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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Strawberry Panic! Ep15

[Posted @ 3:09 PM]
Yesterday, I dreamt that Nagisa ended up with Tamao. Holy crap, is that a bad omen?! *cries* There was even an SD scene where Shizuma and Chiyo looked at the compromising position Nagisa and Tamao were in with clutched fists and ‘pissed’ marks on the back of their heads LOL.

Are They Doing It?! How Dare Shizuma Cheat On Me!I'm Not Cheating On You, Baby~.Onegai~?

God, I think, no I AM falling in the love with the new OP lol, sooo … ah, how do I put it? Hm, sexy, yes good word haha but there’s nothing revealing in the words, but I just felt that way. Especially at the Amane x Hikari scene, the words ‘Koi o shite [Missing] kuchibiru ka, setsuna sani anata dake o yonda’ Kyaahhhh~ sooo sexy hahaha.

Okok, first, we’re given the bird’s eye view of Astraea Hill while Tamao narrated that St Miator, St Lulim and St Spica collaboratation of Astraea Cultural Day is coming soon, the most enticipated event would be when the students from the junior high school and high school, regardless of the schools will come together to each organize a play, the Ichigo-sha play. Tamao’s praying in front of the Maria-sama statue, Nagisa went over and asked what happening. Just as Tamao’s going to tell Nagisa what happened, scene switched off to the student council meeting between the three schools in the student council room. Rokujou-kaichou read out 3 play titles and asked them to choose one. Shion voted for ‘Phantom of the Opera’, Chikaru said that that play had been acted out 5 years ago so she’s for ‘Carmen’ as it’s quite well suited. Shion raised an objection saying that there are only 2 main characters for ‘Carmen’ and there are 3 schools. Although it’s St Lulim and St Spica’s turn to act while St Miator’s responsible for the backstage preparations, this year’s Etoile [Shizuma] is from St Miator and according to their tradition, the Etoile’s always involved in the play, so that leaves only one place for either St Lulim or St Spica to fill in. Shion continued that according to her, Carmen naturally would be Shizuma and as for Don Jose [The main male character] she felt that Amane’s the best candidate so St Lulim would be left with no major roles. Chikaru replied that she don’t mind lol. Shion acted like everything had been settled and said, well then ‘Carmen’ it is. Momomi spoke up saying that would it be impolite? Kanade added that well after all, St Lulim’s Chikaru-kaichou is a talented actress, Momomi continued, Rokujou-kaichou’s supposed to allocate the roles as she’s responsible for the preparations and to just decide Shizuma to be Carmen and Amane to be Don Jose without consulting Rokujou-kaichou, isn’t it …

Besides, is there a reason to force feed Amane to be Don Jose, Kanade added. Shion went ‘WTF?!’, can’t believing that her ‘comrades’ are actually going against her lol. Outside, Nagisa’s using a cup to eavesdrop the conversation in the student council room lol. Chihaya and Noriko asked what they were doing, both of them turned around and went ‘shhhhh~~~’ as they were doing that, the meeting had ended, Shion slammed open the door and walked out, obviously pissed. Nagisa and Shizuma looked at each other for the first time ever since the incident in episode 12. Nagisa’s blush was apparent as they stared at each other, this time, Shizuma didn’t grope or even call her name, merely smiled and left. Tamao, looking very apprehensive, called out to Rokujou who was walking out of the room, Rokujou smiled and it’s decided to act out the play ‘Carmen’. It seemed that Tamao had proposed to the student council to act out ‘Carmen’, Noriko asked, eh, what’s ‘Carmen’? LoL. Tamao explained the brief summary of ‘Carmen’ [Read the link from Wikipedia]. Rokujou asked Tamao to be their script writer, much to Tamao’s delight and excitedly accepted it. That night, Tamao went on to start her script in full force lol, she even wore a ‘Must Win!’ headband to spur her on. Unexpectedly, Shion visited them and she even brought over a bag of cookies for them. No doubt, Shion’s trying to manipulate Tamao into portraying the image of Carmen into Shizuma and Don Jose into Amane. Using a really ‘act cute’ expression lol, Shion said that she couldn’t think of anyone else other than Amane to be more suitable as Don Jose. Tamao looked on, feeling hesitant as Shion took for granted, saying she look forward to seeing Amane in the play and left. Nagisa said that she really want to see Shizuma as Carmen, Tamao looked on, expressionless.

If You Cheat On Me, I'll Stuff This Up Your A$$!And Blast You With My Super Dekochin Beam!!!Fufufu, Let's Have Some Fun.

The next day, the whole of Astraea Hill knew that the play’s going to be ‘Carmen’ this year and the girls were gossiping about the roles of Carmen and Jon Dose supposing to be Shizuma and Amane respectively. [XD Amane x Shizuma] Shion smirked as she heard the rumours spread, thinking to herself that there’s no reason for Rokujou to object to the roles. During dinner, Chihaya and Noriko asked who Tamao had in mind to play the main roles, Tamao replied that the casting would be Rokujou’s decision. Over at the St Spica side, Hikari told Amane that she’s happy that Amane’s starring as Jon Dose for the Astraea play and looking forward for it. Amane turned, blushing, said that if she could, she doesn’t want to act in the play lol. Suddenly, Shion’s voice pierced in, demanding how could Amane not want to act in the play everyone’s looking forward to while displaying her shiny um forehead lol and saying that there’s nothing Amane can’t do lol. Amane looked reluctant, so Shion turned to Hikari for ‘backup’, saying Hikari would like to see it too while trying to put up a begging cute puppy face lol. Amane, left with little choice, sighed and probably agreed. That night, Tamao’s still rushing for her script, Nagisa didn’t want to bother Tamao’s concentration and left the room after leaving a note behind. [The serious expression on Tamao’s face was kawaii~] Scene changed to the St Lulim side as Chikaru’s busy sketching out the costumes for the play while Kizuna and Lemon were um, thumb wrestling haha. Kizuna and Lemon were complaining about the fact that their Chikaru-sama’s popularity was lower than Amane and Shizuma. Chikaru was like sketching away and saying how honoured it was to be ranked under Amane and Shizuma lol. [Sooo Shizuru-kaichou from Mai Hime like XD]

As the two were thumb wrestling, Kizuna said that Chikaru’s most suitable to be Carmen, Lemon added that in terms of acting, Chikaru’s skills were not below Shizuma’s, just then, Kizuna lunged forward and kissed Lemon lol. They fell backwards, Kizuna started to count down and she won. [The game of thumb wrestling, briefly to speak is just to pin the other party’s thumb for a certain number of time, in this case, ten, so Kizuna won. The kiss was well, kinda of random but not random lol as Kizuna probably wanted to catch Lemon unprepared then do the count down, sneaky XD.] Lemon’s only complain was ‘Sneaky.’, probably they did it a number of times perhaps? Haha. Chikaru was perfectly calm too, as she continued sketching and saying she doesn’t mind not having a role in the play as long as she could design the costumes =). [Can’t wait to see the designs Chikaru made, it must be very beautiful considering Kizuna and Lemon’s reactions haha.] Anyways, back to St Miator, Nagisa had left her room to allow Tamao to concentrate on her script writing. As she was looking at the sky, she heard Shizuma’s voice asking her why was she out this late. Nagisa replied that she didn’t want to bother Tamao’s concentration then she said that she really wanted to see Shizuma in the play as Carmen. Shizuma shrugged and replied but she was already the lead last year so this doesn’t seem to interest her anymore. Shizuma went on asking if Nagisa would like to practice the play’s lines with her before the roles were assigned. Nagisa happily agreed. [Really peaceful scene, hard to imagine that Shizuma had attempted to bed Nagisa just hm 3 episodes ago aha, well I’m glad to see that at least they are not shunning each other.] That morning, Tamao finally finished her script and showed it to Rokujou who was impressed and satisfied with it.

Chu!DAMMIT! She Cheated On Me!Hmph, You Deserved It.

During dinnertime, Rokujou announced finalized cast of the play, ‘Carmen’, Shion looking really smug probably thinking everything’s going according to her plan but surprise surprise! LoL. [The way Rokujou’s announced made me feel like she’s reading out 4D or something LOL!!!! I was almost expecting her to say, ‘Consolation Prize, 4879, 3437, 3500, 3884 … LOL.] When Rokujou pronounced the role of ‘Carmen’ goes to … everyone in the room turned their head towards Shizuma lol. But no, the role went to Minamoto Chikaru, St Lulim Student Council President instead! Everyone went ‘EHHH?!’ except Kizuna and Lemon who were hugging each other with glee. The ever modest Chikaru stood up, saying she’s honoured but not sure she was up to Rokujou’s expectations and besides she had to design the costumes too … Rokujou merely smiled and said, sorry to add more to your burden but if you could please work hard on both. Chikaru smiled, thanked Rokujou and turned to everyone bowing and promising to work to her fullest. Everyone clapped. Rokujou continued, next for the role of Don Jose would be given to … scene switched to Amane …but switch to Rokujou announcing, Hanazono Shizuma. Amane breathed out a sigh of relief LOL that was truly hilarious. Shion’s looking very pissed while Kaname and Momomi were looking rather smug at their president’s plan failure. Next, the role for Don Jose’s superior, Lieutenant Zuniga would be Kenjou Kaname [Kaname and Momomi were stunned too] and as Don Jose’s fiancé, Micaela would be Kiyashiki Momomi. [Another stunned look lol]

Lastly, Escamillo, a bullfighter and Carmen’s lover would be given to Ootori Amane [=O], Amane was like stumbling, ‘but but but I …’ lol Hikari was like shinning with happiness and Yaya who saw the expression on Hikari’s face, was crestfallen. As everyone clapped, Shion was like major pissed off. [I love Shion’s expressions when the unexpected cast was read out, classic WTF face lol] Back in the room, Tamao praised Rokujou for having good foresight, as in last year’s play, Chikaru was the 4th or 5th leading actress but her performance was the best. Tamao noticed Nagisa staring at her and questioned her, Nagisa didn’t reply, merely asked Tamao what her assigned role which was to be a backstage coordinator all about. Tamao replied, well, it’s an important role as she has to ensure the actresses get on the stage. Just then, Chihaya opened the door and said that something had happened. Scene changed to the confrontation between Shion and Rokujou at the end of the staircase. Shion’s yelling why wasn’t Shizuma as Carmen when everyone’s so supportive of it? Rokujou replied that the roles were not given according to their popularity but audience’s enjoyment of the well-cast play. Shion retorted, if the audience can’t see what they want to see, is that enjoyable? Besides, Chikaru’s busy with the costume designs, isn’t that inappropriate? Rokujou replied that she believe Chikaru could do both things perfectly at the same time. Turning her side facing Shion, Rokujou placed a harder tone as she say that she felt that she’s pampering St Spica a little, St Lulim, Chikaru took the Carmen role, St Miator, Shizuma took the Don Jose role, while the other three ‘lead roles’ were all given to St Spica, doesn’t that satisfy you in terms of numbers?, Rokujou ended with a sarcastic tone. Defeated, Shion excused herself and stormed off. After Shion left, Rokujou asked Tamao to help Chikaru in the costume designs and as the scriptwriter help the student council in the preparations. Tamao delightedly agreed. [Tamao’s really shining in this episode as she was really involved in the play.]

Noo! My Hikari~Come On Baby~!Hikari ...

At the Ichigo-sha, the Junior High students also had to put up a play and they had agreed on ‘Romeo and Juliet’. Yaya seemed to be the overall organizer of the play as she was trying to coordinate everyone. Kizuna began yelling that she want to be Romeo, Lemon yelled she want to be Juliet then, Tsubomi also wanted to be Juliet. As Chiyo wanted to probably say she want to be Juliet, Tsubomi told her that it’s a waste as the students of St Miator were supposed to be in the play preparations. Suddenly Yaya pushed open the scene lol [like a door] and told everyone not to make decisions on their own … besides Yaya murmured, I wanted to be Romeo … [LOL!] Kagome threw Ashibaru in the air, Kizuna translated that as ‘Ashibaru wants to be Romeo too!’ Lemon suggested having an Amidakuji [A Japanese method of lottery] while Kizuna suggested Janken [Scissors, paper, stone]. Meanwhile, Chikaru’s showing her designs to Rokujou and Tamao who were all impressed with it. Back to the Junior High girls, lol they decided to make do with thumb wrestling instead, the last two, Kagome and Yaya compete for the role, Romeo! In the end, Kagome won with no sweat at all lol. Tsubomi walked in and announced, well then, I’ll be Juliet then~ Everyone went …[With some groans and whines lol] LOL till Tsubomi yelled for them to clap haha. [Haha, I like the scenes where Kagome’s toying with her teddy bear, Ashibaru. Very random.] Ohhh, bath scene, Kaname and Momomi were in the bathtub, taking pleasure at Shion’s pissed expressions during dinner time. The two planned to shine during the play and ended the bath scene with a full front kiss and suggestive closing …

Meanwhile, Yaya’s doing her usual angsty expression as Hikari went to look for Amane and even offered to help Amane with her play. At the St Miator side, Shizuma and Nagisa were practicing with each other [I mean the play lines, not what you think perverts lol] outside under the garden lamp. The lines Shizuma said kinda sound like a real life confession, Nagisa followed the script, posing as the haughty Carmen, LOL sooo cute, you have to see the episode to get the feeling, it’s really weird to see Nagisa acting all arrogant and the tone of her voice was so fake lol. [Good job, Mai-san!] The best part was when Nagisa forgotten her lines, she looked up her script book and went on like nothing’s wrong LOL!!! Of course, Shizuma chuckled, no she practically laughed till her tears came out as Nagisa blushed and pouted. Shizuma apologized for laughing and thanked Nagisa for everything in this sweet tone, especially when the way she rolled out ‘Nagisa ... whoa. Nagisa blushed and murmured, ‘Etoile-sama ...’ [A really calm, sweet, innocent pace here.] - END -

Deep Chu~!Amane-Senpai, Let's Elope!Nagisa ...

I’m seriously looking forward to seeing Chikaru as Carmen, I think she’s really talented and especially after watching her crazy and unpredictable actions in episode 8, I have no doubt she’ll bring out the best as Carmen. 2 kiss scenes in an episode? This is getting crazy lol, they’re seriously trying to make up for the ‘kiss less’ 11 episodes? LOL. Oh the bath scene was hot, haha, alright no comments. XD. Hm, alright Shion don’t make a good manipulator, although she thinks she IS, but she’s not, as everything she did backfire on her LOL. I love the WTF expressions … and the scenes where she made this ‘sweety’ face to gain attention. Ew. Lastly, Strawberry Panic! would never be complete with a little of Yaya angst in between haha XD. Oh by the way, Junior High consist of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd graders, while the High School consist of the 4th, 5th and 6th graders =). Not very looking forward to Kagome or rather Ashibaru?! as Romeo and Tsubomi as Juliet, lol I have this feeling it’s going to be a comedy instead LOL.

Oh the preview, Kaname with a broom?! A pissed Shizuma protecting Nagisa?! I bet Kaname must had tried to hit on ... um as in seducing or maybe bully Nagisa! Shizuma’s definitely not a pushover like Amane ... to let you have your way *Hmph!* Go Shizuma!

EDIT: I just realized something. Whenever Tamao's busy, away or preoccupied with something, Nagisa and Shizuma's relationship goes very deep and ended up quite shocking lol, like in the greenhouse episode and summer vacation episode. Tamao realized it too however in this episode, she's really into the play that probably gives Shizuma more chances to develop with Nagisa in this 'Astraea Cultural Play' epic. Looking forward to more Nagisa x Shizuma action ... [looking from the preview XD] Ohh yeah, when I rewatched the episode last night, hm I realized the scene where Nagisa and Shizuma were practicing their lines outside, before that, there's a dark shadow from one of the rooms looking down at them. Is that Tamao? Ohhh. Spooky. LoL.

Art: 7/10 [Soso]
Story: 7/10 [Quite an unexpected enjoyable episode lol.]
Characters: 7/10 [Chikaru~!]
Overall: 7/10

Oh yeah, here’s a bonus for being late, brace up for Amane x Shizuma lovers =O, click here. Cya!

[Signing off @ 6:21 PM]


  1. I just adore Chikaru @_@ shes such a beautifull character with so little credit.
    Yaya should have won and played romeo I say .. to bad she lost XD Haha and what a loss too.
    But if she had won it would really have been a yayaxtsubomi booster, and yaya need some love, even if its no hikari's *sigh*

    And the Kizuna+Lemon kiss was so cute :o and slightly unexpected.. They are such a cute couple ^ ^;;
    Damn .. this series is getting good and we're already half way trough it.

    Ohes, btw, Im living in Singapore too ;D

  2. The slowest blog i ever post up here i guess ^^; i'm working freelance and everything seems to be pilling up on my side... (work... work...)

    Fall for the new OP akayuki!!! join me. XD i already got the poison the moment i saw the new OP in the previous episode. i wonder how many times have i play the OP... >.<. That scene looks good but i like the ending scene of the OP better where Shizuma has her emotional face going on while holding Nagisa's hands~

    ok back to this episode... i like the first few scenes shots that u post it up along with ur blog... especially the scene where shizuma looks at Nagisa and Nagisa does the same... (Shizuma must be thinking "ah... i finally get to see ur cute face after 2 episodes my cute Nagisa..." XD LoL)

    well... next is on shion who is really into promoting Amane to its fullest. Man look at the shiny spot on her forehead XD (wears a sunglasses) hahaha just joking but she really is second behind the pani poni dash girl XD and from the looks of Amane, it seems like she doesn't like to act in plays or she isn't good at acting in plays or maybe she can't remember the scripts well? ^^; Well i was going for Amane x Shizuma at first after looking at the amanexshizuma poster like... but after the announcement ChikaruxShizuma combi isn't bad as well ^^ really look forward to thier Carmen play.

    Kizuna and Remon are really like small kids~ well thats what make St Le Rim a fun and free school compare to the other two i guess ^^. Kissing Remon to win the game is pretty sneaky kekeke... the most surprising thing is Chikaru doesn't complain about it but concentrate on designing the costumes. (i guess Chikaru wants a harem of her own girls thats why she doesn't mind XD)

    "Shizuma shrugged and replied but she was already the lead last year so this doesn’t seem to interest her anymore." <-- i don't see Shizuma shrugging... just normal to me as she says that it isn't anything fresh to her if she keeps on becoming the main cast since she was the main cast in last years play event...

    Onto the romeo and Juliet play scenes... am i the only who feel weird that Ashibaru is spinning and moving on top of Kagome-chan's head? >.< Kagome-chan is super cute as usual with her innocent and my pace look~. XD Poor Yaya have to be kicked out of the scene after losing to kagome on the thumb wrestling match... Thier creation of Romeo n Juliet might be very cute with Kagome as Romeo and Tsubomi as Juliet, quite a weird pairing don't u think ? ^^; (expressionless romeo... and easily got emotional juliet...) too bad for chiyo as well as she have to work as staff for the carmen main play this year...

    "Ohh yeah, when I rewatched the episode last night, hm I realized the scene where Nagisa and Shizuma were practicing their lines outside, before that, there's a dark shadow from one of the rooms looking down at them. Is that Tamao?"

    Isn't that Hikari? since its a connected scene from where hikari and amane was talking to each other scene... so i assume it was Hikari...

    things i notice in this episode:
    Nagisa is definately fully healed, so fast -_-;
    Nagisa's vision will only be on shizuma if she is around...
    Chikaru-sama is always the center girl when they are operating a discussion
    Ashibaru is spinning on top of Kagome's head o.O; is it ALIVE !?
    The way Kagome play Ashibaru is really cute~

    things i notice in ur blog...
    You use St LuLim rather than St LeRim (i guess there is a arguement on which is correct and which is wrong... no big deal)
    You got infected by the Lemon virus as its suppose to be Remon same goes to Nova XD or either its a reflex of typing as Lemon (hahahaha)

    Next Episode is Shizuma to show her power or should i say to show Nagisa how much she cares for her?! Go Go Shizuma!!! Battle those Villians who tries to bully Nagisa!!

  3. OAO;; WOW, long coment.. but I agree..

    Haha, Yeah, writing Lemon instead of Remon is kinda a relfex. With the japanese pronouncing their R's as L's its kinda tough to remember, but then again Le'Rim looks and sounds better than Le'Lim.. so .. I guess Ill write Remon from now ^___^;;

    And yeah. Nagisa got free from shock so fast O.o maybe the directors didnt want to make a whole episode filled with Nagisa trying to avoid Shizuma and.. *coughcough*

    -moonlight scene-

    "ano .. sempai, why .. *sob* why did you do that to me?"

    "Nagisa.. I .. I .. *hug* Im sorry..."

    "*sobsobsobsobsob in shizumas arms*"

    -end scene with crying-

    =_=;; yea .. I kinda had that in mind for this weeks episode, but oh well.
    I cant wait for next weeks Carmen Play XD
    -*shock* .. I just had a feeling someones going to ruin the whole play OAO;.. oh well.. the evil lesbian rapers might XD;-

    Hah.. and Chikaru might be the center of attention in discussions because perhaps she the more creativ one? I think shes pretty too > > *whacked*


  4. Nice episode which sets rather interesting setting for the upcoming one.
    I conceive Rokujou's idea of casting Chikaru& Shizuma as the leading roles as very wise one. Even though, considering by appeareance, Don Jose's role would suit Amane pretty well, in the end it wouldn't just work because of her introverted personality. See, she ain't enjoying crowds of her fans nor the gifts they hesitantly try to give her. She ain't the person who enjoys big audience, basically. When you wanna portray the character you've been assigned in spectacular way, first of all, you have to enjoy it. Therefore I think of Chikaru's as of far better choice.
    Shizuma as Don Jose is ok with me too.

    Kizuna and レモン (sneaky way to avoid quarrel about spelling) thumb-wresstling followed by unexpected kiss ... so kawaii ^_^ And Chikaru paying it no special attention, or rather acting as if it were daily-basis stuff amused me even more ^_^

    I also liked Tamao's zeal for writting the script, emphasized by that cute headband ^_^ She's surely got writting talent which, after all, she had proven a while ago when reading her poetry.

    Anyways, I don't wonder at Nagisa's quick recovery. She's very different from Hikari and thus it'd be foolish to assume she'd act as Hikari did. Besides that, her relationship with Shizuma's been full of erotic tension from it's very beginning and thus it wasn't as shocking as when Yaya, Hikari's room-mate and best friend, kissed her all of a sudden;-)

    As for the jr. high student's play, it'd too rather see Yaya in the role of Romeo for I'm very supportive for hypothethical Yaya-Tsubomi pairing. Having said that, I really like Tsubomi's tsunderness [haha those words sounds cool together] ... her being ichinensei, yet scolding her sanennsei senpais etc. :)

    Concerning LuLim, Le Rim, Re Rim etc. discussion, I personally preffer Le Rim, coz imo phonetically it sounds the best. How is it written in kana btw? Is it written as ルリン, レリン, or perhaps レリヌ/ルリヌ? Not that it'd help us resolve it once for all, just wondering .... ;-)

  5. Oh, I meant レリム / ルリム respectively.

  6. to nova, whoa great to see a fellow Singaporean around haha and watching StoPani to boot, it's rare XD. Yeahhh Chikaru needs some LOVE too!!! LoL.

    to jeffng9, haha, I loved the new OP to the extent of dlin the tv size mp3 and playing it over 20 times a day hahahaha. Crazy crazy. And yep, Shizuma must be relieved that Nagisa's not afraid of her after what she had done ...

    As for Kizuna and Lemon, [I like using Lemon lol, cos in Kanji/Mandarin, it truely means Lemon hahaha] they're just comic relieve after a few tense episodes ... Glad to see Chikaru in the main spotlight, I've always think Chikaru to be 'underestimated' by the series she's a really wonderful character XD.

    >>>>>> "Shizuma shrugged and replied but she was already the lead last year so this doesn’t seem to interest her anymore." <-- i don't see Shizuma shrugging... just normal to me as she says that it isn't anything fresh to her if she keeps on becoming the main cast since she was the main cast in last years play event...

    Eh, I juz felt that way, she sighed before saying the line. I feel that like it's fated for her to be in the play just because she's Etoile and she's just 'well ok, let's get it over with.' feeling lol.

    >>>>>>>"Ohh yeah, when I rewatched the episode last night, hm I realized the scene where Nagisa and Shizuma were practicing their lines outside, before that, there's a dark shadow from one of the rooms looking down at them. Is that Tamao?"

    Isn't that Hikari? since its a connected scene from where hikari and amane was talking to each other scene... so i assume it was Hikari...

    If that were Hikari, from the angle, we shld be able to see Amane too, isn't it? ... Dunno, I feel that it's not Hikari ...

    Lastly, Ashibaru's the one of lost care bears ... XD.

    to nova again lol, ahh probably the producers think, 'ok kids, we only have 14 episodes to go, let's make Nagisa heal faster and get this over with' lol. Anyways, if Nagisa's in 'angst' mode, it's just plain weird, *tries to imagine* .... nahhhh. Judging from the future episode titles ... it's moving rather slowly, where's the ETOILE BATTLE?!!!! ... Haha.

    Agreed, Yaya be Romeo and Tsubomi Juliet ... ahhhh lol. But a comedy Romeo and Juliet's not bad too XD.

    to 光 Roger, hmm logical explaination for Nagisa's fast recovery ... i mean come on, Nagisa's hots for Shizuma ever since episode 1 lol. Probably she felt 'rushed' with the 'homerun' thingy in a day.

    Alright, as for the LeRim, LuRim or watever haha, I'm seriously sticking on to 'Lulim', why? Cos the offical english words printed on the school crest of St Lulim is that way, so I'm sticking to it. Refer to the 'Differences In Strawberry Panic! Anime,Manga,Novel [Updated 13th July 2006]' post.

    And, in Katatana it's ルリム [rurimu] yep.

    Oh, did you guys see the screenshot in the StoPani offical site with the amazingly 'flat-chested' Shizuma and Chikaru in deep red/black dress oohhh, cute. You know, Shizuma kinda reminded me of Soubi from Loveless ... *silver-haired* ahh and the school doctor from Gakuen Heaven ... sexy XD

  7. Before i forget its great to have another blogger on board~ ^^

    to akayuki:
    but Ashibaru is moving!!! XD hahahaha

    To 光 Roger:
    u are quite straight in ur statement on Nagisa's recovery. i did not expect her to act like Hikari nor anyone will as she has hots for shizuma even from the beginning just like akayuki said in the post but rushing things like like/love relationship is bound to give some impact even if u like/love that person.

    to akayuki again:
    totally agree on the comedy romeo n juliet. as i say before emotionless kagome and emotional tsubomi... really sounds fun!! hahaha ^^

    i'm fine with LeRim, LuRim , LuLim or anything else. All of them sounds nearly the same to me but i prefer St. LeRim as it sounds better... feel free to use LuLim ^^

    to Nova:
    the acting scene u apply is really something and it could really change the way i look at shizuma o.O; if that really happens...

    yup i did take a look at the next episode picture in the official site and man Chikaru is hot in the dark red dress with black sides!!! \o/ that dress definately suits her! As for shizuma... that uniform looks strange on her from that picture and i personally think it suits Amane more... XD
    No wonder Shion kept on promoting Amane for that role but as for role playing as Don Jose Shizuma will be a better pick as she has once lost her lover, so she will be able to act desperate emotions accurately in my opinion. ^^

    i would definately like to see how Shizuma kill Chikaru as well... XD hahaha!!

    definately a episode to watch~

    oh before i forget Nagisa have change back to the old style of calling Shizuma as "Etoile-sama" rather than "Shizuma-sama" in the previous episode.

  8. Well my statement is generally based on my subjective impression that Nagisa wasn't all against it. When Shizuma pushed her towards bed and leaned over her, yes she was stunned, surprised, confused and didnt know how to react for (presumably) she hasn't dealt with such situation before^_^ But (!!) I think, deep inside, she didn't reckon it as something atrocious. In fact, when Shizuma was about to kiss her on chest I had this feeling that half of her was even looking forward to it :) Then when Shizuma stopped, recalling memory of that late girl calling her name, situation was kinda ruined, Nagisa came to her normal senses and retreated. But, contrary to Hikari, he didnt run away like crazy and didnt even forgot to thank her for the day. Because of it, I realized, it cannot be that bad...

    And btw - I luv the new OP too. Too bad, there's only TV-size version yet, I'm looking forward to release date of the single. Anyone know when is it?

  9. lol i just noticed rather big time difference between our zones ... its just 9:36 PM here in middle europe ^_^ so u guys are probably sleeping now .. ^_^

  10. Yeah, Nagisa's body said go but her heart said no haha.

    hm according to nipponsei, it's out on august 9th ... and ed's out on august 23th. Hey, i know this is creepy but i'm beginning to like the ed ... =O.

  11. Lol akayuki. I'm beginning to like the ED too. Not just you getting creepy.

    I wonder y Nagisa would change from calling shizuma sama to etoile sama. Anyone wants to put some thought? From the preview of today's episode I see Shizuma protecting Nagisa and by looking at it Nagisa seemed touched. I hope both of them could futher their relationship futher.

  12. ... the ending theme sends chills down my back;; The song is alright .. its the whole acting and theme and all that snizz that makes me a little freaked out. The OP rocks my socks though ^ ^V.

    Anyways, my first guess would be that if someone called shizuma "etoile sama", instead of just "Shizuma", it might have been out of respect.. but Nagisa has been with Shizuma for such a long time that its a little less likely.
    Maybe its because of her awe that Shizuma was playing in Carmen.. *shrugs*?

  13. Hm, in the earlier episodes, Nagisa corrected herself a number of times by calling Shiz- then she continued with Etoile-sama, probably a form of respect as nova mentioned, Shizuma's the Etoile of the three schools afterall.

    And maybe, if Nagisa were to call Shizuma by her name even with the -sama to it, other students might think that their relationship's pretty intimate and get jealous or something. [That happened in the manga, lol, a mob of students went after Nagisa. XD]

    Or it's just foreshadowing the later intimacy in later episodes when Nagisa finally called Shizuma by her name? hm hm.

  14. Thank you guys for clearing my doubts :D

    I thought Nagisa changed the way she address Shizuma because she don't want to have anything to do with her after what happen in ep 12.

  15. yup

    Etoile-sama is a form of respect while Shizuma-sama makes both of them sound closer when Nagisa call her that. Since Shizuma is always calling her Nagisa without "-chan" or "-san", whats wrong with sticking with "Shizuma-sama" ?

    Shizuma is completely into Nagisa,same goes for her and I think everyone in the school knows that Shizuma is interested at Nagisa ever since she first came to St. Miator and they are all so jealous of Nagisa who got the attention of Shizuma when she just transfer here...

    now that akayuki mention about the manga... its funny that Nagisa receive different reception from her classmates compare to the anime.


    To Roger:
    do u have the mp for the short TV OP size? if u have the link pls send it to me i wanna dl! XD

    To Akayuki & Anonymous:
    These are disease~~~! XD I still don't like that ED and i usually skip them because i don't wanna make myself think that there might be a TamaoxNagisa possibility even by 1% >.<
    Well Amane is smart as she restirct Hikari from calling here "-sama" or "-san". Maybe Shizuma should tell Nagisa to call her just "Shizuma" ...
    That willr eally make them a couple if that happens XD

    Anyway Nagisa x Shizuma all the way!!!

  16. to Jeff:

    In fact I don't, but Akayuki's got it. She mentioned it in one of her previous comments. Come to think of it I'd like to get it too. It doesn't bother me at home, I can always run the OP itself, but now I realize it'd be quite nice to have it on my iPod when I go jogging....

  17. Oh yeah jeffng9 now that you mention, yeah why I couldn't think of it?! OMG ED can simply means Nagisa x Tamao!


  18. LoL, seriously, the ED's catching up on me ... argh. Probably cos when i repeat the OP, the ED follows behind ... so I'll juz listen on before i click back to the OP again haha. It's quite cute really if you eh put the scenes of NxT behind ... Anyways, as I had said in the tagboard, the producers probably placed the seiyuus in the ED was becos they're quite famous. And they juz 'happened' to be voicing for Nagisa and Tamao. One way or another, they're juz trying to 'brainwash' us lol into believing a NxT? I reckon this builds up the tension you know XD.

    Hmm, I don't think Amane's smart or what, it's just you know, her. She probably sees Hikari as someone different and didn't want her to end up as one of her fangirls squealing 'Amane-sama~~~!' every now and then. Haha. She wants her to be friend, her angel not her worshipper. But bleh Hikari added a -senpai behind ... this shows that Hikari kinda placed Amane in the 'untouchable' status. Hopefully in near future, she'll drop the -senpai thingy.

    As for mp3 of the OP2, sure i'll put it up on savefile, click the link below.


    and also for i'll upload it as the song of the month [August] later. XD.

  19. i dont' like brainwashing stuff. XD

    hahaha she sees hikari as an angel just like in the manga itself

    oh one more thing the girl that u mention it is tamao. she was watching thier practice... XD ur guess is correct~

    thanks for the mp3~ really like it~

    Episode 16 is so good !!!! i'm watching the play for the 5th time already today and Nagisa and Shizuma relationship is getting much better. LOVE is on the air ~~~ :P \o/

    i like the play seriously its really well made~

    heres my vote for episode 16

    Art: 9/10 (Carmen!!!)
    story: 9/10 (The play totally dominate)
    Character: 9/10 (Chikaru & Nagisa~)
    Story: 10/10 (Totally the best story so far and there are a lot of impact , there is a little love scene in the end and the play totally dominate the whole thing!)

  20. Geez, can't read your last comment coz I haven't seen it yet & with my dependence on subs wouldnt probably see it sooner than on saturday. Kinda torment ^_^
    Anyway I'm glad you rated it so high so now I'm expecting one of the best eps so far^_^ In order to know what's going on I even read on Carmen in wikipedia ^_^ And hell, Don Jose role suits Shizuma just perfect...