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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Summaries of Strawberry Panic! Original Drama CD Lyric I, Miator Compilation [1]

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Here's the summaries of tracks 1 to 6, I managed to understand and pick up from here and there ... pardon me if they're not accurate or wrong and please correct me. Some parts I would leave out or I'll mention a little bit because I don't understand, so if anyone wants to add stuff I've missed out, which I think would be alot [=P], tell me about it k? Then I'll add it in =), thanks.

Strawberry Panic! Drama CD Lyric I Cover.

Track 1 : プロローグ [Prologue]
The track started with Nagisa asking Shizuma the colour of the teacup she wanted, suddenly, Shizuma hugged Nagisa. Nagisa half-heartedly told Shizuma to let go of her because she dropped the spoon. Shizuma told Nagisa not to move and not to feel embarrassed because they were alone in the greenhouse anyways. Shizuma commented that Nagisa's hair smelt soo nice. The moment was spoilt when Nagisa realized that the water was boiling and moved out of Shizuma's hug. Flustered, Nagisa began to stumble about preparing the table for tea and left, leaving Shizuma amused by Nagisa's actions. - Insert Drama CD title, Strawberry Panic! [Miator Compilation] Drama CD, Older Sister and Underwear -

Chiyo went over to visit Nagisa and Tamao's room [Probably to do some studying] only to find from Tamao that Nagisa's at the greenhouse. Tamao said that because Shizuma's helpers/classmates, Hitomi and Mizuho caught colds, Nagisa had gone to help out. Chiyo repeated, 'Oh both of them huh.', [Sounds FISHY to me LOL]. Tamao then asked Chiyo if she would like tea and cookies then began to serve her, while doing so, Tamao began mumbling and grumbling about Nagisa leaving her alone in the room on a Sunday. Tamao added that Nagisa and Shizuma were getting closer and once they were having lunch together and looked like lovers! While Tamao's left alone having lunch by herself, 'I felt so lonely.', Tamao said lol.

Back in the greenhouse, Shizuma thanked Nagisa for helping out. Nagisa replied that it wasn't a problem as she likes flowers anyways. Shizuma asked Nagisa to come help out again tomorrow and Nagisa agreed. Shizuma then said that tomorrow when the task's done, where should they go? Nagisa repeated, 'W-we?' 'Yes, we, a place where no one would be, only us', Shizuma replied. Shizuma suggested to go to the sea. Nagisa excitedly told Shizuma how she liked the sea. Shizuma said she likes it too, so it's the promise then? Nagisa agreed. Suddenly, it started raining. - END of Track 1 -

Track 2 : にわか雨 [Shower]
Tamao commented that it was such a fine day just now but now it began to rain heavily. Chiyo and Tamao began worrying about Nagisa. - Back in the greenhouse - Shizuma said that the rain's heavy but would probably stop in an hour's time. Then Shizuma invited Nagisa to sit beside her. Shizuma asked Nagisa if she likes the rain and continued that she likes the rain. [I don't understand the reason Shizuma said that she liked the rain, something about the umbrella or something ... anyone please enlighten me on it.] After stating the reason, Shizuma told Nagisa that she's lying and that she hated the rain because it makes her feel lonely. However, today was alright because she had Nagisa with her if Nagisa would be with her, she might like the rain.

Nagisa suddenly bolted up and said something about flowers in the rain ... but Shizuma wouldn't let her off. Shizuma asked Nagisa if she's afraid of her, Nagisa started to say no but Shizuma said that Nagisa's expression just now told her she was. Shizuma told Nagisa to look at her, said that Nagisa's cute and told her not to be afraid. Nagisa began describing Shizuma's beautiful eyes and her feelings while Shizuma probably pushed her down on the seat and moved closer. Nagisa described Shizuma's lips were coming closer ... suddenly the door slided out and Nagisa gasped. Shizuma murmured, Miyuki? Nagisa excused herself and ran out. Miyuki lectured Shizuma about her actions but Shizuma just smirked and said something about loving the flowers? [Not sure about this.]

Nagisa ran all the way back to Ichigo-sha and her heart's still thumping from before ... [She ran duhhhh -.-|||] Chiyo saw Nagisa and said that she was about to bring an umbrella to Nagisa. Chiyo began to blame herself for not bringing the umbrella to Nagisa earlier. Nagisa brought out her handkerchief to dry Chiyo's tears. In Chiyo's mind, she thought how kind Nagisa Onee-sama was and something about the rain and the handkerchief. Nagisa sneezed and Chiyo told Nagisa to dry herself quickly before she caught a cold. Chiyo called after Nagisa about returning the handkerchief but Nagisa had already left.

Nagisa entered the room, Tamao asked what happened and began to start taking off Nagisa's wet clothes before she caught a cold. [LoL, Nagisa was like Iyaaa, I could take it off myself, no, not there, onegai Tamao-chan~~] After Tamao's done, Tamao asked for the reason, Nagisa said, nothing happened. Tamao retorted that Nagisa would had not run in the rain ... unless something happened in the greenhouse? Nagisa changed the subject saying she's going to shower and went to the bathroom. [I don't understand what Tamao said later ... as she reckoned what happened in the greenhouse. A wild guess, Tamao thought Shizuma had forced kiss Nagisa?]

In the shower, Nagisa remembered what happened earlier + a little more fanservice sounds and was relieved Rokujou had interupted however she thought to herself what would had happened if Rokujou had not. Outside the shower room, Tamao said something about the uniform [I'm not sure] but it was important enough for Nagisa to stop the shower and opened the shower door to stop Tamao to return it to her. Tamao said in a rather sheepish voice that Nagisa's big. Nagisa went eh? looked down ... went ahhh and closed the door. Nagisa behind the doors was thinking ... mou Tamao-chan, then she thought about Tamao saying that her chest's big and giggled in this pleased tone [LOL!]. However, Tamao said that Nagisa still had a lot more to go... and looked forward to it. - END of Track 2 -

Track 3 : 白くない下着 [Non-White Underwear]
Tamao and Nagisa went to the laundary room and saw Shizuma going out this late at night. Tamao said, don't tell she's going to the pool? Nagisa went 'Eh? Pool?'. Tamao told Nagisa that there were rumours of Shizuma swimming naked in the pool every night. Nagisa went, 'Naked?!'. Tamao repeated yep, no clothes at all [LOL]. Nagisa was like 'Really~ No clothes at all?!'. Nagisa then fantasized Shizuma ... coming out of the pool murmuring that the water's great. Nagisa's mumblings and all was heard by Shizuma. Shizuma then realized that it's Nagisa and relaxed. Shizuma commented that the moon's beautiful then invited Nagisa to swim with her. Shizuma urged her by saying that there's no one around, the water's great, come, there's nothing to be embarrassed about as there's only the two of us ... ended with Nagisa making this misleading sound lol.

Tamao shook Nagisa outta her dreams, saying that her face's red. Nagisa, embarrassed giving an excuse that they better get going. At the laundary room, Nagisa found some colourful underwears ... [Only white underwears are allowed in the schools, I wonder why ...] some were even so skimpy that Nagisa wondered if it's really underwear LOL. Tamao deduced that the undergarments belonged to a senior because of the sizes. Etoile-sama? or Rokujou-sama? Maybe Toumori-sama? [Shion] Don't tell me Chikaru-sama? Nagisa told Tamao to stop guessing and they went on to finish what they were doing.

After finishing, they left the room, Tamao told Nagisa to wait and began to guess the one entering the room to be the owner of the underwears. First, Chikaru entered ... Tamao began to talk excitingly as expected of Chikaru. Nagisa said something I don't understand which made Tamao's theory of Chikaru being the owner of the underwears wrong. Shion arrived next but it's not her ... Tamao narrowed the suspects to Rokujou and Etoile ... unexpectly Rokujou called Nagisa and Tamao's name. Rokujou asked what were they doing, they replied nothing and Rokujou told them, well if nothing, please return to your rooms. They greeted goodnight and left. Tamao then concluded that ah, it's must be Rokujou's ... then a sound of key turning was heard. [I don't understand what Nagisa and Tamao said after the key scene.]

Bedtime, Tamao teased Nagisa for the underwears she wore [Polka dots, chick patterns, strawberry patterns, bear patterns~] Nagisa got angry and grabbed the undergarments away. Nagisa wondered to herself if she's too childish, then she wondered what kind of undergarments Shizuma would wear ... must be silk and laces ... but anything Shizuma wore would be pretty ... Nagisa gasped about what's thinking about ... Nagisa then realized she lost her handkerchief and wondered where she placed it. - END of Track 3 -

Track 4 : 千代の想い [Chiyo's Thoughts]
Chiyo's wrapping up the handkerchief Nagisa lent to her to dry her tears back in Track 2. Chiyo wished to be closer to her Nagisa Onee-sama someday. Chiyo began fantasizing Nagisa calling her cute and telling her that she likes her and Nagisa's warm lips ... what am I doing, Chiyo gasped [LoL]. Chiyo told herself to return the handkerchief to Nagisa tomorrow. The next day, Tamao left the room for I dunno what reason, then she ran back to the room, panicking about something not being there. Tamao shook Nagisa awake, the sleepy Nagisa refused to wake up.

Looking at Nagisa's sleeping face, Tamao was like, kawaii ne~~ Tamao then proceed to tease Nagisa with a feather in various places [Ears then neck] to wake her up. Nagisa finally woke up, yelling that it's itchy. Tamao greeted Nagisa morning. Nagisa then lectured Tamao for waking her up like that and had told her before to stop doing that. Tamao just went awww, I knew it, Nagisa's fuming face's beautiful. Nagisa just went ... mou ... -.-|||. Tamao then recalled the reason she came back to the room and told Nagisa about it. Chiyo's waiting for Nagisa to return the handkerchief to her. Nagisa and Tamao arrived and Chiyo wanted to return it to her ... but Chiyo thought to herself that the handkerchief was a link between Nagisa Onee-sama and her ... so she wished to hold on to it a little longer. She told Nagisa nothing then Nagisa and Tamao left leaving Chiyo alone thinking that she would return it but later.

St Lulim's, Kizuna and Lemon arrived, Kizuna began commenting how cute the paperbag Chiyo's holding, Lemon asked what's inside? Is it a present? Chikaru arrived to save Chiyo from the intense questioning from Kizuna and Lemon. After Kizuna and Lemon left, Chikaru went, ne, who are you giving it to? [LOL.] Chiyo went speechless as did this eh, iya, ano, eto sound aha. Chikaru smiled and said, well, it's nice to have someone to like hm? Then Chikaru left, making this lalala-ing sound lol. - END of Track 4 -

Track 5 : 胸が...痛いよ... [My Chest Hurts]
Nagisa and Tamao were having lunch, Tamao noticed Nagisa's appetite wasn't that of usual. Nagisa replied that she's not feeling well, Tamao suggested to her to take the day off but Nagisa said it's okay. Tamao told Nagisa to take care then. [Thanks to Anonymous who provided me the info =)] The sky's dark and it might rain any moment, so they went by the pool, Nagisa was reminded of the rumour Tamao told her about Shizuma swimming naked in the pool and scolded herself for thinking about it. It started to rain and they ran to take shelter from rain, along the way Nagisa saw Shizuma with a junior. Shizuma told the junior not to cry and offered to give her a kiss. The junior cried again, calling Onee-sama. Nagisa saw the kissing scene and ran off leaving Tamao.

Shizuma noticed Nagisa running. While running, Nagisa can't believe Shizuma kissed the girl. Running back to her room, Nagisa said that her chest hurts ... what am I feeling so painful and sorrow? Flashback to Shizuma saying if Nagisa would be with her, she might like the rain, Nagisa, you're cute. Tamao entered the room and found Nagisa ill in bed. Tamao ran off to get help, along the way met Chiyo and told her to get the sister while she prepared the stuff. - END of Track 5 -

Track 6 : 玉青と静馬 [Tamao And Shizuma]
Tamao took care of Nagisa and heard Nagisa murmuring Shizuma's name. Angry, Tamao told Chiyo to take care of Nagisa while she go off for a while. At the greenhouse, Shizuma thought Tamao was Nagisa and welcomed her. Tamao told Shizuma that Nagisa won't be coming and not to hurt Nagisa anymore. Shizuma commented that Tamao's eyes were scary and added that she's like a knight protecting the princess [Nagisa]. Don't tell me [you like] Nagisa?, Shizuma taunted. Tamao told Shizuma to stop spouting nonsense, slapped Shizuma and excused herself.

Miyuki walked in and both of them talked about something. [I don't understand =P] Miyuki also knew Tamao had slapped Shizuma. Shizuma met Chiyo on the way and Chiyo told Shizuma that Nagisa's ill. In the room, Nagisa wondered to herself why's she feeling so sorrow? Chiyo entered the room only to find Nagisa crying so she took out the handkerchief Nagisa lent her to dry the tears. Chiyo cried and tried to explain why Nagisa's handkerchief was with her. Nagisa replied that she's giving the handkerchief to Chiyo, Chiyo thanked Nagisa and said that she would treat it as her most important/precious thing. Tamao returned and told Nagisa to rest. - END of Track 6 -

I'll do up tracks 7 - 12 tomorrow, tired ... snore ...

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  3. In track 5, Nagisa told Tamao that she had a little fewer in the morning, Tamao suggested Nagisa to day off but Nagisa didn't want to day off.

    Thank you so much for your summaries.

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  6. to Kasumi, LoL yep, ever since ep1 ... Tamao giving excuses to take Nagisa's measurements ... and a biodata of Nagisa ... XP

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