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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Strawberry Panic! Ep13

[Posted @ 11:44 AM]
I’ve been receiving lots of spoilers from those who watched the RAW and I assume everyone knows that Strawberry Panic! is going on a faster pace as relationships were put to the test. First with Nagisa and Shizuma from St Miator, now Hikari and Yaya from St Spica, let Strawberry Panic! Ep13 begin!

Quick! Fake Smiles!=)Nice View, Hikari.

It’s the end of the Summer Vacation soon, Hikari began crossing off the days to the start of the Second Semester because Amane and her had made a promise to meet up after the Summer Vacation. Unlike all uh many other students, Hikari’s actually looking forward to the end of Summer Vacation and even said if she had strange magical powers, she would wish for the time to pass faster so that the end would arrive soon. [Hikari used the example of the sand in the hourglass to represent time flowing down faster, quite interesting.] Scene changed to start of Second Semester in St Spica, the Evil Lesbians™ [Kaname and Momomi] strikes back as they chatted about their Student Council President, Shion still bent on having Amane to enter the Etoile Battle. Just then, two fangirls walked past, squealing, ‘Kyaah~ It’s Kenjou-sama and Sayashiki-sama~ so beautiful~’, Kaname and Momomi smiled and waved back like ‘Fake Idols’ XD. Momomi continued that if Amane were to join the Etoile Battle … Kaname cut in and said, well, whatever, they’ll just have to keep a watch on Amane’s movements. A brief moment of the St Miator side as Nagisa’s at the music room where Shizuma and her placed the piano together for the first time. Nagisa looked pretty gloomy and was probably thinking about Shizuma as she played a single tune on the piano, while Tamao’s outside the door looking sad and listening.

At the St Spica side, Amane and Hikari made a date with each other on Sunday and this was overheard by Kaname who of course had baddddd intentions. Later that night, Yaya suggested to Hikari to have a movie date with Amane because when watching they could be close to each other and could chat about the movie later, a great choice for a first timer. Blushing, Hikari replied that Amane-senpai won’t think of it as a date between them. Yaya went over, hugged Hikari and asked what she thought of it then? Hikari didn’t reply, instead she asked Yaya what dress should she wear. Yaya answered that Hikari would look cute in any dress. Hikari told Yaya to stop fooling around and help her seriously because she wants Amane to think so too. Yaya gave a bitter smile at the thought of it. [Poor Yaya, I reckon she truly wasn’t lying when she said that Hikari would look cute in any dress haha] Evil Lesbians™, Kaname and Momomi were plotting some evil once again to disrupt Amane and Hikari’s date and once their relationship sours, no one will stand in their way to glory fufufu.

Just For Yaya Lovers.Koneko-Chan~Kaname Strikes Back Two.

On Sunday, in Hikari and Yaya’s room, Hikari’s having troubles buttoning the buttons of the back of her dress while Yaya slyly looked on lol until Hikari asked for help. Yaya commented that the dress fit Hikari well, Hikari wondered if Amane would think so, Yaya replied, of course she would. After buttoning up the dress, Hikari paused for a moment, thinking hard then looking up to Yaya that it’ll be alright since Yaya chose the dress for her right? Yaya nodded. Seems like Hikari took up Yaya’s suggestion to go for a movie date and they’re meeting at the train station to the city. Scene changed to Amane walking out of the Ichigo-sha, Kaname and Momomi put their evil plan into action. Back in the room, it’s late, Hikari put on her hat and left the room happily, leaving Yaya smiling her off but faded when the door closed. Walking along the hallway, Momomi stopped Hikari and asked if she could have a moment with her. Hikari looked defensive and didn’t reply, Momomi said she won’t waste much time, Hikari replied what does she want. Momomi responded that it’s regarding Kaname … suddenly Kaname appeared from nowhere and abducted Hikari, in the struggle, one of Hikari’s dress button dropped. Momomi proceed to target two, Amane. In the room, Yaya noticed that Hikari had forgotten her handkerchief and left the room to chase after her. Meanwhile, Hikari’s been pushed up against the door by Kaname in one of the dorm rooms. Hikari and Kaname heard Yaya’s calling voice in the distance, Kaname hushed Hikari whose mouth was covered and told her she had something to tell her. Yaya ran out of the Ichigo-sha and thought Hikari already left and even commented, ‘Whoa, really fast.’ LOL!

On the other side, Momomi pretended to run into Amane and told her she had something to tell her. Back to Ichigo-sha, Kaname’s in her metaphor spree again as she told Hikari … for example Greenhouse Effect/Global Warming, then she began explaining about how Global Warming is caused by Carbon Dioxide and that it’s general knowledge right? Then she continued that however, there’s no concrete proof that Global Warming is indeed caused by Carbon Dioxide [REALLY?!] but just an assumption. Kaname then chuckled and said she can’t express herself very well but her meaning behind those lines was not to blindly believe general knowledge. Looking menacingly at Hikari, she added, yes the general knowledge in your brain thinking ‘Kaname’s dangerous.’ Kaname added, ‘But she’s beautiful and dangerous. Oh so beautiful.’ LOL Pulling Hikari nearer, Kaname told Hikari not to believe that general knowledge in her mind, tipping Hikari’s chin up, Kaname told her to look and think proper because she’s such a wonderful and beautiful person … so is she dangerous? Hikari looked stunned for a moment but she tried to struggle out of Kaname’s grasp. Kaname snaked her right hand into Hikari’s dress, remember the button on the back of the dress was torn out? Yeah, she snaked it in from there, hence stopping Hikari’s struggles. [Hikari knew that if she struggled even more, Kaname must just do it right there and then haha, a smart or dumb move, you make the decision. It’s like a robber had a knife on his hand and asked you ‘Money or life?’, you struggle, you’ll get killed, if you let the robber have his/her way, you might live but you lose the money or get killed too. A 100% killed chance or maybe 20% live chance?]

Awww~.Hikari.A Little Step, Holding Hands.

Scene changed back to Momomi telling Amane straight in the face to drop the idea of competing for the Etoile post. Amane replied that she never thought of joining at the first place. Momomi said that that’s what Amane thinks but the people around her doesn’t. Momomi continued that everyone looking forward to Amane competing for the Etoile post and that’s pretty confirmed. Amane looked stunned and asked why. Momomi didn’t reply and merely said, Konohana [Hikari] is a good girl, think about it, although you might not think so, it doesn’t mean others think your way and your actions might burden, no, might hurt people around you because of you. Momomi added that those who wanted the Etoile post will see Amane as obstacle so she better handle things cautiously, that her responsibility of being St Spica’s star idol. Amane looked pretty shocked at that realization. Back in the dorm, Hikari began struggling out of Kaname’s grasp, Kaname replied, ‘I won’t let you go. That is because the moon is totally beautiful.’ Hikari had a shocked expression on when Kaname said that. Kaname continued that Natsume Souseki is a genius as he translated certain sentence as, ‘I Love You’ and pushed Hikari on the bed. Hikari was more terrified than happy when she heard Kaname’s confession lol. Meanwhile, after Amane heard what Momomi said, she turned to leave. Momomi told Amane that Hikari wouldn’t be coming because she know it. [Knowing that being with Amane will cause her trouble] Amane got angry and walked off hastily. Yaya walked back to her dorm room, she noticed Hikari’s dress button on the floor and heard Hikari’s struggling voice coming from a room.

In the room, Kaname pinned Hikari down on the bed while Hikari began to struggle helplessly. Kaname told Hikari to be hers, forget Amane and leaned down to kiss her. At that moment, Yaya slammed open the door, Kaname stopped her actions, Hikari pushed Kaname away and ran to Yaya’s side. [=O] Yaya picked up Hikari’s hat and told her to leave to go meet Amane, Hikari thanked Yaya and left. Yaya confronted Kaname and her evil intention, Kaname denied, Yaya accused her of lying and told her not to do it again. Kaname replied that she only fell in love with Hikari and asked if Yaya had any rights to hinder her love? ‘Heh, you can never have the rights’, Kaname taunted, ‘The way to stop love, is only love.’ Yaya seemed troubled by what Kaname said and left while Kaname’s telling her to knock the door before entering lol. Kaname smirked, seemed like her plan worked in stirring Yaya’s heart. Amane’s waiting at the train station, the train arrived but Hikari’s nowhere to be seen. Hikari ran to the train station, when she got there, the train had already left and noone’s at the station. Dejected, Hikari turned and saw Amane sitting on the bench behind her. They sat another train that’s going opposite where they were going. Along the way, Hikari tried to strike up a conversation with Amane but Amane just gave an uncommitted grunt, Hikari stopped trying as she thinks Amane’s angry with her. They arrived at the beach, Amane said she liked this place because it’s peaceful and they walked along beach.

Awww~~~Hikari ...Hush~

While walking among the sands, Hikari picked up a pink seashell [KANNAZUKI NO MIKO!!!!]. and pink seashells suddenly became the latest symbol of yuri. In the Ichigo-sha, Yaya’s staring at Hikari’s dress button and wondered if Hikari met up with Amane. With an anguished expression, Yaya thought about what Kaname said before, ‘The way to stop love, is only love.’ Meanwhile, Amane and Hikari were caught in a heavy rain and they seek refugee in a cave. While waiting in the cave, Hikari apologized and said that Amane’s angry with her for being late and for not being able to catch the movie. Amane smiled and shook her head saying that it’s not that. Looking out of the opening of the cave, Amane didn’t give the reason why, only assured Hikari that that was not the reason. A while later, the rain stopped, it was nearly dusk, Amane and Hikari walked back, Amane noticed one of Hikari’s dress button missing and asked her what happened. Hikari replied it’s nothing, Amane assumed it to be Kaname and Momomi’s doing and pressed Hikari to tell her. Hikari said it’s alright as Yaya saved her. Amane blamed herself for causing trouble for Hikari. Hikari protested and said that it’s not Amane’s fault and that it’s alright because as along as she could be with Amane … Amane placed her hands on Hikari’s shoulders and told her that she felt that way too about Hikari. [Aww~] A barrier was taken off between them as they held hands on the way home. They even held hands when waiting for the train lol, Amane blushed when she saw the smiling Hikari XD. [Kawaii~] On the train, Amane told Hikari that she don’t wish to cause any more trouble for Hikari but she wanted to see Hikari again. Hikari replied that she too. Hikari fell asleep against Amane’s shoulders and Amane gently brushed the hair on Hikari’s forehead smiling at the scene.

In Ichigo-sha, it was almost night time, Yaya asked if she did the right thing by letting Hikari go with Amane. Meanwhile, Kaname and Momomi were having fun in their bathtub lol, Kaname’s pissed that her plan failed because of Yaya. Kaname said that if she get serious … Momomi hushed Kaname up and said, I know. [Double meaning LOL!] Yaya’s practicing to her own reflection how to welcome Hikari back and return the button to her lol. The door opened, Hikari rushed in, thanked and hugged Yaya. Hikari happily told Yaya that Amane said that she would want to see her again. Putting on a really forced and brave front, Yaya replied, I see, that’s great and even smiled! [... heart ... bleeding ... seeping ...] Yaya tried to return the dress button to Hikari while Hikari took out the pink seashell she picked at the beach as a present for Yaya. Yaya looked stunned and said, it’s for my sake? Hikari nodded. Yaya placed her hands around Hikari’s shoulders and the damn ‘might miss or kiss scene is coming’ background music played … again lol. Hikari looked puzzled and asked her what’s the matter. Yaya’s face was unreadable, like she just made a big decision, very adult-like, mature ... or she’s just staring at Hikari’s lips? Yaya leaned in and kissed Hikari. Hikari was shocked beyond words, as her eyes were wide opened and there were tears in her eyes. Hikari’s hand dropped the pink seashell in the handkerchief and the scene faded off after showing the pink seashell on the floor and Hikari’s raised’s feet. [?!] - END -

Hikari, I'm Going To ...KISS YOU!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Holy crap. HOLY CRAP. What the hell just happened?! That was unexpected ... ok, that was my reaction two days ago. Anyways, it was supposed to be an Amane x Hikari happy moment but it turned out to be more Hikari x Yaya action moment though. As you can see, Hikari’s really insecure about how Amane would think of her and really dependent on Yaya’s suggestions on her dressing and stuff. But as Yaya said, ‘Any dress would look cute on you, Hikari.’, I reckoned Amane would agree too lol. Hikari’s a pretty kid but she’s not confident enough. I really admire Yaya’s self control and putting her love’s happiness in front of her own happiness as she quietly encouraged Hikari to go for it. I love the scene where Yaya just lusted stared at Hikari trying to button her dress lol. After Hikari left happily, Yaya’s face just fell straight down, reminded me of Chikane from Kannazuki no Miko. Himeko left the house, Chikane’s face became desperate and she stretched her hands as if she wanted to pull Himeko back. When Himeko turned back, Chikane’s already in the house, struggling with her own feelings. Ahhhh, so heart wrenching! The Kaname attempt to rape Hikari for the second time scene was rather hm amusing, dunno why, I just felt that way haha, with the metaphors, ‘I Love You’ and all but it’s quite entertaining. What Momomi told Amane at the same time seemed rather true too, Amane really should protect her princess from jealous common people =X. LoL.

Yaya to the rescue scene was hm not as princely as Amane’s but I couldn’t help but laugh at the background music when Yaya appeared at the door! LOL! SO FUNNY! Like some cliché Chinese martial arts show where the main actor arrived at the scene LOL really. I felt a little sorry for Hikari when she tried to talk to Amane during the train ride, dense Amane didn’t realize anything at all, tsk, the flaw of Amane. Sweet scene as they told each other that it’s enough that they see each other and the holding hands scene~ LoL kawaii~ Amane showed her ‘selfish’ side as she confessed to Hikari that she wanted to see Hikari again even though she knew she would trouble Hikari. The problem with them is that they were too ‘polite’ with each other, there’s a distance between them, especially when Amane’s so dense, doesn’t explain herself but rather by action and is way shy. Hikari, too self-conscious, blames herself more than praise herself, way shy. Sigh, what will happen to them?

Kaname x Momomi action? Hell yeah! The bathtub scene pretty much summed up their very intimate relationship, such a subtle scene yet so hot lol, leaves a lot to your imagination. Why Yaya kissed Hikari? I presume it’s because of what Kaname said, ‘The way to stop love, is only love.’ Yaya began to entertain thoughts of stopping Hikari’s love for Amane with her love probably? As she was in a rather waving mind set, Hikari came back, hugged her and gave her a present, a pink seashell, the latest trend of the symbol of yuri love!!! touched, Yaya decided to show Hikari how much she loves her. It’s show time. Ohh yeah, why was Hikari on her toes?! Is she meeting up to kiss Yaya? Or was it because Yaya had gripped Hikari’s shoulders that she’s on her tip toes? I would prefer to believe the latter though or please tell me the producers are just toying with us. A little trend, first couple victims, Shizuma x Nagisa suffered 50% damages and injuries, second couple victims, Hikari x Yaya suffered 80% damages and injuries from the looks of Ep14 lol. Will they continue to be friends or? Like what Tamao said in the preview, what’s the difference between love and friendship?

Overall, Yaya pwned this episode. Haha.

Art: 7/10 [Yaya~.]
Story: 8 /10 [CLIFFHANGER!~ OTL.]
Characters: 7/10 [Yaya!~ Yaya!]
Overall: 7/10

My feet are freezing from the air-con in the office ... but now I'm home, yay.

[Signing off @ 9:59 PM]

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  1. >>>>When hikari show her the seashell that she pick it up during the date with amane for her, it sort of click in Yaya's mind that maybe Hikari has feelings for her as well... and basically she is too touched because Hikari remembers her even if she is with amane... rather than to say anything but she return her a kiss?

    Rather true, I was thinking of that too but I forgot to add in haha ... however i was thinking, even if Hikari remembered her and even gave her a present, without what Kaname said earlier, it might not trigger the kiss. Yaya knew that after that 'kiss', their relationship could not stay as mere friends anymore. It's either accept or reject.

    After Kaname said, 'The way to stop love, is only love.', Yaya thought there's a possiblity that by showing her love, she could stop the love kinda haha. That's one theory of course, the other might just be Yaya's own decision, remember she's angsting over why the hell she's doing pushing her love to her own rival in love? Even if there's a chance Hikari might hate her, she took the chance.

    >>>>As for Hikari x Yaya, this is a pure shocked and brand new to thier relationship... i do say Hikari personally suffer a full 100% damage rather than 80% for all she has in her mind is only Amane and Amane alone... but suddenly she notice her room mate (Yaya) is in love with her... A kiss out of no where? who wouldn't be stoned and shocked...

    Remember back in episode 8, in the church where Yaya hugged Hikari and when Hikari asked Yaya if she has someone she likes, Yaya replied 'secret' and Hikari suddenly bolted up? There's a possiblity that Hikari knows and a 100% damage is really too tough, Yaya's her best friend afterall. I reckon she will forgive her.

    Ok now for St Miator side, hm I dunno I'm juz reckoning a half half damage, Shizuma aint doing too well either, even if Nagisa's 'fine' with it, Shizuma might not forgive herself with her past still lingering in her mind. Or she fear of actully 'falling in love' again as she fear that the one she loves might just leave her again.