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Saturday, July 1, 2006

Tours Mai Otome Volume 2 Doujinshi Page 13,14 + [Manga] Strawberry Panic Chapter 10 Spoilers

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A cute and jealous Natsuki!


only Mandarin to English.

I do however refer to the RAW [Japanese] version sometimes when translating to kind of double check and make it more 'Real' cos i like it lol.

I do not scan doujinshis, so i don't claim credit for it, i got the scans from Yamibo, so please do not ask me where I purchase or scan the doujinshi cos I don't.

I do not draw doujinshis, i'm not that artistic =). So i don't claim credit for doujinshi images/pages in this post. I would had clearly stated the author of the doujinshi so go search for him/her/them.

The reason why I had added my blog URL in the pages is cos ... well, I translated the darn thing from Mandarin to English afterall!

Lastly, thank the translator of Yamibo for translating to Mandarin, if not, I wouldn't be able to translate it to English =).

Click on the pictures and out pops a window with a bigger, clearer dimension.

Please do not hotlink on forums, just paste my blog url and direct them to the Manga Page section, thanks.

Page 13. Page 14.

Page 13's sidenotes;
'グイント ブルーム' [Vinto Buru-mu] or short form, 'グイント' [Vinto], WindBloom is the name of a country in the Mai Otome world where Garderobe Academy's located.

The sentence where Shizuru 'asked' from Mai could be interpreted in two ways. Shizuru had used 'シテ' [Shite] which could be, '強いて' or 'しいて' without the Kanji, meant 'By Force'. To let the sentence flow better, I underlined 'asked' so that it'll feel like it's not 'asked' at all and there's an undermeaning to it. Hope it's understandable.

Page 14's sidenotes;
Likewise in Page 12, おおきに', [Ookini] means 'Thank You' in Kyoto-Ben.

Alright, we're almost there, just a page more and author's notes, but I'm not going to translate what the author says cos I'm lazy haha. Just going to edit the ShizNat side pics beside the author's notes out and paste it in one page. I'll probably post them tomorrow.

Oh yeah, to satisfy your thirst for 'Strawberry Panic' lol, here's a teaser scan from Chapter 10 =O =O =O =O !!!!

Prince Amane And Princess Hikari.

Amane in the Manga is wayyyyy princely than the Anime, she's also more sensitive to Hikari's feelings and expressions. Amane in the Manga has a better chance in getting Hikari than the Anime's lol XD. Do I hear more Chapter 10 spoilers? Right now I have the RAWs but not the translated one, so I'll just make a brief summary from my own assumption + lousy knowledge of Japanese XD.

Chapter 10 spoilers:
- Title of Chapter 10, 'Eien no Chikai', meaning ' An Eternity's Oath'.
- It's the opening ceremony of the Etoile Battle, the couples went up one by one on stage to swear their vows to their partners and to display their vows via action.
- Tsubomi explained to us how the Etoile Battle works and stuff.
- It's Amane and Hikari's turn, Amane saw Hikari nervous from the tension, carried her in bridal style [see scan above!!!!!!!] and swear her vows [to protect Hikari and stuff] just like that, earning very hyper squeals from fangirls below the stage. Shion, the Emcee of the event looked on, glad that Amane managed to get that much support.
- Nagisa returned back from the library, Chiyo saw Nagisa and told her that everyone's been looking for her. Nagisa doesn't seem to have reaction and Chiyo noticed that.
- It's Shizuma and Nagisa's turn, Shizuma displayed her love for Nagisa by kneeling down in front of her, like a knight asking the princess for hand of marriage. The fangirls went craaaaaazzzy and Shion got worried lol.
- Shion told Shizuma to probably announced her love for Nagisa to be one and only or something like that I'm not sure, it shocked both Shizuma and Nagisa. Nagisa saw Shizuma's hesitated expression and was reminded of the article she saw in the library about Sakuragi Kaori.
- To her surprise, Shizuma took Nagisa's hand and declared to love Nagisa forever. Everyone cheered but Nagisa's not happy about it.
- It's end of the opening ceremony, Shizuma said her goodbyes to Nagisa and left, promising to meet for the next stage of the Etoile Battle.
- Chiyo and Nagisa had a little chat, along the way, Nagisa had some negative thoughts but she yelled 'I don't know!' before she ran off, leaving Chiyo calling for her behind. [I suspect she doubts Shizuma's love for her.] - END -

Hope it's ok, the more detailed review will be on when the translated comes out ... probably within next week =), cya then.

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  1. Nah, it's okay, it's like Amane and Shizuma exchanged roles!!! LOL. Amane in the Manga was rather sensitive to Hikari's feelings but not in the Anime. In the Manga, Shizuma's not really sensitive to Nagisa's feelings, in the Anime, she showed a little sensitivity to Nagisa's feelings though.

    Yeah, i presume Chiyo will play the 'Matchmaker' in the Shizuma x Nagisa pair ... as seen the anime, Chiyo did too, she accidentally made Nagisa realize her feelings for Shizuma.

    As for when the Manga will end, I'm not sure but I hope not anytime soon ... the fun has just started!!! haha.

  2. Ah, Shizuru is such a prat sometimes >:D A teasing prat, I tell ya!