアトル編 お姉さまと下着そうどう
English Title : TV Anime, Strawberry Panic! [Miator Compilation] Drama CD, Older Sister and Underwear [?! Someone PLEASE correct me if I'm wrong!!!]

Cover. Back.

Tracks In The CD :
01.プロローグ [Prologue]
02.にわか雨 [Shower]
03.白くない下着 [Non-White Underwear] ?! LOL.
04.千代の想い [Chiyo's Thoughts]
05.胸が...痛いよ... [My Chest Hurts]
06.玉青と静馬 [Tamao And Shizuma]
07.誤解 [Misunderstanding]
08.玉青の告白 [Tamao's Confession]
09.白馬の静馬 [White Horse, Shizuma]
10.水平線の向こうに [On The Other Side Of The Horizon]
11.キャストコメント [Casts' Comments]
12.スピカ編予告(BONUS TRACK) [Spica Compilation Notice]

I attempted to translate the titles to English myself ... I'm sure they are not accurate haha, I could only read the Kanji and vaguely make out the meaning ... XD. Please correct me if I'm wrong ... thanks.

[Signing off @ 8:45 PM]


  1. LOL. Even Shizuma has the faintest blush on her... like they're all under Nagisa's love-love spell! Great cover!

    Oh yeah, hi... one of your lurker readers over here (runs away)


  2. to tenkaichi, ehh thanks for lurking around ... hope to see more of ya XD, yep wonderful cover, everyone's smitted with Nagisa's innocence XD.

  3. I stalk you all the time for summaries! I must find translations for the tracks if the mp3s are posted! Or I actually spend cash ^^; Anways, tracks 6 and 8 look very promising ^^

  4. Hey does anyone knows what's in the CD store for us?I thought of buying but I can't understand a single japanese. Does it have english? I mean even the script?

    Please enlighten me. Thank you


  5. I'll wait for the translations before downloading the tracks ... besides, lappy's outta space ... need to buy hard disk ... haha.
    Yes indeed, track 6 and 8 sounds interesting ... esp track 8 ... hehe. Track 3 sounds kinda ecchi? haha.

    to 3rd anonymous, if you buy the cd, there would be no english script along with it ... so u'll have wait for some kind souls to translate for us ... XD

  6. this is somehow interesting i guess ^^

    the titiles looks good especially the tracks that Anonymous 2 mention track 6 and track 8.

    to: Tagaru

    sorry to break the new but so far no drama cd has ever release in english... unless u can find a site that have translate them or u have a fren to translate for u ^^

  7. hey akayuki
    u know where to dl it?
    mind to guide me there? ^^
    i don't have any guides for soundtracks other then nipponsei...

  8. yamibo.com, then u go to 資源交流區, 'Zi Yuan Jiao Liu Qu', info/links exchange section.

    They even had eng/jap/mandarin/korean shoujo-ai real-life movies with mandarin subs uploaded there for some time.

    You might check a British GL comedy movie, 'Imagine Me & You', but it's best if you support by buying the vcds/dvds. XD

  9. Serin has just released it, you can get it from them but they didn't translate them though.

  10. Akayuki, do you mind letting us know when some kind soul translates the drama cd for us?

  11. i'm satisfied with the cd hahaha
    the prologue sounds so.... (how can i describe XD)

  12. Thank you for the head ups akayuki and jeffng9. I'm ordering the CD now. Since many that does not understand japanese do enjoy the CD. It's sad though that they would not have english in their production.

    Anyways :D,now I'm impatiently waiting for my CD to be delivered.


  13. to anonymous, I have no idea who and when the kind soul will translate in english for us ... worse, there might be no one =O. But cross your fingers haha. Maybe someone will summarize the tracks but word for word translation would be tough.

    to Tagaru, welcome and enjoy the CD when it arrives XD.

  14. oh man... track 6 is sure something... Tamao slapped Shizuma!!!! o.O|||
    shizuma is sure confident~

    as for track 8 Tamao gave Nagisa a kiss not sure if its a mouth to mouth kiss or not so i will listen to it again

    but Tamao slapping Shizuma is one thing...

  15. Does anyone know what Track 7 was all about? I mean a little info will do.

  16. some brief synopsis here:

    On some night, Tamao and Nagisa saw Shizuma came out her room very late during the night. Nagisa was very surprised but Tamao told her that there was a rumor that Shizuma went swimming naked every night (of course, it was false) so that caused our Nagisa begin fantising about Shizuma. :)
    After that, they wanted to the laundary room and found out some colorful underwears (only white underwears are allowed in the schools). They began to guess whose they were. Tamao guessed they belong to someone in upperclass due to the size.

    Another story line is that someday, it was raining and Nagisa saw Shizuma kissing some underclass and she because so jeasous and got wet. When she was back, Nagisa fell ill and murmured Shizuma's name.Tamao was so angry and went to Shizuma and asked her not to hurt Nagisa any more. Shizuma said you (Tamao) were like a knight to protect the pricess (Nagisa) and suspected Tamao had a feeling to Nagisa too. Tamao sliped Shizuma in face(???, not sure about it).

    Track 7 is Shizuma tried to comfort Nagisa about why her kissed that underclass. Looks like that underclass confess her love to Shizuma but Shizuma didn't accept. so that underclass cried and Shizuma used her very own way to say goodbye(kiss) to her.

    Later, Nagisa and Shizuma made up and Shizuma took Nagisa to the seaside by horse. Girls want to see Shizuma swimming naked so they followed them.

    Yaya said she really want to try swimming naked so she took off her clothes, girls found out those colorful underwears were Yaya's.

  17. The above is translated from someone post in baidu forum. so the credit should go to him/her.

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  19. hahaha
    yup that was what happen.
    i find it really interesting ^^
    we get to see a side of nagisa that we can never see in the anime ^^

    a Nagisa who can fantasize a lot especially when it comes to Shizuma~ (wai!!!!! \o/)

    like i said in the previous post tamao slapping Shizuma is really something. my face went straight like this "o.O + woah" when that happen.

    i felt that the prologue and first part has a little connection with the up coming episode... u know since the bg sound is raining bg sound and Nagisa is all alone with Shizuma up until Miyuki suddenly come into the drama and spoil a possible kissing scene of Shizuma & Nagisa...

    oh the ending part is really good as well... and my my Yaya is very energetic in the drama.

    In the bonus track we get to listen on Hikari's fantasy on revealing her body parts to Amane and since there will be a physical examination coming up, Hikari is determined to diet after her wild fantasy with Amane. XD

    what i mention on the bonus track is not complete and its only a brief synopsis. sry ^^;; as i was trying to bait u guys into buying this drama cd because its really interesting~~ :P~

  20. Thank you Anonymous. You're very kind to share it here.

    Do you mind to share all track synopsis? I hope I don't ask alot. I did bought the CD and I was able to understand only 10% of the whole drama.

    to jeffng9, I'm all over Nagisa fantasize Shizuma too. But too bad all I know is they're are talking in a dream background sound but I can't imagine what exactly happening. Anyhow, I loved it so very muchie.

    I don't think Tamao slapped shizuma on the face. Maybe on the table? or even she just slap her own palm. Because if I got slapped, I won't be smirking like shizuma did. Judging but the sound of shizuma after the slapped took place.

  21. Can you also guide us to the baidu forum? I've been searching but nothing returns. Thank you in advance :)

  22. ahhhhhhhhhh, thanks anonymous and jeffng9 for sharing~ more please? =P *replays drama cd again*

  23. "what i mention on the bonus track is not complete and its only a brief synopsis. sry ^^;; as i was trying to bait u guys into buying this drama cd because its really interesting~~ :P~ "

    I disagree with your point of view. A summary does not equal full translations. There's no way one can enjoy the drama tracks without getting the cd if full translatons aren't avalible. Besides, I feel the people here who bought the cd deserve some help in knowing what's going on. The whole thing is in japanese which most people have no knowledge of.

    To anyone who's kind enough, is it possible to post complete summaries on the tracks? :)

  24. That's why I've wrote an email to their production company about lacking in script. No one seemed to reply yet. Also it was beautifully packed :D

    If they also provide some script in the CD, I could just dig for dictionary to understand but now.... :(

    I do hope for a kind soul to perhaps write a little bit to help.

  25. to anonymous1:
    i'm 100% sure Tamao slap Shizuma on the face XD no matter how u say that maybe tamao slap Shizuma's hand or etc... Shizuma did smirk but i wouldn't be surprise she smirk after Tamao slapped her and that slapping sound was pretty hard ( i went like this again: o.O (hahaha) )

    To akayuki:
    sry not now T.T i'm busy studying for my test and getting my stuff ready for an interview. T.T very sorry about it

    To ricki
    what i mean by not complete is because yaya is talking in the bonus track as well but i did not summarize those and so thats why i say my summary is not complete... ^^;

    Note: the bonus track drama characters are:
    Amane <-- only appear when Hikari starts her own fantasy

    " I feel the people here who bought the cd deserve some help in knowing what's going on. The whole thing is in japanese which most people have no knowledge of. "

    i'm not a mean guy. XD of course i do gladly share out when i have time but i have non now T.T. i will try to ask my frens if they did a complete summary or not but there is no guarantee of it... (sigh...)

  26. Does anyone know where you can download this? Thx i'm a big fan

  27. In the Strawberry Panic anime, when it was rainining, Shizuma & Nagisa are sharing a big umbrella and then they saw Hikari and Yaya sharing a small umbrella. Shizuma commented that her umbrella was too big. She was jealous of Yaya & Hikari for they were squeezed together under the umbrella unlike Nagisa & her.

  28. I Went to Yamibo.com found the link , but it did not work for me
    is there any other downloads links for it????

  29. anyone know where i can find an english script for this? cause i dont understant mmuch japanese :(