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Wednesday, July 5, 2006

Strawberry Panic! Ep14

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... Germany LOST! WHY?! NO! First Brazil, Now Germany … THE WORLD IS ENDDDDDIIINNNNGGGG!!!

Strawberry Panic! OP2 [1].Strawberry Panic! OP2 [2].Strawberry Panic! OP2 [3].
Strawberry Panic! OP2 [4].Strawberry Panic! OP2 [5].Strawberry Panic! OP2 [6].

New OP, ‘Kuchibiru Hakuchuumu’ by Aki Misato. Quite a nice, soothing and dreamy pace compared to the fast paced first OP, ‘Shoujo Meiro de Tsukamaete’ also by Aki Misato. I like it, it suits the angsty and more angst development of Strawberry Panic!

Oh yeah, the images rocked, very spoilerish and loved the Amane x Hikari scene best, whoooaaa so … hm sexy? Haha, it’s like Hikari fell backwards, Amane dove in and capture her then they’ll stare at each other for like ages *rolls eyes*. A possible Tsubomi x Yaya coupling as Yaya was singing her heart out in the choir, while the blushing Tsubomi looked on from outside the church doors. Well well, what do we have here, I assume that it’s mystery girl who appeared in the OP, as now we see the hairstyle and the 1 second lol side view of the supposed dead lover of Shizuma, very different from the manga.

Kiss ...Grope Boobs~Kena Pushed Away.

Alright, continuation of the cliff hanger in episode 13, well, not really as Yaya narrated briefly the first time when she met an angel, spring last year while she’s slacking off from choir practice in the church. The girls met up again for midnight tea party in Nagisa and Tamao’s room but Hikari’s not there. When asked if Hikari’s coming, Yaya didn’t say the reason and while she’s explaining, the scene changed to Hikari in bed covered with her blanket. The other girls didn’t think much of Hikari’s absence, merely commented that it’s a waste as Tamao had made Hikari’s favourite milk tea and Chiyo had brought over some cakes. Chiyo said that she had baked 6 cakes and only 5 came, so she’s wondering what she was going to do with the extra one. Nagisa replied that she could eat two then lol, Tsubomi called Nagisa, childish. While they were laughing at Nagisa’ silly ways, Tamao noticed that Yaya looked troubled. Chiyo and Tsubomi left the room but Yaya was no where to be seen, it seemed that Yaya asked Nagisa and Tamao if she could stay over the night in their room. While the girls were walking back, Tsubomi apparently had noticed that something must have happened to Hikari and Yaya. Chiyo commented that Tsubomi been don’t look happy too, Tsubomi shrugged that comment off lol. In the room, Nagisa and Tamao slept on Nagisa’s bed while Yaya took Tamao’s bed. Nagisa tried to whisper about stuff concerning Yaya but was hushed by Tamao.

Why?!I'm Sorry ...Night VS Prince.

Yaya flashbacked to the scene where she kissed Hikari, pushed her against the door, groped her butt and boobs without breaking the kiss. Hikari’s eyes were rimmed with tears as she retaliated by pushing Yaya away pretty hard then covering her upper body with her arms and cried. Yaya heard Hikari’s crying sounds and was shocked at her reactions, when Hikari asked why Yaya was doing this, Yaya tried to explain but Hikari interrupted by yelling no. Looking at Hikari’s crying face, Yaya hanged her head down in shame. Early next morning, Yaya left, while Nagisa worry about Hikari and Yaya, Tamao said that it’s better for them not to intervene as it’s between the two of them. That moment, they heard loud crashing sounds from next door, it seemed that Chihaya and Noriko were quarreling with each other like an old married couple lol. Chihaya even threw Noriko and stuff outta the room and they were just scolding each other like that while Nagisa and Tamao looked on. When they realized they were being watched, Noriko picked up her books and ran back in LOL. [Sooo funny] That day, during Yaya didn’t went for choir practice, instead she went to the horse ranch to look for Amane. Amane stopped in front of Yaya and started to say that she know she’s Hikari’s friend when Yaya interrupted her by telling Amane that Hikari’s at choir practice. Amane asked Yaya if she likes singing, Yaya replied yes. When Amane asked her if she likes horse riding, Yaya replied, not at all. Both of them formed a tension so thick you can slice through with a paper haha. Amane probably gallantly ‘retreated’ while lowering her cap, hiding her expression and saying it’s a waste. Yaya looked at Amane leaving with a rather strong expression but then relaxed and sighed after that. [Trying to act strong in front of your rival in love huh haha. It’s like Yaya’s trying to provoke Amane to challenge her but she doesn’t seem as strong as she seemed.]

Sorry Tamao-Chan.YOU'RE MINE NAGISA-CHAN!You Just Want Me To Notice You Is It Not Noriko?

While arranging their clothes, Nagisa told Tamao the reason behind Chihaya and Noriko’s quarrel, Chihaya had always been sewing the archery protect gear for Noriko but Noriko doesn’t like the position and said she don’t want to wear it anymore. Noriko complained that Chihaya didn’t concentrate on sewing and that got Chihaya angry. Tamao doesn’t seem to mind much as she said that they will patch up without them knowing. Nagisa started worrying about Hikari and Yaya again. Just then, Tamao took out the dress she wore when she went back home during the Summer Vacation, Nagisa was suddenly reminded of the red ribbon Tamao gave to her and ran out of the room. At the pool, Nagisa noticed that the pool had been drained and she climbed down to look for it nevertheless. Nagisa searched for it till dusk but still no red ribbon and when she felt like giving up, Oosaki-sensei called her. Oosaki-sensei gave her a box of items that were lost and found in the pool and Nagisa managed to find it. That night, Nagisa returned the red ribbon to Tamao and kept apologizing for forgetting about it. As Nagisa’s about to tell Tamao the reason behind the lost of the ribbon, Nagisa noticed Tamao tying one end of the ribbon to her pinky, Tamao told Nagisa that from the things she lost previously, this red ribbon’s the most precious and she would cherish it forever. When Nagisa asked why Tamao’s tying it to her finger, Tamao replied that so that from now on, Nagisa would be MINE forever! Muahahaha lol.

Over at Chihaya and Noriko’s room, Noriko’s trying to alter her gear by herself, Chihaya saw it and offered to do it much to Noriko’s protest lol. Chihaya then realized that Noriko and grown taller, that’s why she felt so uncomfortable wearing the gear as she had not alter the size. When Chihaya asked why didn’t Noriko just tell her before. Pouting, Noriko replied that Chihaya had noticed without her telling last year … Grinning evilly, Chihaya said that oh, that’s why you were so happy last year … you just want me to notice you is it not? Noriko blushed rapidly lol and refused to answer. [Kyaaahh~ cute development between them XD] Back in Nagisa and Tamao’s room, Nagisa’s tying the other end on Tamao’s pinky while they were chatting about Yaya not going to choir practice again. Nagisa wonder when Hikari and Yaya were going to be friends again, Tamao commented that if they had something to bind them together like the red ribbon in front of them it would be good. Tamao then changed the subject to asking Nagisa whose bed they will be sleeping tonight as they were tied together lollll. The next day, Nagisa and Tamao probably decided to reconcile Hikari and Yaya together, Tamao went to look for Yaya while Nagisa went to look for Hikari. Meanwhile, Yaya brought Tamao to the backyard of the church where she used to slack during choir practices in the church and also the first time met Hikari, her most important friend. Nagisa asked Hikari to bring her to the special place of her best friend and her, Hikari thought for a while and ran off to the special place.

Awww Blushing Tsubomi~Hikari Will Never Come!!I Betrayed Our Friendship ...

Back to Tamao and Yaya, Yaya kept saying that Hikari’s not going to come as she wouldn’t remember the place because … she has a more important place, scene changed to the horse ranch Amane’s in. Besides, Yaya added, I’m not Hikari’s best friend anymore … [Not after what she done, she thinks] I destroyed the friendship between us … and Yaya grasped her hands very tightly till they were trembling. [That short scene was great, Yaya’s really taking it hard.] Suddenly, Hikari, Nagisa and Tsubomi came over while Yaya looked on, stunned beyond words. Yaya whispered to Hikari that she still remember this place … Hikari told Yaya that because … it’s the most important place where she and Yaya first met. - Flashback - [Holy crap, what happen to Yaya’s eyes … -.-|||] Yaya as usual intend to slack off by going to the backyard of the church, when she opened the door, she saw Hikari at the side leaning against the wall and singing with the choir. It’s like love at first sight for Yaya as she stood there, rooted to the ground, eyes sparkling and gazing at the singing Hikari. Hikari noticed Yaya looking and her, when Yaya moved forward, Hikari turned to run away. Yaya chased after Hikari and predictably, Hikari tripped and fell lol while Yaya fell on top of her. Yaya asked why Hikari’s running since she wasn’t doing anything wrong, not waiting for Hikari to explain, Yaya continued saying that Hikari’s a newly transferred student is she not? Hikari didn’t reply. Yaya asked Hikari if she likes singing, Hikari nodded. Yaya sat up and started singing the choir song, Hikari sung the next verse then later they sung together. After singing, Yaya introduced herself, so did Hikari, Yaya got up, extended her hand out to Hikari and told her to sing together alright?

Got Ya ...Yaya-Chan, Let's Always Be Friends Forever Okay?My Angel ... But Not Only To Me.

Hikari blushed, nodded and accepted Hikari’s hand, a friendship was formed. - End of Flashback - The sobbing Hikari said that this was the place where they first met, so, so she would never forget it. Touched, Yaya walked forward and started to try to probably touch Hikari but stopped herself for fear that Hikari might dread her touch … after what she had done and kept on apologizing. Eyes brimming with tears, Yaya tried to explain her actions by saying that that time probably she wasn’t herself. Hikari leaned over to Yaya’s front and apologized too for treating Yaya badly, so they hugged. While doing so, Hikari told Yaya that they would always be best friends forever ne? Yaya looked a little sad for a while then changed to relieve, probably she’s happy that Hikari doesn’t hate her for what she had done and they still could be friends. Yaya probably would be contented on being friends with Hikari then be hated by her. Nagisa, Tamao and Tsubomi looked on, happy that the friends are friends again. The girls had a midnight tea party again, this time Tsubomi brought over 7 cakes, 6 girls but 7 cakes, the extra cake will be given to Nagisa lol. [LOL I love Tsubomi blushing and denying any praises or credits Hikari gave her XD] Nagisa stumbled, huh for me? Yaya’s back to her old teasing self as she added, who else could it be then? Haha. All the girls laughed except Yaya who was grinning away while sipping her tea elegantly. Looking at the laughing Hikari on her side, Yaya thought to herself, yes that time, I met an angel, however, narrowing her eyes, Yaya continued, she’s [Hikari] not only my angel ... [But someone else’s too XO] - END -

Strawberry Panic! ED2 [1].Strawberry Panic! ED2 [2].Strawberry Panic! ED2 [3].
Strawberry Panic! ED2 [4].Strawberry Panic! ED2 [5].Strawberry Panic! ED2 [6].

The new ED, "Ichigo Tsumami Monogatari" by Mai Nakahara and Ai Shimizu, hm not that I don’t like it but my mood wasn’t there. Although it’s cute, fluffy, strawberry-ish, pink and all but I really prefer “Himitsu Dolls’ more LOL, not because of the kissing scene but I just like the pace. One thing that greatly amused me was the sudden pop up flowery background when Mai and Ai looked at each other LOL, so … manga-like and the kiss on the forehead was sweet too.

I like the angst scenes of Yaya, very well executed, brought out the feelings of Yaya pretty well. The final blow came when Hikari told Yaya to always be best friends together, but Yaya took it pretty well, contented to be just her friend. The confrontation between Amane and Yaya at the horse ranch was lol well quite entertaining, I think it’s the first time they talk to each other. As for Amane lowering her cap down and hiding her expression, I wonder what kind of expression Amane had at Yaya’s apparent dislike at her.

More Nagisa x Tamao as Tamao marked Nagisa hers with red thread of fate lol, more info about the Etoile Battle next episode probably?

Art: 6/10 [Tsk tsk tsk]
Story: 7/10 [Really fast make up ... considering the 100% damage -.-|||]
Characters: 7/10 [Yaya~!]
Overall: 7/10

Sleeeepppyyyy ...

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  1. sharp eyes u have there as well akayuki (as expected from a blogster)~~~
    u cover almost all the things i was planning to mention [hahaha ^^]

    i love this new OP. its really good, i was stuck to it after i listen to it once... >.<

    Yup totally agree with u on the possible Tsubomi x Yaya pairing by looking at the Opening. Chikari is having fun and enjoy with her St. LeRim harem of cute chicks. (Kagome-chan is so cute hugging her bear~) and it doesn't looks like there will be a pairing till the end in St. LeRim

    Chihaya x Noriko pairing is really cute. They really argue like a husband n wife, You know throwing stuff at Noriko and scolding each other and etc... (including separating the room by putting thier study desk in the middle...) They really make me laugh there. Chihaya's little tease on Noriko when she poke her hand while trying to sew her garment is also fun to watch. A little side story of other girls love story is nice as well~ (i think i need more of Chihaya x Noriko pairing scenes~~~ i love them as they are so cute XD)

    The biggest blow is got to be the part where Hikari ask Yaya that she will be her best fren forever which akayuki pointed as well. This points to the end of Yaya x Hikari pairing, but the beginning of Yaya x Tsubomi pairing. To strenghten the possibility of Tsubomi x Yaya pairing is the last line that Yaya said "she is not my angel...". This might lead to a possibility of Yaya to start searching for her TRUE angel as the story progress and the nearest girl around is got to be Tsubomi! (highest chance among all) ^^ Yaya is not bad herself as she is the STAR of St Spica Choir group! (got to open a Yaya fanclub! XD)

    a little extra:
    Looks like to me Nagisa is fully healed... >.<
    she is not clouded with unhappiness and sadness like the previous episode where she play around with the piano keys.
    I don't see anything like Nagisa is trying to heal her relationship with Shizuma like its mention in the prepost preview for this episode... but rather Tamao is taking chance of getting nearer to Nagisa... WTH!!! Nagisa is like a small kid who doesn't know about the meaning of tying each other picky's with a red ribbon XD and tamao is definately moving fast to capture her. First was tying a red ribbon around Nagisa's wrist... and now tying each pinky's + sleeping together !? GOD!!!! (Tamao is definately plotting soomething!!!!) Shizuma!!!! u got to act fast too even if u are confident that Nagisa is urs!!! C'mon where is your usual pace of getting girls !!! XD

    About the ending... i'm not a fan of SP ending for i feel like they are trying to twist and confuse people around. Opening is Nagisa with Shizuma in the end and Ending is Tamao with Nagisa in the end... maybe to me only but the more i see the ending the more i feel like there is a higher possibility of Nagisa end up with Tamao than Nagisa with Shizuma... so i usually skip it... ( -_- )

    i'm running the same bet as you are saying as well. Next Episode has a high possibility of Shion announcing in the council that the Etoile battle should be held soon (and maybe fast... as spica has more advantage than miator and zero chances for LeRim in her mind).

  2. Haha thanks, ah yes, Chihaya x Noriko pairing's sweet too, won't mind for more of them later heh.

    Everyone seemed quite happy with the Tsubomi x Yaya development ... haha I'm ok with it too, our Princess of Angst needs some real loving too ... =).

    >>>>>>>>>To strenghten the possibility of Tsubomi x Yaya pairing is the last line that Yaya said "she is not my angel...".

    I think you have mistaken a little bit, Yaya said, 'It's true that at that time I have met an Angel ... but that Angel doesn't only belong to me ...' The point is that Hikari IS Yaya's Angel but ... just that Angel doesn't BELONG to her. Meaning she fell in love with the wrong person, she fell in love with someone who doesn't belong to her, in other words, unrequited love. But that doesn't mean there won't be any possibility of Tsubomi x Yaya pairing, I'm still with you in that haha XD.

    As for the St Miator side, Shizuma probably lost her touch when she found someone she really truly cared about. The past girls doesn't mean a hoot to her, so she's able to flirt freely without any bounds and regrets. But Nagisa to her, probably mean for a long long time. As for Tamao ... i think someone called it the 'Tamao Conspiracy' haha, i think it's pretty extreme ... but you'll never know ... XD.

    Yeah, it's really high time for the Etoile Battle to start ... can't wait =).

  3. Finally found some decent site blogging this awesome series, thx for your work, akayuki!

    I enjoyed this ep far more than I had the previous one, particurarly because it featured more Nagisa and Tamao ^_^ Come to think of it, concerning Shizuma vs. Tamao issue, my mind is utterly split. I really do like Shizuma ... that almost eerie aura she's giving off, her sheer elegance and this sketchy impression of her being 'wild beast who always gets what she wants' while actually quite tender inside.
    On the other hand, Tamao's genki-self with her trademark quote 'Watashi no Nagisa' also earned place deep inside my heart. So I really dunno who of these shall I root for ^_^

    As for this episode I especially savoured red ribbon scene followed by question 'in whose bed shall we sleep tonight?' ... so cute ^_^ New opening is mesmerizing, love both music and visual part. Can't say that about ED unfortunately. Since I really liked Himitsu Dolls and thought the creators would keep up with the good work, but geez, song itself aint good and the visual part is simply shoddy kitsch.
    Nevertheless, Im really looking forward to the next part, hopefully some wicked things are about to happen...

    And now im gonna hit the sack, coz im really fcking tired, cant even concentrate on what im writting so gn8 ^_^

  4. yay! another blogger in this website~ welcome Roger~ its not my website but i welcome u ^^.

    i hope to hear from u on the other episodes coming up~

    cheers to the blogging life~ XD

  5. Hi and thx.

    As for my blogging life, I assume it'll take me more than a while to come up with my first pots. As a matter of fact I signed up mostly for the sake of being able to post here^_^
    And I'll be sure to write up my impressions as soon as I get the chance to watch the next episode. Problem unfortunately is that I'm still dependant on english translations for I've started with learning japanese just recently and infer it'll take me at least half a year to be capable of reading and comprehending manga (but maybe even more - started with kanji 1 month ago and im around 250th character now) ^_^ So I gotta wait for Serin or Doremi rls for god's sake.

    Concerning writting my own blg of which i made wee note above, its gonna be more like 'to be continued novel story' than actual blog, but thing is I haven't even finished 1st chapter in my native language. And since I intend to keep it on rather high stylistic standart, I'd need collaboration of my friends whose eng. is on native speaker level or are native speakers in fact ^_^

  6. its okay Roger~
    i'm glad that i'm not the only one posting here XD

    i'm ready to do some blogging anytime but i'm starting to get busy now so i will have to slow down a little... but that will not stop me from watching those SP raws!! NEVER!!

    No SP No LIFE!!!! XD

  7. Hallo 光 Roger, welcome and thanks for stopping by my blog, glad you enjoyed it =). Waiting for your debut blog post XD, really happy to see another fellow StoPani blogger =) sometimes I think StoPani has been under-rated ... it's quite interesting really heh.

    Oh, maybe I should allow anonymous comments ... I disabled it because some random advertising morons kept flooding the comments section. It's getting a little lonely =P haha and the tagboard has its limits ...