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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Strawberry Panic! Ep17

[Posted @ 11:11 PM]
Finally the mystery girl, Shizuma’s lover, the other Etoile identity would be revealed ... in next episode?! MUAHAHAHA!

Hmm Which Should I Pick?Serious Hikari.Pissed Shion.

Tamao described the routine of Nagisa during Autumn, good appetite, [Tamao offered her sandwich to Nagisa and Nagisa’s elated lol] napping during lessons, art lessons [But Nagisa had dirt over her face lol] and reading ... but Nagisa’s snoring with a book over her face lol. During Autumn, the leaves on the trees will turn from golden to red and slowly fall on the ground however, for Autumn in Astraea, there’s something to really look forward to, yes, the Etoile Election. The whole of Astraea were talking about who were the possible candidates, in St Lulim, seemed like there’s no candidates from there [I’m thinking otherwise, I reckon Chikaru has something up in her sleeves XD, just like in the manga] and one of the St Lulim girls commented that yeah not many students would want to be Etoile as it’s kinda troublesome. At the student council room of St Lulim, Chikaru’s as usual sketching something on her sketchpad while Kizuna, Lemon and Kagome were playing the Japanese version of ‘Old Maid’ called ‘Baba-Nuki’. Kizuna as usual lost as she picked the ‘Baba’ card from Kagome lol. Over at the St Spica side, the girls were gossiping about the Etoile Election and that Amane’s not participating. The scene changed to Amane on her horse galloping around and Hikari looking at her with no star stuck expression at all, just a normal expression. Yaya was also there with Hikari but left in a huff, probably jealous. The St Spica girls continued saying that Kenjou Kaname from the Student Council seemed like a possible candidate for the Etoile Election and the girls around agreed.

Scene switched to the St Spica student council room, Kaname told Shion to give up on getting Amane to participate in the Etoile Election. Shion paused for a moment before replying who she should choose then. Suddenly, when Shion opened her eyes, she found Kaname standing in front of her and got a shock. Kaname said, if Amane’s not participating ... Shion narrowed her eyes and look at Momomi who was looking smugly at her. Shion then realized how could she didn’t notice that those two actually wanted to join the Etoile Election themselves! [Well, took her long enough lol, I reckon she might had also realized the defiance they displayed when she’s bent on choosing Amane] Now, at the St Miator side, the girls were wondering who will represent their school to compete in the Etoile Election. One of the girls said that Shizuma’s graduating next march so she thinks that Shizuma probably won’t be competing this time. The other girls agreed and said well for someone to take over the Etoile title from Shizuma, it would be difficult for this year’s St Miator. [Probably she meant that Shizuma’s kinda irreplaceable and moreover, there seemed to be no one else more popular or capable than Shizuma herself] At the St Miator student council room, Rokujou commented that the whole of Astraea’s bursting with excitement [about the Etoile Election] isn’t it. Shizuma merely went yeah and jokingly [maybe she’s really hoping so lol] said that ah, can’t wait for the next Etoile to be chosen. Rokujou added, then you don’t have to do the duties of the Etoile isn’t it? Shizuma just smirked lol.

Come, I'll Be Your Onee-sama.Who's The Other Etoile ...Smirk.

Rokujou continued, but now, you are still the Etoile, then she added a stack of papers beside Shizuma and said, please finish these up today too =). [Kawaii interaction haha] Meanwhile, Nagisa’s asking Tamao about the Etoile Election and Tamao replied that well, in French, Etoile Election is called, ‘Le souffe toi des lection en Etoile’ [Sorry not sure if it’s correct, French readers please correct me if I’m wrong]. 'Le souffle de deux est celui d'une Etoile'. [Thanks to Somebody from the tagboard XD for listening and listening annndd listening lol, basically the meaning's 'The breath of two is that of a Star', very appropriate and had a deep meaning in it. Oh I suspect Tamao knew that the Etoile's a pair and because Nagisa's French was poor, she said it in French but didn't explain the exact meaning to Nagisa.] Nagisa tried to repeat the words but failed lol. Anyways, it means electing of the Etoile, Nagisa went eh, so you have to elect the Etoile huh. Tamao giggled and asked then how do you think the Etoile was chosen? Nagisa replied well I wouldn’t say chosen but rather Etoile-sama would be Etoile-sama from the start. [I think Nagisa meant that a person would be born to be Etoile? Haha.] Tamao continued, saying that all the candidates were put through a series of trials. Yes, the candidates must possess beauty, prim, delicate, talented and elegant because they would loved, respected and be role models for the students. Nagisa commented that it’s tough being Etoile and Tamao agreed. Just then, they saw Shizuma and Rokujou walking towards them, the girls stood aside and greeted both of them. Shizuma and Rokujou greeted back and while passing by Nagisa, Shizuma looked at Nagisa and smiled. Looking at Shizuma retreated back, Nagisa blushed and smiled too. [A brief but sweet scene] Nagisa realized that Tamao’s staring at her with an unreadable expression [Jealousy?] for quite a while lol, then suddenly Tamao changed the subject by asking Tamao if she would like to go ‘Momiji-gari’ which means autumn leaf viewing.

Tamao said that the maple trees in Astraea were beautiful but she wanted to bring Nagisa to a more beautiful place. Nagisa agreed. Delighted, Tamao offered to make bento [lunch boxes] for them along too. Over at the St Lulim side, the girls were playing House of Cards and Kizuna toppled it lol. The girls then sighed, probably feeling bored. Scene switched to Chikaru who was looking out of the window then turned and smiled [at us XD]. [I’m reckoning that the St Lulim girls were bored because no one competing in the Etoile Election and Chikaru on the surface doesn’t seem affected by it ... but I’m hoping for a sudden surprise from St Lulim =)] Meanwhile, Hikari’s still waiting/looking from the usual spot as she watched Amane on her horse galloping around. [I’m curious why Amane didn’t stopped to talk to Hikari, probably she didn’t want Hikari to drawn into the Etoile Election.] Our Evil Lesbians™, Kaname and Momomi were on the roof of the St Spica building again, Kaname said, hm it’s about time, for the sake of attaining the Etoile. Momomi patted on Kaname’s shoulder then proceed on to snuggled closer to her and told her that it would be alright as she’s already on her limit. Scene changed to Shion thinking to herself that there’s not much time left … no, for St Spica to attain the Etoile title, their candidate HAD to be Amane. [Stubborn old cow ... LOL Shion’s role in the ‘Carmen’ play in episode 16 was the bull ... haha] Meanwhile, Tamao’s already planning what to make for their bento for their ‘date’ XD.

=OI Wonder If She's Shizuma Onee-sama's Most Important Person ...Sigh~

Chiyo and Nagisa walked back to Ichigo-sha together, Chiyo told Nagisa that the most suitable candidate representing St Miator, according to the 1st graders was Tamao because she’s popular. Nagisa agreed, and added that Tamao’s grades were good, she’s gentle and kind, I understand, I understand [LoL]. Chiyo agreed too but ... Chiyo looked at Nagisa and fantasized the super cool Nagisa asking Chiyo to be her partner for the Etoile Election. [I think only Chiyo sees Nagisa as cool lol] Without knowing, Chiyo had muttered out ‘Partner’ and Nagisa asked huh, partner? Chiyo blushed and said, well if Nagisa Onee-sama were to compete in the Etoile Election, who would she choose to be her partner? It seemed like Nagisa had no idea that in the Etoile Election, an Etoile would be a pair. Nagisa asked, if one’s Etoile, what would the other be? Chiyo replied, well Etoile too, in actuality, a pair would then be Etoile. [In the manga, it’s kinda different, there’s an Older and Younger [I’m still wondering the titles for it Thanks to Rin, 'Aînée' is 'Older' while 'Cadette' is 'Younger', see here.] and as a pair, they would be the Etoile couple.] Nagisa said that, that means Shizuma’s the only Etoile? Chiyo nodded and said that Rokujou’s now acting as her assistant. Nagisa wondered why Shizuma’s the only one. Chiyo replied she didn’t know. In Ichigo-sha, Nagisa and Tamao’s room, Nagisa asked Tamao where the other Etoile is. Tamao sounded surprised as she made a gasping sound. Nagisa added that she heard from Chiyo that the Etoile was supposed to be two persons.

Tamao nodded and replied that only when two have mutual trust in each other would they be Etoile. Nagisa repeated her question again, saying now’s Shizuma’s alone so where’s the other Etoile? Tamao realized her skill of changing subjects failed her lol and finally told Nagisa that she passed away. [She passed away was even repeated twice LOL!] Tamao continued that, from then, Shizuma changed. Scene changed to St Miator student council room, Rokujou told Shizuma that she changed, because now Shizuma’s willing to fulfill the duties of the Etoile and besides … Shizuma turned and teased, what are you saying? Back to the room, Nagisa asked Tamao what kind of person was she. Tamao paused and said that she needed to consider before replying and also Tamao wondered if she’s the one to talk about the other Etoile or … Tamao changed the subject and told Nagisa to prepare for bed. Next, a bathtub scene, Rokujou lounging in the bathtub and she’s touching the necklace she’s wearing and confirmed to herself that Shizuma had changed after she had passed away but also after she [Nagisa] arrived. That night, Nagisa can’t sleep as she kept thinking of the other Etoile and to be Shizuma’s partner, she must had been really close to Shizuma [Ohh yeah] and wondered if she’s Shizuma’s most important person. [Nagisa’s jealous!]

KAORI?!MY GOD, KAORI?!Shizuma Onee-sama ...

The next day, Shizuma’s in the greenhouse watering her plants with a silly grin on her face lol. [Probably thinking of Nagisa + strawberries + whipped cream ... XD still influenced by XT!!! AHHHH! LOL Oh XT’s the name of my friend.] Nagisa played peek-a-boo with the student council door as she poked her head in and out twice before Rokujou called out that Shizuma’s in the greenhouse, Nagisa-san. Nagisa replied that it’s not that ... Nagisa was actually looking for Rokujou to ask about the other Etoile, in other words, about her. Nagisa told Rokujou that she had asked Tamao about her and Tamao had replied that she needed to consider. A while later, Rokujou replied that she needed time too to consider whether it’s appropriate for her to talk about it. Nagisa looked stunned. Rokujou added, she’s Shizuma’s … Etoile’s partner and also Rokujou’s most important person. Rokujou told Nagisa to give her more time ... Nagisa nodded and looked a little dejected. Rokujou’s back in the student council room, Shizuma entered the room after a while and sat down. Rokujou told Shizuma that she came. Shizuma asked, she? Rokujou replied, Nagisa-san. Shizuma asked what did she come over for? Rokujou said that Nagisa wanted to know more about the other Etoile and she said she told Nagisa that she needed time to consider. That caught Shizuma’s attention. Rokujou wanted to ask if there’s anything between Nagisa and Shizuma but stopped herself and said nothing.

Nagisa went to the greenhouse but Shizuma had already left, she wondered to herself why was she minding this so much. Shizuma’s walking along the hallway when she heard someone playing the piano and went to the music room. She saw Nagisa playing the piano and momentarily saw her playing the piano. Nagisa flashbacked some scenes of the first time Shizuma and she met and kissed. Nagisa murmured to herself that the feelings she had towards Shizuma ... [Nagisa’s eyes were pretty sorrow.] Shizuma walked forward and Nagisa noticed Shizuma walking towards her and stopped. Shizuma merely nodded in acknowledgement and proceed on to sit beside Nagisa. Nagisa blushed at the sight of Shizuma beside her then they began to play the piano together. Shizuma praised Nagisa for playing well, Nagisa said that she practiced, to be able to play well and to be able to play with Shizuma. [Note: Nagisa used Shizuma-sama instead of the usual Etoile-sama when in front of the crowd or Tamao] Shizuma smiled and said that this was her favourite tune. Nagisa realized that Shizuma’s talking about the other Etoile, Shizuma replied yeah then changed to saying that the maple trees were beautiful. Shizuma asked Nagisa out tomorrow Saturday to go for ‘Momiji-gari’, autumn leaf viewing with her. Nagisa looked at Shizuma, a little stunned then said that if Tamao could come along with them as she had already promised her.

Over My Dead Body That I'll Let Tamao Come Along!Miyuki ...I Want To Know Everything About Shizuma-sama ... Because .... I ...

Shizuma blotted up from the seat and said no rather harshly, her expression was like the time when she tried to untie the red ribbon Tamao gave to Nagisa in episode 12. Frowning with jealousy, Shizuma said they were going to her resort and she want Nagisa to know about her ... let Nagisa know … Still blushing, Nagisa looked as if mesmerized and agreed. Shizuma thanked Nagisa and left the room. Shizuma knocked the door to Miyuki’s room and Miyuki was surprised to see Shizuma. Meanwhile, Nagisa returned to her room and Tamao asked where Nagisa had been as she had already prepared the stuff for tomorrow. Nagisa rushed forward and apologized to Tamao as they had to postpone their ‘date’. Tamao told Nagisa that she really wanted to know about past is it not? Eyes brimming with tears, Nagisa apologized again and said that she really wanted to know, everything about Shizuma-sama because … I … [We didn’t get to hear what Nagisa said later but I have got high hopes for Nagisa x Shizuma Muahahaha!] Scene changed to Miyuki’s room, Shizuma unbuttoned Miyuki’s the shirt of her pajamas to reveal the necklace Miyuki’s wearing. Shizuma said that she wanted to tell Nagisa. Blushing, Miyuki had tilted her head sideways [at Shizuma’s actions] and replied with a really?

Miyuki told Shizuma that she seemed to be released from the strings and constrictions of her past … Shizuma said that if it’s her [Nagisa] ... maybe ... Miyuki said for the second time that Shizuma changed and described her as majestic as the ice mountain, nothing could touch her heart, a heart as cold as winter, hard as ice but now the ice snows were starting to melt. Shizuma’s heart is now welcoming spring, that girl [Nagisa] probably would be the one who will bring spring to you isn’t it? Shizuma just smiled and really started to undress Miyuki till the necklace with a key attached to it was shown. Shizuma untied the necklace from Miyuki’s neck and said, sorry to let the key waiting for a long time. Shizuma told Miyuki that she had been always protecting her heart/soul and thanked her. At that words, Miyuki sred tears. [I’ve got mixed feelings for this scene, I’ll talk about it below] The next day, Nagisa and Shizuma left by car to Shizuma’s resort. Nagisa had the lunch basket Tamao had actually prepared for them before but told Nagisa to take it along anyways. [I wonder if there’s something in there lol XD] Shizuma told Nagisa that by nightfall they would be able to return. [MUAHAHA The rain will wash the bridge to Shizuma’s resort away, they will be stranded and staying overnight together!!!!] Both of them didn’t talk much later, just staring out of the car window. - END -

Miyuki ... Your Body Is Beautiful ...Shizuma ... Stop ... It Hurts ...I Can't Wait ... Fufufu.

You know, after watching this episode, I got this weird feeling if the anime would adapt the ‘Sakuragi Kaori’ name from the manga ... haha ... Anyways, about the Miyuki x Shizuma scene, I got no doubt Miyuki’s got a little crush on Shizuma lol but she knew where to draw the lines and apparently, she knew Shizuma probably won’t not fall in love with her romantically. I like how Miyuki described Shizuma’s old self, it was pretty touching. Shizuma really trusted Miyuki a lot, and that key, I’m reckoning it to be the key to the door of the resort Shizuma and her used to stay and now where Nagisa and Shizuma to be going. The part Miyuki shed tears, it’s either she’s touched that Shizuma’s thanking her or she’s happy for Shizuma as she had found another new love or she’s a sad that her love would be unrequited after all, I’m thinking all of the above. As for the part where Miyuki mentioned that she was also an important person to her, I think the three of them were very good friends. Till now, I can’t help but feeling that Shizuma undressing Miyuki is considered as fan service lol and trying to … delusion us XD. But way to go! LoL.

Ok, now for the Etoile Election, Shion’s still a stubborn old cow, I wonder how she would get Amane to compete haha. Probably the old trick again? Get Hikari to bait Amane? LoL. Probably, cos Hikari's like waiting for Amane at the horse ranch, looking really serious, probably thinking to ask Amane to compete in the Etoile Election? As for St Lulim, I want Chikaru to suddenly jump out and say, hey I’m competing for the Etoile Election too! LoL. But anyways, the preview for episode 18 looked hm, like it’s nothing much but Shizuma in a bathroom robe!!!~~~ LoL. Oh as I mentioned earlier, I doubt they would return to the Ichigo-sha before nightfall ... snigger.

Art: 7/10 [Miyuki~]
Story: 7/10 [Building up the tension for next episode]
Characters: 7/10 [Miyuki~~~!!]
Overall: 7/10

Finally. I managed to finish lol the summary in the office XD. Although I need to do my work stuff but ... ah, cya~!

PS: Changed the Song of the Month to Strawberry Panic! OP 2 - 'Kuchibiru Daydream' by Aki Misato. Hope you guys enjoy it ... XD.

[Signing off @ 5:32 PM]


  1. YAY for Nagisa starting to recognize her love for Shizuma. I hope the we could see a jealous Nagisa perhaps she could beat a tree like in EP 10 *hehehehe* Of course I don't want to have thoughts in my mind I want Nagisa to confirm that she loves Shizuma and Shizuma should confirm too. So that I, the viewer doesn't need to press my mind too much.

    As for Tamao, I'm still worried that Nagisa could prolly like her. Erm if we could see in the last scene in the episode where Nagisa and Shizuma was in the car, Nagisa was looking outside and her expression was erm I can't describe. And of course we could see how uneasy our Nagisa is while in the car. Next preview was even...OMG Nagisa and hikari is the same? I mean take a look, she was walking behind shizuma just like hikari did behind Amane in ep 13(what a date >.<) OK we're talking about Tamao, erm next preview showed her and also the packed food that Nagisa was holding. Does that mean anything? Perhaps to Nagisa? I'm so worried as we all knows the writer and very very good in twisting us.

    As I know Nagisa will be back to the Dorm in EP 19 alone. What about shizuma? I guess next EP should have some quarrel?

    That's all for now.

  2. Yeah Nagisa x Shizuma 4ever!!~~! LoL. Really hope something GOOD will happen to them in ep18 XD. But ... looking at ep19's title ... i doubt so ... more angst! Muahaha.

    Think Shion's juz thinking for St
    Spica but it's true that noone but Amane would be most suitable to represent St Spica is it not? Haha.

    I don't think Tamao would want to compete for the Etoile Election, her ... hm personality doesn't suit it, although it's surprising that she's popular haha ... Must be due to her literary talents.

  3. To help you out in regards to what the titles for the Etoile pair are in the manga, the Older is Aînée and the Younger is Cadette. Aînée is French for 'older' when referring to someone's sister. Cadette is, likewise, French for 'younger' when referring to someone's sister.

  4. Whoa, thanks alot for the meanings Rin, finally my mind's at peace lol, i've [maybe others too] been wondering it for like 2 months hahaha. I'll change it right now =).

  5. Hey guys XD

    Loved the episode XD Just loved the interaction between Shizuma and Nagisa. I'm starting to get crazy.

    Hmm Tamao actually to me wasn't an ideal Etoile as yeah she's superb in everything but really she would never pass the test of becoming an etoile. For instance, prim, beauty and all I don't think she could beat even Chikaru (as we all know she's(chikaru) no where near Shizuma). The writers also gives us a hint erm let's examine Nagisa's reaction when Chiyo told her that most 1st graders look up on Tamao. Nagisa was like Tamao O.O....then she continued by saying she's blah blah. Examine her expression, I'm sure Tamao are not impressive enough. Cause usually, Nagisa always talk alot when she's amazed or impressed by something as we all know she's naive and happy-go-lucky. But this time, we could see she's just agree without saying more and make some kind of cute face. Way to go to the writer XD

    Now Nagisa and Shizuma, WOW! Nagisa I think still wondering of her feelings and she's starting to care and mind so much about Shizuma. For instance, piano scene. She's practicing to that she could play PERFECTLY with HER shizuma XD. Another proof the play itself in previous episode. Also another proof that I needed to highlight is their French lesson. I noticed that Nagisa always complain about French whenever someone else tutoring her. But she stopped complaining and get things going whenever HER shizuma tutoring her. Mind me if I'm wrong but just my another opinion :D So can we get them in love oredy? Another kiss perhaps? Arrghh this is getting me weak inside out..hmmmpphh

    So when really we could see them dating, casually kissing? Hmm I think on the Etoile battle ep? Or perhaps EP24 coz we finally get them kissing on EP12 after so long of craving >.<

    Hmm someone in 1st post said about Nagisa coming back alone in EP 19, geez I don't hope Shizuma attempting to sleep with Nagisa like EP 12 again. I hope there's a BETTER way BETTER reason for that to happen.

    Chikaru are not entering etoile battle? OMG please make her. she could partner Kizuna since she's so kawaii :P Also I think I could go crazy seeing yaya sad. Can we get her Tsubomi like now?

    Oh oh that's all for now XD

  6. As demanded by Keri, here's DOREMI-sub of Shizuma/Miyuki scene which is after Nagisa shed tears :)

    Here we go..

    Miyuki: You want to be free...from the shackles of your past...
    Shizuma: If it's her, maybe...
    Miyuki: You've changed
    (Here we see Shizuma touches Miyuki's chest)
    Miyuki:You used to be like an iceberg; no one can touch your heart. Just like an iceberg, you were always cold and unmoved. Then this iceberg began to melt. Your heart is ready to welcome spring. That girl may be the one to bring you this spring.
    (Here we see Shizuma nodded and pulled down Miyuki's pyjama and as the camera view changed to the "key")
    Shizuma: You've waited for so long.
    (Shizuma remove the "key" from Miyuki)
    Shizuma: So long...
    Shizuma: You've made me see my heart.
    Shizuma: Thank you, Miyuki.
    (Tears starts on Miyuki's eyes)
    Miyuki: Shizuma...

    Alright I hope I did helped ^.^

  7. Thank you so very much Anonymous!! It's very kind of you. ^_^